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  1. mrgreen ETA 1 year till complete death lmao

    1. TheMoose



    2. TheMoose


      btw nice header on ur profile pic xd

    3. tyfusjap
  2. Sky

    Event!!! Sunday 1st April

    Mix: [CTF] Invasion
  3. ecks dee dee dee reeeeeee t0pest kek yeet

  4. Sky

    New reaction types

    uneven booty for ultimate kek effect
  5. Sky

    New reaction types

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) reaction. Meaning - ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  6. Sky

    MIX server complaints

    Understandable, have a nice day.
  7. Assassin's Creed Origins has been cracked! Goodbye once again world

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    2. Daedric_Prince_of_Madness


      XDDDDDDDDD Skyrim is already a life.

      and i dont like doing 69

    3. Maher


      LIE MORE 

      Everytime i see you playing u put 69 in ur side @Grizzly

    4. Daedric_Prince_of_Madness


      nah.. sometimes when u do 69 ur nose gets too close, or even touches the anus of the  girl, and ts not good :D bcs of the smell.. i prefer not to try doing 69 cuz of it, idk if the girl cleaned that up right..

      btw @Sky nice cover photo


  8. Sky

    Mr. Green Merchandise

    there's little amount of players in general, and if people can't bother to donate then merch is not even a consideration xD
  9. Sky

    Mr. Green Merchandise

    from a designer perspective everything looks lame, anyway good idea if you get a proper design XD
  10. Sky

    Sky's Administrator Application

    Boi I have more experience being mod than you entire lifetime on this server lmao, now leave this post alone drama queen kthxbai
  11. Sky

    Flo Manager Application!

    Accepted as Top Crew. Contact me on Discord.
  12. Yo, I've been thinking of making this application back in 2015 when I was a moderator for 1,5 years, but I had too much stuff going on in my life thus explaining why I backed out from my moderator rights aswell. I decided to make a comeback though, I am holding on moderator rights as of now and punishing rule violators and generally people ruining the gameplay experience for others. If you still don't know me by now, you can feel free to check out my moderator application I made quite a while ago: https://mrgreengaming.com/forums/topic/19909-skys-moderator-application/ Being a daily player in the MrGreen MTA servers since 2013 and with staff experience of almost 2 years, I believe I am definitely worthy to finally step up to Administrator rights. I have found myself not being able to punish rather serious rule violators in-game with my current moderator rights, such as server advertisers, repetative insultors, blockers and campers. On the other side, the use of the Admin panel greatly improves gameplay experience for other players. Very often people back out from long NTS races just to sit AFK or even quit the server, but having admin rights lets you entertain the players by giving them different vehicles so they can have fun while waiting for the race to finish. There are lots of ways to improve gameplay experience and to make players have a lot more fun by changing the world settings aswell and customizing the experience to extract the most fun possible. I have seen players requesting different sensible things from admins just to make the gameplay better, and user experience is the most important thing to me. Admin rights would also allow me to take action directly from Discord, which I am on pretty much all the time, which would be a great advantage even when I'm not in-game. All in all, having admin rights would let me not only completely wipe out negative attitude from players but also liven up the atmosphere and let everyone in the server have even more fun than usual. Thank you for reading ;p Peace, Sky
  13. I bought it once again, which means I wasted another 2500 GC. You now owe me 5000 GC in total, this shit is just stealing my GC. You can see in the chat that I bought it and I'm not in any team, tried reconnecting, that shit just steals my GC lol GG
  14. I bet I won't even get a quarter lol
  15. So a very weird ass glitch happened to me today. I was making a team in F6, and I hit create team while in a CTF match. Something weird happened and I switched from blue team to red team all of a sudden, I was holding the red flag when I was in the red team xD Weird af... Aaanyway, the point is, I hit the create team button and It took the GC away from me but the team wasn't created. I tried reconnecting, but nothing changed. Can I have my GC back? @Ywa