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    Event maybe?

    Hey guys, want some map event again and double gcs? There haven't been any events for MONTHS. OR you want something different this time? Something simple I can do and doesn't require a developer Lemme know or if you want map event but with some modification than usual (like you have suggestion to do it better). Also let me know. If nothing and just want normal map event as usual. I will go ahead and host one next weekend, but let me know today what you guys want.
  2. Cena

    Kashio's Admin Application

    He isn't even applying for MTA. Ofc you don't know him!!!
  3. Hello! I will start posting financial report every 3 months from now on. Income Server expenses Other expenses July and August were the worst month I ever experienced with Mr. Green (Financially speaking). Very low donations. However, the old donations covered up these 2 months, but it did effect our balance badly. It went down fast and it is low now. I hope we can recover from it together. Thanks to everyone who is putting every cent into this community. It really is appreciated and because of you the commun
  4. Cena

    Venom's admins ap

    @Venom2013 Can you tell us why you think you fit for the job, and why we would want to accept you?
  5. As far as I am aware. That is already how it works. It brings the least played map and adds it to the vote.
  6. Cena

    Share your paintjobs :)

    You wanna be a cop or what, most of your PJs are cop xD
  7. Cena

    groundhog day

    What is this for exactly?
  8. Cena

    Unban old wolf of the server

    Read this and edit your topic or it will be ignored:
  9. Cena

    Pictures of thyself

  10. Cena

    Mr.Green 14th Anniversary discounts

    The new prices are there! Also Double GCs reward ingame for the whole day (24 hours) starting on 16th Sep! Be sure to take advantage of that. Enjoy everyone!!
  11. Cena

    Mr.Green 14th Anniversary discounts

    Don't blame me, many ppl don't know that
  12. Cena

    Mr.Green 14th Anniversary discounts

    Its not really deleted. Just not in the map cycle anymore. They are still in F6 > Map Center
  13. Cena

    Mr.Green 14th Anniversary discounts

    Don't you mean 2005 and 2006? xD
  14. Cena

    Mr.Green 14th Anniversary discounts

    2015 and 2016? I see your typos
  15. For this anniversary. We will have GCs and VIP discounts As well as Double GCs reward ingame. I will write them below the new rates which will be available for everyone between 14th of Sep till 20th of Sep. For GCs donation. Every €1 = 1500 GCs For VIP donation. Every €1 = 6 days and 500 GCs There will be minimum €3 donation and maximum of €20. If you decide to donate more than €20. Any additional money over the €20 will be set back to the original rates. ____________________________________________________________________ If you are incapable of donating. On 1
  16. Cena

    Map Event

    You guys can request 1 map for both servers, so if u wanna do that, then edit ur post!!
  17. Cena

    Map Event

    Lets do something we haven't done for a SUPER long time! Everyone can request one map for Mix and Race. It will be all set and played after each other!! So free maps!! Also there will be DOUBLE GCs rewards!! Have fun and tell your friends please so they don't miss out. Please follow this form: Nick: Map Name: It will be played on 4th of Sep at 19:00 (7:00 PM). Click on the time to see local time! Hope you enjoy it!
  18. Cena

    Random nostalgia

    Damn I was trying to avoid the surprise!! Now they know we have more incoming beside what we announced haha
  19. Cena

    Random nostalgia

    Yea I live in this forums Online classes Luckily for me I will start 17th of Oct Visit our discord, we are more active there. I only post official announcements in Forums. Otherwise, the forums is very inactive sadly. We have few ZS players on our discord waiting for the revival of the server as well. 21 is still young Stay around I am positive we will announce the server being up and running soon. I will announce in discord, forums and steam group, so keep visiting any of them regularly.
  20. Cena

    Random nostalgia

    Hey there, good to see an old player back visiting us! Yes summer is almost over soon sadly, but the server is almost ready and playable as well. It was just a lot of work needed, but all is going good thanks to @LuCkEr- and @Lejorah! Stay patient and you won't regret it and you will have fun in our server!
  21. Cena

    Application Nick

    Accepted as mod
  22. Cena

    jobbysdady Blocker

    You want me to take actions vs someone you are reporting for rule breaking. While you are rule breaking yourself by not following the topic rules. Pathetic...
  23. Cena

    jobbysdady Blocker

    (if not, we'll lock & close this post after 24-48 hours)
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