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  1. You don't speak spanish? ?? pfff noob
  2. Tiene que hablar "english" para tener ayuda.... Y tiene que hablar con @Cena, or otro manager del forum como Ywa, SDK or otros (y)
  3. Why ?

    You still haven't answered the question... Why ? What is the reason for all your insults and provocations? pfff... Like there's some logical reason for all this
  4. Why ?

    Image1 Image2
  5. MTA Christmas event!

    ??????? ⁉
  6. MTA Christmas event!

    Day 1: [NTS] My name is Mohammed [ CENA ]
  7. i muted for no reason

    screenshot ?
  8. Race mix = race SH?

    Hummmm.... nah ! You could put it as it was before, to see if this problem is solved once and for all !!!
  9. Maher's Admin Application

    Give me money vadia o/ Buena Surte o/
  10. Race mix = race SH?

    The problem is not the game mode itself, but the players who buy the same map 20 times daily everyday, even not making top and even with few players online, and it is always the same maps SHStayRight and SHLifeWaste, type , before we had problems with players buying the same NTSMarathon all day, but now that the problem has been banned (yes you know what I'm talking about) came these new players to transform the MIX into a SH server with MegaJimp... All game modes are good and require luck and skill, but it would be nice to put a limit to purchase certain maps on the server, nothing more than that. Bad english sry
  11. Race mix = race SH?

    Just #DeleteVortex&Dozer, its easy !!!
  12. Race mix = race SH?

    MrGreen has 2 servers you can choose, Race seever or SH Mega jump server, You choose o/ ....... no, wait !
  13. Should I leave MrGreen Gaming (SERIOUS)

    Goodbye, until Christmas next year o/
  14. hi :)

    Hey o/
  15. ~ > > Press Shift for Super Jump < < ~ Used in maps LifeWaste, StayHigh, Dançando II, Etc... 1º - Download the file: 2º - Extract the file "SuperJump-Nx.lua" inside the folder of your map 3º - Open the "meta.xml" file of your map and add the line: <script src="SuperJump-Nx.lua" type="client" /> 4º - To change the distance from the jump open the file "SuperJump-Nx.lua" and go to the line "setElementVelocity(theVehicle,vx,vy,0.5)" . 5º - To increase the distance of Super Jump just change the "0.5" to any other value ( a greater value increases the distance of the jump, and a lesser value decreases the distance from the Jump ) Merry Christmass - o/ - #DeleteVortex&Dozer