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    Mekuar's Moderator Application

    I haven't seen that in years, congratulations on making your topic HOT!!
  2. Cena

    GCs payment update

    Hi 2019 Maybe 2020
  3. Cena

    Post your funny pics

  4. A perk which expires or just standard for everyone?
  5. Cena

    New website

    Hello everyone, @KaliBwoy have been working on a new site for some time now. It is finally available now and everyone can visit and use it. mrgreengaming.com. What is available right now? Over there you will be able to donate GreenCoins or VIP. You will be able to see Leaderboard, stats and Tops. (Map upload is coming soon). A home page which shows our monthly donation goal and last 3 announcements made. You can also join the MTA servers by clicking on the MTA icon on either the Home page or MTA. It also shows how much GreenCoins you have and how many days of VIP (Home page). If you encounter any bug please let us know so we can fix it. What are we working on regarding the site? GreenCoins transfer between accounts Clans bank. Which means clan members will be able to deposit GreenCoins and if the clan needs to be renewed, it will auto renew if it have enough GreenCoins. (Also transaction history so you know who deposited and who didn't.) If you have more suggestions to be added let us know! Have a good day everyone.
  6. Cena

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    Cheap nice car
  7. Cena

    Rate the song above you!

  8. Cena

    VIP system!

    Haha, its not like you need GCs urself tho!
  9. Cena

    VIP system!

    You are already getting double greencoins for winning/finishing a map. That itself is a lot. Also maps have 10% off always. So if you win previous map thats 60% off. Which means more than half of the price is gone and you are earning double gcs for winning/finishing a map. There will be more modded skins (characters/drivers whatever u wanna call it). Which will raise the fun. Also more modes for the police siren when its added. Making 10% off on other stuff is possible too. But not more than that. Thats a lot then.
  10. Cena

    VIP system!

    So 1 pln per day! Its not bad!
  11. Cena

    VIP system!

    Thats one way to do it haha
  12. Cena

    VIP system!

    No sorry. Only real money payments.
  13. Cena

    GreenCoins double exchange rate!

    Thanks for everyone, it is over!
  14. Cena

    VIP system!

    The VIP is still early access and needs a lot of work. So don't start complaining yet! Tell us the problems with the current ones so we can improve it (If you are interested into it). This is the current VIP panel (F7) So far you get: - Discord role (and VIP channel) and ingame VIP tag. - Colored/long nick: You can have up to 22 characters without counting the color code. - You can have car changing color (Car body, wheels and lights). - Blinking lights with different modes and speed. - x2 GCs for winning/finish the map. - Always 10% off map purchase. __________________________________________________________________________________ Plans: We are working onto improving the current ones. Also we are working on police siren and modded skins. __________________________________________________________________________________ I hope everyone likes it already! More is coming. All credits go to @KaliBwoy and @Mihoje.
  15. Cena

    blocker enix

    Was marked by Zeldak. Will close this.
  16. Financial report: March 2019 Total income: €154.13 Total expenses: €55 Previous balance: -30.09 Current balance: €69.04 Income sources: €146.25 - PayPal (GreenCoins payments) Expenses: €55 - Dedicated Server, monthly payment (Xeon E3-1270v3, 32GB DDR3, 256GB SSD, 2 TB HDD) Thanks to everyone for a good month! Really appreciated!
  17. Cena

    VIP system!

    VIP Finally after a long time. We have the VIP system ready and can be bought by any player who is interested into it. Below I will mention what will VIP player will get and how much it would cost. So please read more if interested. __________________________________________________________________________________ What will early access of VIP contain? Okay there will be early access of it. Nothing is pay to win. Most stuff are just to look different and cooler than others. 1- Forum, discord and ingame VIP tags. (Only discord tag is available) 2- Car changing color (Car body, wheels and lights). 3- +50% GCs earning when winning/finishing a map. 4- From 3 to 5 different modded skins/characters (more can be added later). (Coming soon) 5- Ability to have longer nick (22 characters not counting the color codes). 6- Always 10% off map purchase . 7- Police sirens. (Coming soon) 8- Blinking lights (Like lights go off on the right side and on on the left side and vice versa..etc). I will post a whole video using them so everyone can see what would they expect from it. More will be added later. We have some list to work on, but its not sure if we will/can do it. So not to get the hopes high I won't post them till we are sure of it. If you have more suggestion yourself for VIP. Then let us know! __________________________________________________________________________________ How much will it cost? Price will be fixed for everyone. It will cost 1 Euro for every 5 days. So if you want for 30 days (1 month), it will cost you 6 euros. I do recommend long term payments rather than 1 small payments, but ofc you can choose whatever you want. The only way to pay for VIP is through paypal. I will try to manage to offer more paying methods, but that will take some time since I need to do some paper work. To pay for it. Please click HERE and enter the desired amount. __________________________________________________________________________________ What happens if my VIP expire? You simply won't have access to the features I mentioned above. __________________________________________________________________________________ If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask! I will answer all your questions!
  18. Cena

    Toptimes displayed/register

    We know about this problem. We don't know whats causing it. Some accounts tops are not being saved for some reason. @KaliBwoy or @Mihoje will work on fixing it as soon as possible. But make sure you are logged in ingame.
  19. Cena

    Rate the song above you!

  20. Cena

    haxardous, sorry i meant "corrupt mod"

    Again all what you do is report Hax without any proof.... Also he asked you to speak English. You said shut up kids and see how you reacted. If you don't like it here just leave. One more time you report without an actual proof. I will ban you myself. Either respect others or fuck off.
  21. Cena

    GreenCoins double exchange rate!

    Some players already took advantage of this offer! 1 week remain. Be sure to take advantage of that too as well!
  22. Cena

    Cyka_Blyat cheater

    Too old report and none of the admins did anything So I will just lock it.
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