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  1. MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    idk about the mix but for race it is part of the randomness of the map, so no fix needed.
  2. Not Getting GC After 1 Hour

    Might just be a bug from the event today.
  3. Insulting for countries.

    1 week mute.
  4. Officer_Kash Moderator App

  5. Hoofdvan is an intentional rammer [video proof]

    in the first clip it is a u turn the cars coming down the hill always hit the cars going back up.
  6. Hoofdvan is an intentional rammer [video proof]

    First vid is a turn around spot where there is always accidents. second vid looks like a legit ramm done badly.
  7. Hoofdvan is an intentional rammer [video proof]

    Because u were not ramming to protect position, after trying to block/ramm me as i passed u. u torpedoed me from behind, this is not allowed.
  8. Injustos

    I just want to say to Moshpit and Jack123, thank you very much for everything that helped me on this server that are the only two best Admins that Mr.server has after all the others are abuses and junk that do not look because sometimes I am crazy Or I get crazy, I want them to know that I'm not going to insult anyone without my help I miss something ever but ami fuck me, insult me and you as admins that are online do nothing only and that's why I get crazy, I'm going to let anyone mistreat me ami because I'm strong and I'm the bank I'm a lioness and I do not want to go back to that server Baneenmen Permanent Do not bug me please pass very bad super depressed always, besides it's not the only server of Races that there is and is not the only game that online game so I'm going to re happy happy of that server that Iso Evil, as Dijee Moshpit and Jack123 THE Best Admins wish you All The best after all the other Admins are crap Crap Abusers Bad Admins that do not know Manage a server the only thing they do is Abuse. By the way I never use the forum of Mr, because I never knew how to send captures or anything because of that never enter to forum this is my first and last time I came to forum Bye forever. The server owner please delete my account.
  9. Being unfairly marked as a blocker

    There is nothing to deal with, he rammed me from behind at full speed in a spot that u have to brake at. He is marked for 1 hour it is not the end of the world.
  10. Guess the movie!

    Nightmares. That first pic was bugging me all day. I knew it but just couldn't get it out of my brain.
  11. Guess the movie!

    the lawnmower man?
  12. Maybe Unban

  13. Maybe Unban

    Forgiveness is a virtue.
  14. Pictures of thyself

    Is from here.