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  1. Rate the song above you!

  2. Rate the song above you!

  3. Rate the song above you!

  4. Rate the song above you!

    8/10 Quer cultura ?? Então toma na sua Cara !! huetrap
  5. Mr. Green Merchandise

    WoW, Men, you're super funny LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
  6. Mr. Green Merchandise

    Will sales be made by Ebay or Aliexpress?
  7. GUI being dont well displayed

    My phone that crashed in the water has 2k resolution while my computer only supports the simple HD :'( Whatsapp in 2k MTA in HD
  8. Post your funny pics

    100% true
  9. Give Me Your Love <3

    1. Cena


      You have it :$ 

  10. Flo Manager Application!

    Declined, try again in 3 months
  11. Hi I’m fucking high

    #GiveHerAChance #DeleteDozer #RemoveUltraMarathon #StigBestADM #ILoveCena #AllVadias #Bolsonaro2018 #AndroidIsBetterThanIOS #MerryChristmas #Anything #MixIt'sBetterThatRaceJustAcceptThis #Cry #Spam #NobodyCaresAboutMe #CnTIsBetterThanKoM #PT-PTandPT-BRisNotTheSame #ThisPlaceIsFullOfVadias #I'mFreeToProtestWhereverIWant IKnowYou'reReadingEverythingIWrote #HowDeepIsYourLove #TrapAndElectronicsAreTheBestJustAccept #I'llComeBackLaterToProtestMore
  12. I thank all those responsible for the MrGreen for the opportunity I had here, forgive me if it says something wrong and I am already telling you that I came back, and I will be better than I have been, in every way...
    I will continue helping and assisting new residents as I have always done, only now in a more limited way, but just for the time being...
    Whenever you have any questions about creating maps or if you want a help to be able to do your own you can call me anytime, because that's what makes me happy in the MTA, this freedom that we have to express our creativity freely without receiving anything for it.
    And I will continue to fight for new creators and to preserve old maps that have made fun of this wonderful community called MrGreen :)
    Android King - IOS Vadia
    1. Maina


      how to make NTS map ?


    2. NITROX


      Just type /bind w quit

  13. Haze's Admin Application

    Good Luck % Merry Christmass o/
  14. POLL Superjump discussion

    NTS = 40% Luck, 40% Skill and 15% Ping + Fps
  15. DubStep's Moderator Application

    Buena Suerte o/