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  1. Could it be from "Network trouble" or a Server crash.
  2. I have never seen this either. Where you a registered player at the time you made the top?
  3. Try this.
  4. I think she was in last night on another computer.
  5. +1
  6. The reason i say report for their insults is because people insult and joke all the time, so to show anyone insulting someone else is to take it out of context.
  7. No one should be banned for words. There is "/ignore player" and there is mute either will work for this situation. ickkck2 you should start using the "/ignore player" command and report people who insult you. not report people who insult others.
  8. The hard way.
  9. I agree, i hate football too.
  10. Right.
  11. Speed 2?
  12. Fixed, Thanks Bier.
  13. Core markers are bugged they are solid as u try to drive through them. Need someone to fix or all core maps will have to be deleted.
  14. I think this would be a good tool as a bought perk but to only see your own time. If i can only see my time i could use it as a tool to improve my times when training maps.