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  1. #COYS @TheMoose @Maher

    1. TheMoose



      this year the team is fucked and PetrobaSG is gonna fuck us all.

      Anyway, congrats.

    2. Maher


      Real madrid just got sick and never dies ;)

      It happened the same when the time we was vs Dortmund, Hala madrid always.


    3. eatmychildren


      do people still watch the foot and the balls?????

  2. MrGreen Youtube channel

    Ideas: 1. never post any videos involving DD 2. get pewdiepie on mix 3. ??? 4. profit
  3. Jap moderator application

  4. y u no play no more curry man

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Grizzly


      ;-; me too to be honest :(

    3. RealJesus


      Insurgency, quite a different game

    4. eatmychildren


      issa masta piece

  5. MrGreen 11 years anniversary MTA party

    fine [NTS] Marathon 2 [NTS] Ultra Marathon my man
  6. Racism

    Where's the racism?
  7. application for moderator by mAs4TeR/P0l

    Good luck mate
  8. Officer_Kash Moderator App

    #shade damn bruv, are you a masochist? good luck with the app though
  9. Hoofdvan is an intentional rammer [video proof]

    The first vid shows Hoofdvan ramming. For what looks like a ram to be a block, the perpetrator needs to be ahead of the victim. The perpetrator needs to move into the victim to block them and stop them from passing the perpetrator. "Ramming to protect his position" is blocking, but that is not the case in the first vid. If you ram to get ahead (which is what he did in the first clip), ram to take someone you're side to side with to take them out and make that position yours, that's legit ram. Ram when you're ahead to block someone faster from moving ahead of you and "protect your position" is blocking. That's what happened in the second vid. Clear block.
  10. Morata is killing it at Chelsea 2 goals and 2 assists in 1 and a half games :/

    1. Maher


      Arsenal got banged AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    2. RealJesus


      Did fuck-all against us, will do fuck-all against any decent team with a proper defense. He did good against Everton because their back-three is Keane, Ashley Williams and Jagielka, all slow and mediocre defenders. 

  11. Mix/Race Event

    Ingame nickname: SDK Mapname: [NTS] MARATHON
  12. Words to learn

    can she even use a pc? lmao
  13. Words to learn

    don't forget todos putos = all of you voted badly callate = californian latte pinche mexicanos = a pinch of mexican food tu madre = you matter
  14. Group H #UCLdraw

    Real Madrid

    Borussia Dortmund

    Tottenham Hotspur


    1. Maher


      Hala madrid!! 


    2. RealJesus


      Can't wait for Bale and Modric to come back home

    3. TheMoose


      Apoel will kick ass

  15. Pictures of thyself

    Running it all on Windows 98, nothing less #oldschool #90s