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  1. Flipper

    Show your desktop background!

    Dont use Opel as ur Background picture bcs ur pc will get rusty LoL
  2. yes u can, u will get atleast double
  3. Flipper

    Haze's Admin Application

    Lol no
  4. Flipper

    POLL Superjump discussion

    More than 50% luck
  5. Flipper

    POLL Superjump discussion

    yeah, i left bcs of long ntshit maps 7 mins of fucking no luck or even more on ultra marathon ffs
  6. Flipper

    POLL Superjump discussion

    lol no they dont like when SH lovers have some fun and enyoj in playing SH, so they will destroy it now, but when u make NTS map that is long 10 mins no1 cares #reality
  7. Flipper

    DubStep's Moderator Application

    Dubby, dubyy, dub, dub good luck stepdub ☺☺☺
  8. Flipper

    Mr. Green GreenCoins Lottery #2

    Send link to me to Wessinhooo
  9. Flipper

    MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    Yes, there is more ctf maps with shotting, but we played that 1 today
  10. Flipper

    MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    CTF shooter 3, delete this map already, impossible to play with all these teamkillers
  11. Flipper

    Ban Flipper

  12. Flipper

    Ban Flipper

  13. Flipper

    Ban Flipper

    Hi everyone I would like to report myself bcs i was muted ingame by Nitro(rlly not usefull mod, whole time players camping in SH but he wont kill them bcs they are friends, and then i started provocating him and started spamming, to see what he will do, and ofc i got mute for that, ), and after that mute i went over to discord and i chated with players again, so i avoided mute. So u can ban me if u want or mute me for longer Cheers Flipper
  14. Flipper

    Perk purchase has been disabled

    dont bring Voice perk back, its annoying, every1 uses it to annoy all other players ingame with their music and similar stuf
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