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  1. I would punish him, but he keeps saying I'm a "drama" admin. I will let other admin decide about it and let see what he will say then ^^
  2. Someone did a topic like this months ago, but can't find it. Anyway, thanks for your effort ^^
  3. With @TheMoose
  4. Update that @Ywa ^^
  5. I have never experienced what you are saying tbh or someone complained about it, I will give it a look.
  6. why dont u join 420? Haze is owner (Former CnT leader too). It would be nice if you did but good luck with ur clan ^^
  7. I don't think we should stop players from speaking their own language in the server with players who speak the same. Its part of the freedom. Everyone should speak the language he wants. ONLY when an admin ask the player(s) to stop and speak English ONLY, then they should. Otherwise, mute is the best punishment. I haven't seen the screenshots and I won't. I will let @BlueYoshi97 see it and he decide a punishment as most of you guys say I'm too strict xD. Anyway, I don't agree with your idea about English only in server. We do know so good what you said and what you want. We have seen it too in other popular servers and we still didn't do it, because we shouldn't copy every server. We have our own rules and our own way to have fun and speaking your own language is part of it. Just posting my opinion here ^^
  8. I'm the God I just want a goddess
    Gotta use a bedroom for a closet
    Got a whole bedroom, on the private
    I know her body inside, out science
    Kiss both boobs right before I sign 'em
    Can't dance but kinda grind 'em
    Yeah, I be right behind her, spinal
    We can turn this dance floor to a island





      he is off his meds I swear Cena, can you pay to get him sectioned under mental health Act

    2. Gonzalezo


      I have not smoked weed for a month :)
  9. Take it as a warning. If you got reported again. I will mark you as a blocker. If someone blocked you. You better take good screenshots and report that player instead of taking actions by your own hand. Please try to provide better screenshots next time as I really can't tell if he blocked or not.
  10. ???

    Yea I don't unfortunately, but what used to make you guys join in the first place? and why can't it come back?
  11. hahaha, did you turn around again in the last 30 secs to move in the traffic jam?! That guy who is pulling a trailer with a car will get banned for 1 day prob tho so don't do it or anyone else.