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  1. Maximum PING (MIX)

    l o u d p i n g
  2. MTA Christmas event!

    Map for day 1: [CTF] Invasion Map for day 2: [CTF] Baby Park Map for day 3: [CTF] SF
  3. Sky's Moderator Application

    lolwut #hatersgonnahate
  4. I have the game, played it once and it didnt hook me, idk imma try watch dogs 2
  5. MrGreen Youtube channel

    nah scrap the idea xD no freecam = no trailer, and if you are willing to make a shitty one using the camera then there has to be no hud at all
  6. Financial Report: June 2017

    lel it's not contacting steam itself but the companies that are willing to cooperate xD whatever, this gc-to-money thing will never happen anyway, just fantasizing about it
  7. Financial Report: June 2017

    If you're failing to make actual money roll out into accounts you can maybe somehow set up some sort of partnership with other companies so they can exchange 20k gc into a 20 dollar gift card from them, I can see it working with steam, amazon etc.. I'm not sure how exactly this could be made reality, just a valid idea tho.
  8. Cenation "CnT|"

    one word: hax
  9. Cenation "CnT|"

    @Cena almost 2 fucking years since we created the damn clan lmao
  10. New Mexico

    can't bother even buying the game xDD
  11. Financial Report: June 2017

    might try connecting dots with gift cards instead of actual cash to paypal or smth
  12. Honestly I don't see the need for a dedicated map testing server since this is a tiny ass community and there is no decent map input whatsoever, giving a few minutes a week to test new maps doesn't seem harmful to me.
  13. Financial Report: June 2017

    How's the GC-to-Money thing going? Any progress through those 2 years?
  14. eyyy my sex dungeon got 2 more rooms, limited offer to join only for a blowjob

    1. Maher


      69 mode gone wrong

  15. Drivers Guys~#

    guis can i pls join i can drive infernus car and do kmz