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  1. 2/10
  2. @DubStep @TheMoose @KneeLz @Maher @MADKILLER Trying to make this alive again xD
  3. I agree
  4. @jack123: سينا افضل شيخ في العالم 

    احا ههههههههههههههههه :P

  5. Sure, let a higher rank staff answer you if that will make u feel comfortable xD pathetic....
  6. Just don't block and you won't get punished. Nothing else you need to know.
  7. Note for some players: Players who are you using more than one account to vote, will be uncounted.
  8. oki I'm gonna lock this.
  9. 26 players voted and 16 maps? Guys choose a map if u want too ^^
  10. Oki I will remove your ban, but just don't cheat or do whatever you did again. I could see you so easy that you were moving faster than others. Unbanned.
  11. Man just ignore it, its the same with my NTS maps. Some players say the same and some haters just follow them without even playing my map. Ignore it and as long as you are confident of your map then don't worry. Gold and I won't delete a map unless its unplayable (Being bugged or hard for average players most likely). As I said, just fix them and upload it again and we will accept it.
  12. You can spend days on doing 1 map and someone else spend 10 mins and eventually that other guy makes a better map. ofc working hard on a map is a lot of effort, but its important that you do what THE PLAYERS want, not what you like. Personally I like some of your maps and I hate the others, but its not about me only. Its about what other players want and if the majority of players dislikes it. Then there is a big chance for that map to get deleted. I usually delete maps which are not playable or bugged. You can see [CTF]Cookie for example. It got huge dislikes, but its still playable and I don't see any reason for it to get deleted. However, if 1 of your maps gets deleted for a certain bug, you basically just should fix it and upload it again. If 1 of your RTF got deleted for being "hard map", edit it and make it easier. Its not a big deal. Anyway, I will see if @Goldberg and @NITROX wanna say their opinions too.
  13. Maybe something got to do with his parents?! Anyway, welcome Donkie ^^