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  1. MoshPit


    +1 He has done well as mod
  2. MoshPit

    Should all Circuit maps be Ghost Mode

    No clear consensus.
  3. Should all Circuit maps be Ghost Mode?
  4. MoshPit

    Suggestions for Mr.Green community

    Better would be team wars within the existing servers.
  5. MoshPit

    Pictures of thyself

    Nice Guitar.
  6. MoshPit

    outland unban pls

    He is Po-Po
  7. MoshPit

    SH tournament #1

  8. try settings/advanced/ change auto updater to nightly, then check for update then try joining
  9. Ramming is being ahead of someone and protecting your position. Blocking is stopping in the road or like in the vid ramming from behind.
  10. Patya a quick search of your name in discord shows pretty much the same thing. Also i am not his guardian, he sent me video proof of you ramming him. I would of marked anyone for such behavior.
  11. MoshPit

    Mr Green GTA V Racing Server

    I think there is a green server in the planning for gta v
  12. MoshPit

    Lets talk about server chat/logic

    You come on the server with your name NateHiggersJillKews which is both racist and toxic. Then claim that you are not being racist and complain about other people being toxic. Maybe the problem is you.
  13. MoshPit

    Toptimes displayed/register

    The problem is his computer is linked to another account. Is a safeguard to stop people for using multi accounts on server. Maybe a solution would be for a way admins to deactivate a players link to server.
  14. MoshPit


    In bios is it pointing to the right device to boot?
  15. MoshPit

    SH tournament

    I like the 5 euros. Since its first time with prizes, see how it go's.
  16. MoshPit

    andrex97 Application

    I've never seen anything from andrex of what u have described. For the most part i see him as one of the more positive people who plays on the server. But we all have our days i guess.
  17. MoshPit

    andrex97 Application

    Also i would say yes to mod no to admin.
  18. MoshPit

    andrex97 Application

    Who are you? tehslim isn't someone anyone from race would know.
  19. MoshPit

    Leaving Mr. Green

    Thanks for all the years, sad to see u go.
  20. MoshPit

    MTA Christmas event!

    This will be a map event for Christmas day. Post your map request to be add. This is for Mix and Race.
  21. MoshPit

    bi**h Blocker Race

  22. MoshPit

    Mercedes insulting me and my mother

    /ignore player
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