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  1. After Cenation! Danation!!! Goooo!!!!!!!
  3. I do not know what he is saying but if this insult, then its not his first time to do it.
  4. its so funny how you say we are here to have fun, while you are full of hate against me. Does that mean I should ban you again? I saw what you said in mix today when I was discord and I still didn't do anything, but I am telling you. I am watching you and if you stay with this behavior I will ban you again. I will mute sandy.
  5. Nope, you need to download 1 by 1 unfortunately.
  6. Marked as blocker.
  7. Added as blocker for 12 hours.
  8. Lol guys, 6 vs 6 xD Anyone would like to change his vote? (Only any of the 12 who voted between those 2 day)
  9. Oh sorry my bad then! Yes your progress should stay! ^^ @SkyBlue
  10. what do you mean by progress? If you mean to be in the list in that site, then everything will be "0" for you.
  11. I have updated the topic with main info. (2 new drivers) and a link for our company page. (VTM, screenshot below)
  12. What is ur proof! tell me in discord first xD