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  1. Bots are haram, good luck outland
  2. lol dat pic xD

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  3. You must be happy that Real won La Liga; but hopefully they lose the CL final and Buffon lifts it. CBA people rating Zidane as a good manager for winning the CL back to back and the double. 

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      Europa League is where it's at

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      Mou chosen one is in the building

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      The Dutch failing to do the world a favor, how unsurprising, goddamn U-21 Ajax side :( but dw Juanito, I don't like Juve either, but I prefer them to Real

  4. I remember that, I remember when DD wasn't DD-NTS and when they switched to the latter permanently. And I'm aware NTS was there before SH, MH was there too, I started playing in '12. But then again, NTS was there way before too; I just can't recall when DD was introduced or if it was already there when I first started playing.
  5. A separate server doesn't address the modes' shortcomings though, although it could be beneficial for other reasons. Would we be able to fill it with enough regular players? The only reason I'd play on that separate server is if in the normal Mix we're playing DD. And I already use Race for that, basically. Who's that in love with CTF and MH to play almost exclusively there? And DD can get relegated to oblivion as far as I'm concerned, Juan, even if it's been here for a long time. It's not a classic mode, it was introduced, if I recall, just before SH took over MH.
  6. health transfer? why? better maps... every mode should have better maps, that's not a particularity of CTF lol People like DD because they're actively taking part in it; same with SH (bar CG). The rounds are generally neither too long nor too short, unless the two remaining players are noobs, but that rarely happens anyways. 3 mins sounds about right, as you said. Any noob can win DD and if they're lucky enough, any noob can win SH. With NTS, some don't like it because they're not good enough to compete. I used to be like that and say shit like NTS is only luck, bla bla, and then I got better at it and started to enjoy it the most. I'm sure many can relate to that, if you don't then I suppose you were either always good at NTS or you're still bad :') Depending on the map, NTS can take 1 to 9 minutes ( thank you Ultra Marathon <3 ). You hate Ultra because the map is just straight lines basically, not because it's long; however, most people who hate Ultra and the other Marathon maps are players who can't compete on these long NTS maps or don't like NTS that much or at all and would rather play another mode, and thus if it takes 9 mins per round will not vote to play again or will complain about it. With CTF, depending on the map and the amount of players, a round can take 3-10 minutes. When there's 30 players online, it generally takes longer (5-10 mins), and for the same reasons as those stated above regarding long NTS maps, people don't vote again. That was my point.
  7. I attempted to answer that point in my first response to this thread by saying: "Even if people had fun playing a CTF round, it likely won't get voted to play again since the rounds are usually long enough, just like people (unless they're long-NTS/RTF fans) usually won't vote again for long maps." How would rooms work exactly? Also, more generally on CTF and its flaws, here's what I think needs to be addressed: 1. Teamkilling and bad teammates ruining the mode for people who actually want to play with good teamwork and win. 2. No top incentive. In other words, it's not competitive compared to other modes. 3. GC harvesting and badly allocated GC rewards; people just go AFK and get GCs even though they don't play the rounds or don't contribute to the team effort. I think if we address these 3 main issues, CTF can be a much better mode than it currently is.
  8. I wouldn't mind that at all, but MH as it was is still flawed. My suggested improvements aren't that hard to implement though. All that's added to the original mode is basically giving the hunted man missiles and the ability to jump like in SH (which shouldn't be hard to code) and remove the machine guns from the hunters. If anything it's more challenging for map makers, but even then all that changes from original MH maps is putting a bunch of pick up markers at the spawn point. The rest is more administrative changes, couple GC rewards add-ons and how the server allocates tops and winners.
  9. Genesis In the beginning YWA (יהוה) created the Race and the Mix. And the Mix was without form, and void; and noobness was upon the face of the masses. And the Spirit of Ywa moved upon the face of the codes. And Ywa said, Let there be Jesus: and there was Jesus. And Ywa saw Jesus, that she was the hottest girl: and Ywa divided Jesus from the DD lovers. And that's how Mr.Green was born. Proverbs DD is like Star Wars: pure trash. For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the LORD Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding. A wicked man taketh a gift out of the bosom to pervert the ways of judgment. Neox is hot and I'm in luck The Actual Point Should MH be brought back? For those of you who don't remember MH or have never played it before, MH stands for Man Hunt. Basically, a player was randomly selected at the start of the round to be the hunted man. Should he manage to survive the whole time running away from the others, he would win. If you "killed" the hunted man, you would become the one being hunted with a chance to win yourself. It was removed and replaced by SH, which addressed some of MH's own shortcomings: it was relatively difficult to hunt down the hunted man and become the hunted man yourself with a chance to win; and if you managed to run away for the majority of the time, you could always get ambushed at the last second and lose it all, which kinda sucked. But there are simple and easy ways to address these issues: give a top and win to the person lasting the longest on aggregate; give GCs to the person making a kill; make the round a set time anyways; give GCs to the last person being the hunted man for perseverance regardless of their time; put pickups at spawn for people to kill the hunted man with them; the hunted man has missiles, can jump and cannot take pickups. Obstacle to this: Since MH has a set time, and you survive the whole round as the hunted, many people will be able to get top 1 at let's say 7:00 time. Here comes the defense mechanism of the hunted: he has missiles. If he gets kills, while being hunted, defending himself, he will get bonus points (and GCs) which will differentiate him in tops as well, if needed. A plus for the "trolling" type: You can chose to mess around and block the hunters instead of going after the hunted man yourself, you can use pickups to block them or kill them. Don't think those people should get GCs for that, but they should be allowed the freedom to be pests if they want to. A plus for the top players: It requires a lot of skills. You're being chased by everyone, you need SH skills to defend yourself, RTF/NTS skills to drive around fast and run away, DD skills to... hmm, there's no such thing as DD skills, and well CTF skills to persevere, run away and accomplish your objective. Those getting tops will have to be good at Mix in general, and as such, it's quite challenging. A plus for the muh-clan-first types: You want to play as a team and support your stupid clan? Say no more. You can work as a unit and help the hunted man if he's in your clan by being like the trolling type and killing the hunters. Your clanmate will get the rewards but you'll get his recognition as a true homie. A plus for noobs: You can play DD in a couple rounds and pretend to be a pro there. Anyways, what do you think, lads?
  10. what even lol don't lie to yourself lol it doesn't, ask anyone other than yourself ironically the only CTF map that gets replayed relatively often is the shooter CTF map, and it's like maybe half the time at best that it gets replayed, when top players are playing stop before it gets cringier than it already is lol
  11. You don't need to respect people because of their preferences. DD is trash, yet most of you fools like it. CTF is decent, but it can also be trash because of shit players who can't do team work or teamkill/block constantly. I see where behe's coming from, but CTF is also a good change of pace from more individualistic modes where the only goal is to have the most tops. Good teamwork is what wins you CTF rounds toppled with individual flag-carrying and scoring "skills" (i.e. when your home flag base is flooded with enemy players blocking you from scoring). Having tops on CTF is counter-productive though, it would be super easy to get the "quickest victory" for example if there's only 3 players online in the server. Even if people had fun playing a CTF round, it likely won't get voted to play again since the rounds are usually long enough, just like people (unless they're long-NTS/RTF fans) usually won't vote again for long maps. It's Mix for a reason. We could make GC-rewards more efficient too. There's probably a way the server can detect who's contributing during the round and who isn't so that the collectively earned GCs if you win will go to those who've actually earned it and not AFK players. Shouldn't we do that also for GC harvesters who clearly aren't earning the 90 GCs per hour by playing? Also, back to CTF, if there's over 10 active players, maybe then there could be tops for fastest round and such, but only then.
  12. Vinny why didn't you save the day against the caravan merchants?

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      i only do Caravan banger racing. 


  13. Big Fat Sodomy Prison Volume III