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  1. NouresT-TR blocker

    I will mark him.
  2. I don't think this is needed. It is better to test on server with alot of players so that you can get input from other people as to what they think of the map. I also like to wait untill map maker is there so they can see it tested and make any changes needed. I do agree on a map editor server though. It can be a lot of fun mapping with friends and teamates.
  3. H҉A҉X

  4. Pictures of thyself

  5. Are admins allowed to mute 10 seconds?

    That musta been real tough for you not being able to talk for a whole 10 seconds.
  6. how to put pics next to name in mta???

    login with /gclogin name pass

    add time at end of command /blocker turtle 168
  8. MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    idk about the mix but for race it is part of the randomness of the map, so no fix needed.
  9. Not Getting GC After 1 Hour

    Might just be a bug from the event today.
  10. Insulting for countries.

    1 week mute.
  11. Officer_Kash Moderator App

  12. Hoofdvan is an intentional rammer [video proof]

    in the first clip it is a u turn the cars coming down the hill always hit the cars going back up.
  13. Hoofdvan is an intentional rammer [video proof]

    First vid is a turn around spot where there is always accidents. second vid looks like a legit ramm done badly.
  14. Hoofdvan is an intentional rammer [video proof]

    Because u were not ramming to protect position, after trying to block/ramm me as i passed u. u torpedoed me from behind, this is not allowed.