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  1. Hello guys, so this is our financial report for the first 6 months of 2020. Thanks to everyone who contributed with every cent of their own. It really matters a lot to me and shows me that we still have players who don't wanna see this community dying. Most of the work with the community have been done thanks to @AfuSensi, but lets not forget our other developers who also helped us out and still helping us (@LuCkEr- @Mihoje @Haxardous). Also our server managers who are contributing a lot as well (@GoldBerg and @Lejorah). Hopefully the other half of 2020 will be better financially. Enjoy your summer vacation everyone! Month Income Server Expenses Other Expenses Jan-20 € 78.28 € 55.00 € - Feb-20 € 48.03 € 55.00 € - Mar-20 € 143.97 € 55.00 € 23.78 Apr-20 € 92.25 € 55.00 € 70.00 May-20 € 59.83 € 55.00 € 30.00 Jun-20 € 128.68 € 55.00 € 43.26 Total: €551.04 €330 €167.04 Remaining: €54 Other expenses could be forum renewal, developers payments, server advertising and anything similar to that. Don't forget that we finished 2019 with €167.90 and I already paid for July 2020, so our current balance is: €166.90 while July is paid for already. Thanks to everyone one more time!
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    Me neither. Would love to know the purposes of clubs as well!
  3. Cena

    Mix Clan War #5

    Kings of Mix wins the 5th clanwar of Mix with 81 points. Assist of Skills are 2nd by 73 points. Good job everyone. Clan owners PM me in discord for your rewards and your team members.
  4. Cena


    Did you use the plugin?
  5. Cena

    Summer Sale 2020

    Hello guys and welcome to another summer sale from Mr. Green!! The discounts are as follows: Every €1 will give you 2,000 GCs Every €1 will give you 6 days of VIP and 1,000 GCs The minimum donation is set to €3 and the maximum donation is set to €25 The new prices will be shown at checkout: https://mrgreengaming.com/greencoins/donate This will be valid till 3rd of July. Enjoy everyone!
  6. Cena

    Who's still playing L4D2?

    I never did
  7. I think this is the only thing remain from the Dutch forum. The whatsapp group Ywa mentioned above.
  8. Cena

    Mix Clan War #5

    FaP vs AoS results: Lagger: 5+3+2 points Cena: 3+3+7 points Cock: 5 points Tear: 5 points Total is 33 points __________________________________ Hitman: 4+5+1+1+3+1+5+3 points ass: 2+4+3+1+7+3+3 points rnq: 1+2+5+3+5+3+7+7 points zullolo: 1+1+5+2+4+5+1+5 points Civan: 3+1+5+4+1+1 points Total is 127 points _________________________________________________________________________ FaP vs KoM results: Roukas: 5+2+3+3+5+1+2+5 points Witchy: 4+5+3+1 points Maher: 3+1+1+2+1+3 points Bittersweet: 3+4+3+3 points Berg: 5+1+5+5+5+1+7 points Total: 91 points ________________________________ Eat-All: 2+5 points Cock: 1+5+3 points Lagger: 4+1 points Cena: 1+3+7+7+3+4+5+7 points Tear: 1 points Total: 59 points _________________________________________________________________________ KoM vs PP results: KoM: Berg:5+2+3+5+1+2 Maher:1+1+5+1 Jap:4+1+1+3+2+5 Witchy:5+5+3+5+1+1+1+3+5 Bittersweet:4+7+3+3+3 Total: 91 PP: gromghost:2+7+5+5 Mateoryt:3+5+4+4+5 Suckarr:3+1+7 Pepsi:3+1+7 Hardstylerz:3+3 Mabbyn: Total: 68 ____________________________________________________________ NRS vs PP results: NRS: Kneelzy:2+2+3+3+5+7 Mekuar:4+5+5+1+4+5+5+3 Boyka:3+1+1+3 Filip:3+1+5+5+2+5+5 Cloudly:4+3+1+3+3+1+3+1 Total: 107 PP: gromghost:1+7+7+3 Mateoryt:5+5+1+1+2+1 Suckarr:4 Hardstylerz: Mabbyn:3+1 Pepsi:5 Total: 46
  9. Cena

    Mix Clan War #5

    FaP vs PP results: Tear: 5+1+1+3+3+1+5 points Cena: 4+1+5+3+5+5+3+3+1+1 points Schwarzenegger: 2+5+3 points Alexis: 1+2+5+1+1+5+5 points Cock: 3+5 points Tota: 88 points _____________________________ SlowPepsi: 3+4+4+1+3 points Hardstyle: 3+2+2 points Mateoryt: 1+7+5+4+7 points gromghost: 7+3+5+1+7 points Mabbyn: 3 points Total 72 points ______________________________________________________________________________ FaP vs NRS results: Cock: 5+4+1 points Lagger: 3+1+3 points Cena: 1+1+7+4+1+1+7 points Eat-All: 5+2 points Tear: 1+3+7+7 points Tota: 64 points ___________________________________ Boyka: 4+3+5+5+2+3+3 points Mekuar: 2+1+5+3+3+3+5 points Kneelzy: 3+5+3+5+4+5+1 points Filipy: 2+1+1+3 points Cloudly: 5+5+5 points Total 95 points
  10. Cena

    Mix Clan War #5

    Assist of Skills vs NRS results Hitman: 5+1+1+7+4+1 points Civan: 4+3+3+3+4+3+5 points Ass: 2+5+5+3+3+5+5+1+3 points rnq: 4+1+5+5+1+1+5+7 points Ray: 3+5+1+2+2+3+5 points Tota: 126 ___________________________ Cloudly: 1+7+3 points Sandro: 1+7 points Mekuar: 3+2+1+3+1 points Filipy: 5 points Total: 34 points ______________________________________________________________________________ KoM vs NRS results Berg: 5+5+3+1+5+7+7+5+4+1+5+5 points Bittersweet: 4+3+3 points Jap: 3+4+3+3 points LikeMike: 2+1+5+3+7 points Witchy: 5+5+1+1+3+1 points Tota: 110 points _________________________________ Cloudly: 2+3+5+1+5+1 points Mekuar: 1+3+4 points Filipy: 3+2+2 points BoyKa: 1+5 points Sandro: 3+1+7 points Total: 49 points ______________________________________________________________________________
  11. Cena

    Mix Clan War #5

    Polish Paradise vs Assist of Skills results: Mateoryt: 1+3+4+4+5 points Mabbyn: 3+5+2 points HardStyle: 1 points gromghost: 7+5+5+7+5+2 points SlowPepsi: 2+3+7+3+4 points suckarr: 5 points Total: 83 points _____________________________________ Civan: 5+1+5+7+1+3+4 points rnq: 5+3+3+3+3+1+2 points JonyBoy: 1+3 points TastedWeed: 3+1 points Hitman: 1+1+5+5+1 points Total: 67 points _______________________________________________________________________________________ Assist of Skills vs Kings of Mix results: Berg: 5+5+3+5+3+7+5+5+5 points LikeMike: 4+4+5+1+1+5 points Maher: 1+1+5+7 points Fagma: 5+1+3+4+3 points Bittersweet: 5+4+2+3 points Total: 107 points ____________________________________ Hitman: 3+3+1+5+1 points rnq: 2+1+7 points Civan: 1+1+3+3+7+3+1+3 points JonyBoy: 2+3 points Total: 50 points
  12. Cena

    race unban appeal

    I will remove your ban. Also you are banned 30 of June? You came from the future?
  13. Cena

    V4POR (Patya) Blocker

    I am happy he ruined your race
  14. Cena

    Possible RACE event: SUGGESTIONS

    I am not a race player, so I can't really say BUT I am joining it!!
  15. Cena

    Mix Clan War #5

    Oh sorry, I even saw some players on discord saying Feb and laughing, but I was wondering whats wrong. I totally forgot we are in June till I saw your post. Gonna edit it.
  16. Cena

    Mix Clan War #5

    So be ready guys. Here is when every clan will fight the other! ______________________________________________________________ Polish Paradise vs Assist of Skills on Friday 19th of Jun at 19:00 Assist of Skills vs Kings of Mix on Friday 19th of Jun at 20:00 Kings of Mix vs Notably Raptor Squadron on Friday 19th of Jun at 21:00 _________________________________________________________________ FaP vs Polish Paradise on Saturday 20th of Jun at 19:00 Kings of Mix vs FaP on Saturday 20th of Jun at 20:00 Notably Raptor Squadron vs Assist of Skills on Saturday 20th of Jun at 21:00 _________________________________________________________________ FaP vs Notably Raptor Squadron on Sunday 21th of Jun at 19:00 Notably Raptor Squadron vs Polish Paradise on Sunday 21th of Jun at 20:00 Polish Paradise vs Kings of Mix on Sunday 21th of Jun at 21:00 Assist of Skills vs FaP on Sunday 21th of Jun at 22:00 _________________________________________________________________ The new rewards: The winning team will receive 22,000 GCs for each member and 12 days VIP Second clan will earn 13,000 GCs for each member and 5 days VIP Third clan will earn 8,000 GCs for each member and 3 days VIP _________________________________________________________________ Then group stage will be done. Then we will have 2 games for 1st and 2nd and the other game for 3rd rank. Good luck guys.
  17. Cena

    /day command

  18. Cena

    A new MMORPG

    This game really looks nice, but its not my type of games haha I might buy it. Depends on how much it will cost
  19. Cena

    Mix Clan War #5

    You already exceeded the maximum amount of players per clan. Only 6. You need to remove one. You also need to pay the fees.
  20. Cena

    Mix Clan War #5

    Oki, I will ask KoM to join. We will be 4 clans then. We will start next weekend. I will also announce the new rewards since we are 4 clans only. Good luck everyone!!
  21. Cena

    Mix Clan War #5

    If no more than 4 clans registering. I am canceling the clanwar. We need 3 more at least.
  22. Cena

    Mekuar's Admin Application

    Accepted. PM me in discord.
  23. Cena

    How is everybody doing?

  24. Cena

    How is everybody doing?

    That topic is 2 months old...
  25. Cena

    CTF, DL and MH

    Hello guys. Thank you all for voting and writing down what you think. I have made 2 changes (It will be implemented soon/later today so just wait for it). The changes are: I have updated the map rotation. Removed DL and MH from the rotation, so you will only play the following: NTS CTF SH DD RTF DL and MH maps are still available in F6 and the prices of each maps are now 500 GCs (so 250 GCs) after winning. The 50% discount for winners. In case for any weird reason a player wants to buy DL or MH. They can then. I hope everyone is happy about this! Enjoy the Mix server guys.
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