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  1. KneeLzy

    Mekuar's Moderator Application

    OMG do not lie about ur discrimination. You said to me many times “kid” that hurts my feelings JOOOOOKEEEEEEE Best of luck maaaa dude, hope u wont mute me coz then ur dead meat niom niom niom
  2. KneeLzy

    Suggestion: Skill & Leveling System.

    I know minimum 10players who should get “Green Master” rank instantly . For this rank need higher requirements
  3. KneeLzy

    SH tournament

    If there would be enough players who would like to play from money then 5Euros fine as first time
  4. KneeLzy

    Mix/Race tournament #1

    We’re Lithuanians!!!
  5. KneeLzy

    Flip system problem

    I dont know when u added this flipping system but its not working properly. It automatically flips vehicle and takes -35gcs. Maybe in nts it works well but in RTF not. I was in air that moment and my car got flipped random and after that flip i got fucked and died. So change that system to dont flip automatically but flip with a key for example "J". Here's the picture.
  6. KneeLzy

    3 Paintjobs - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    @Laca and @Mekuar making also good pj's. I Recommend them also.
  7. KneeLzy

    Zullolo's Admin/Helper application.

    Oh DAMNNNNNNN u roasted me! Dude if u prove it i PROMISE i wont insult u anymore But if u wont prove it i keep insult u till i get perma. Lie more often Gl just bcs its a new year
  8. KneeLzy


    Are you going to add all SH maps into this new gamemode? Or its gonna be only few maps?
  9. KneeLzy


    What about testing it with more people?
  10. KneeLzy

    Mix/Race tournament #1

    Add 2 sh's with superjump, change nts-jededo "both maps" and change those maps Trap King; Mortal Flag . Thats my opinion
  11. KneeLzy

    Mix/Race tournament #1

    Dafuq is this first group, main players will be out after first game. U should split main players a bit? 2-4 groups are easiests one. Idk who made it you cena or assnitties but its so fuc**** bad...
  12. KneeLzy

    high jump issue

    Yep something got changed, but its not for me to know. If im not wrong @Noam should know how to fix it if cena let him
  13. KneeLzy

    Mix/Race tournament #1

    When it happens? Before new year or after? @Cena
  14. KneeLzy

    MTA Christmas event!

    Race: Titten Mix: NTS-Rias v2
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