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  1. RealJesus

    Clan war tournament #1

    When is this? Next weekend? UCL final though
  2. I got your 1,000 GCs fam

  3. RealJesus

    Clan war tournament #1

    Wonas is active lately, worth a punt to ask him in-game Jap or Gold
  4. RealJesus

    Race FPS

    60 in general for even the shittiest GPUs, but FPS matters little if your ping is high anyways you're gonna lag
  5. RealJesus

    Clan war tournament #1

    gonna pay in five installments of 200 GCs each over the next five months how does that sound? I think it's a fair deal
  6. RealJesus

    Clan war tournament #1

    where's the gnappo? :ooo
  7. Supreme Leader SDK, you have not faltered in your legendary wisdom
  8. RealJesus

    Jump higher in SH

    You will learn the secrets of SH in the Book of Revelation, but first you must go through absolution; have you sinned, my son? Try pressing shift and click the right mouse button at the same time, usually it works that way
  9. image.png.c02237b3af0b655cc28f006baee00676.png

    peak ramos today

  10. RealJesus

    Which country are you from?

    nonsense, xi would never do that
  11. RealJesus

    Which country are you from?

    #1 country in the world
  12. RealJesus

    Clan war tournament #1

    CTF done right with teams working together, that'd be unusual
  13. RealJesus

    Rate the song above you!

    3/10 not a fan of stuttering trap music (aka that kind of extremely repetitive electro)
  14. RealJesus

    Clan war tournament #1

    that's an "8" though, infiniti is ∞