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  1. Why I can't multiple choose gamemodes Allow multiple answers @Matoosh
  2. Cena

    Please Take Care of About Them

    Why reporting in the wrong section Moved.
  3. Cena

    Mr. Green 13th Anniversary discounts

    The new rates are up! Enjoy it while you can. It will last till 19th of Sep 23:59
  4. Cena

    Mr. Green 13th Anniversary discounts

    Lol did u bother reading the topic? The offers start 13 Sep...
  5. Cena

    Map Event

    So many NTS maps, what a day full of NTS.
  6. Cena

    LoL TFT

    Do you guys play TFT mode in LoL? If so, you guys wanna play it together for some GCs/VIP rewards? Tell your friends about this topic because it will probably die and get lost Or do you guys prefer normal mode? I personally like TFT more, but we will see what the majority wants.
  7. Cena

    Map Event

    There will be a map event on 16th of Sep with double gcs reward + 50% of discount in GC shop (F6). So for this day, everyone can suggest a map. The maps that will be suggested will start from 00:00 on 16th of Sep. If we have enough maps suggested. It will keep going till 23:59 of the same day. Each player can suggest multiple maps, but preferably 2-5 maps max. Good luck and enjoy that day!
  8. Cena

    Kings of Mix "KoM|"

    I know I can Showing off my powers
  9. Cena

    Kings of Mix "KoM|"

    I can be. I am owner of the community where this clan is created, so I am kinda owner of every clan
  10. Cena

    Kings of Mix "KoM|"

    But I accepted him to KoM already
  11. Cena

    Kings of Mix "KoM|"

  12. Cena

    Kings of Mix "KoM|"

  13. Cena

    Map [SH] ground area

    I am confused
  14. Hello everyone, on 16th of Sep Mr. Green will complete its 13th anniversary. Therefore, we will have some few discounts regarding GC donations and VIP donations. Also some ingame discounts up to 50% off and much more. Starting from the 13th of Sep till 19th of Sep. We will have VIP and GC donations discounts. The new rates will be during that time are: For every 1 euro of GC donation will get you 2,000 GCs (x2 the current rate) Minimum donation will be 2 euros. If you donate an amount of 10-14 euros, you will receive your GCs + 5,000 GCs as a bonus. If you donate an amount of 15 euros or higher, you will receive your GCs + 10,000 GCs as a bonus. For every 1 euro of VIP donation will get you 7 days (2 more days over the current rate). Minimum donation will be 2 euros. If you donate an amount of 10-14 euros, you will receive VIP days + 10 extra bonus days of VIP. If you donate an amount of 15 euros or higher, you will receive VIP days + 25 extra bonus days of VIP. The donations will be limited to 20 euros. These rates will be available for every user 1 time only. You can not donate more than once for these rates. Once you donate with the new rates, the old rates (which is the current one) will apply to you. _________________________________________________________________________ During 16th of Sep, starting from 00:00 till 23:59 (1 whole day). GCs earning ingame will be x2 and 50% discounts on a lot of things in the GC Shop ingame (F6). Map event will be held as well. A topic about that will be made and we will announce it in the #announcement channel in our discord. If you have any suggestions let us know. I hope you enjoy the game and the new rates. Maybe we can manage some other stuff, but no promises yet.
  15. Cena


    23:00 my time. Very late...
  16. Cena

    Mr. Green G2A

    Hello everyone, this topic is intended for players who use G2A to buy games. If you are one of them, then please take a moment reading this as it would support the community. You would be supporting the community by simple clicking on this link and then browse into G2A to buy a game from there. This way Mr. Green gets credits and take a small percentage of the money spent by the customer (You). Also consider sharing this topic with your friends who use G2A for their games generally, it would mean a lot for us. Thank you for your time
  17. Stop playing CSGO and go to MTA instead so you aren't a shit driver anymore
  18. Cena

    Convoy 30 August

    Not this time
  19. Cena

    Game lottery

    Thats not what I meant
  20. Cena

    Game lottery

    She already have it, I gave it to her
  21. Cena

    Game lottery

  22. Cena

    Convoy 30 August

    Damn, thats not a house anymore, but sadly I don't know any of this
  23. Cena

    I Wanna be Mod

    You guys know this is not a conversation topic right? Enjoy the forum warning points everyone who had a conversation here and trying to make fun. If I see more conversation after this post I will start banning. Just say your opinion if you have one and leave.
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