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  1. Problems with the Ravebreak! and CarGame

    Shit cargame bad Idea #DeleteCGwins
  2. Cena starts as MTA Manager

    Wooohoo Cena parabéns amigo
  3. İ not understand

    What ?
  4. Dear Admins

    Gracias S2 Ty
  5. ~DanizZ Admin Application

    Buena Suerte
  6. Official Suggestion/Changes Topic

    GC Perk 1º More Nitro NX - A perk that add Nitro to the player's vehicle that buys the perk, and by pressing the "N" button your car will have Nitro, and the player can use that perk up to 2 times on each map, being suitable for any mode (NTS, Race, RTF, CTF) 2º Alone in the world NX - A player can be alone in the world for 30 seconds, where no one can interfere with their game (Ram, block, etc.) (as it happens in RTF maps when if press "C"), the player who buys the perk can use 1 time each round, being suitable for NTS and Race
  7. Official Suggestion/Changes Topic

    I gathered some ideas from the mix players and here's some of them... DD - Vote 1º - Be BIG NX - A player random will spawn a big vehicle like Dune, Dozer, Bus, Dumper, Roadtrain, etc. 2º - That the weak get strong NX - A player random will have the strongest car in the battle, for example, if it is using a Manana or a Forklift, or some other weak car, your car will have the strength of a Dumper or a Dune, for just a few seconds (15 or 20 seconds) 3º Alone in the world NX - A player random be alone on the map for a few seconds (as it happens in RTF maps when if press "C") 4º Lives in half NX - All live players have their life reduced to 50% 5º Upside down NX - The game will be upside down for all players for a few seconds (no one's going to fall off the map by being upside down, only the image will be flipped)
  8. Forum logo

    n 3
  9. BlueYoshi97 retires as Manager

    <3 Yoshi, the best , S2
  10. Mod abuser

    Mute for speaking Portuguese? Is that serious?
  11. Official Suggestion/Changes Topic

    No son todos que puede tener una internet de 150 Mb ...
  12. Official Suggestion/Changes Topic

    I'm a "lagger" and I'm sad to see that many still don't understand that we don't have what to do to change that story, we know that it is bad we endure every day, but it would not be fair we remove from the game, because our only sin, is to live in poor countries and without the possibility of change, just people to look our side too Because we do not cause problems and we are hardly reported or banned from the server for causing problems. Do not change the limit ping because when they do this the servers lose half their loyal players because of Ping, when I entered the server for the first time there were many active players when the ping was 350, and now that the limit is 250 most went away and only were the "AFK players" who do not play and when they resolve to play complain of us I'm not Reclamandl, I'm just defending our side because everyone's complaining and we are few who defend us I apologize for my English, I'm tired of work. By android phone
  13. MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    I'd really like to be able to help, but because of the job I'm just going to be able to get back to the game on the weekends. :'( #sad
  14. Rate the song above you!

  15. MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    It would be nice to ignore reports from Reese, because he always reports maps for foolish causes, and at 99% of the Csena of the ear to him. I remember a RTF that was deleted by the Csena, and the reason was because Reese said it's bad, I remember it was a map of Viini, I believe Maina knows the name of the map @Maina