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  1. MoshPit

    MTA Christmas event!

    This will be a map event for Christmas day. Post your map request to be add. This is for Mix and Race.
  2. MoshPit

    bi**h Blocker Race

  3. MoshPit

    Mercedes insulting me and my mother

    /ignore player
  4. If he is blocking make vid and post it in ban request. Other than that use /ignore kash this will solve most of your problems.
  5. MoshPit

    Camel or The Turbo insult me every time I played

    30 day mute for game and shout box insults.
  6. MoshPit

    Ban him

    Mix admins can decide on ban. But you should use /ignore player To avoid future problems.
  7. MoshPit

    Protected stalkers

    /ignore player Can solve most of the problems you guys are having.
  8. MoshPit

    Remove the Shoutbox?

    Most of the time the shoutbox has emojis showing that members have stopped by the forum. So i would say keep it, and ban these people who are spamming it.
  9. MoshPit


    Rot had same problem. the problem is with using two accounts, u need to log into your first. try to recover pass here. https://mrgreengaming.com/forums/topic/17655-help-with-recovering-oldlost-account/
  10. MoshPit

    team renew bug

    Team renew has a 60 day limit.
  11. MoshPit

    0000000000000000000000 blocker

    I will mark him for a long time he keeps doing the same thing.
  12. MoshPit

    help meee

    His profile shows he should have 340307 gcs
  13. MoshPit

    race moderator application