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  1. KEBO

    Community ownership

    Thanks for all of your works and efforts! You did really good, @Cena. I hope all is going well irl. You made a lot of fellas happy here online, so you should be happy, too
  2. KEBO

    qrew has a bad mouth

    Ben seni tahrik etmedim; bana kızdın çünkü shooter haritada seni üç kere öldürdüm ve bunlardan biri domdom kurşunuydu, sana niyetle sıkmamıştım ama 1km öteden seni bulmuştu.
  3. KEBO

    qrew has a bad mouth

    1. Name of the person: qrew 2. Server: MTA MiX 3. Reason for punishment: bad mouth [see attached screenshots, in Turkish. Contains bad combination of words such as "ana" (mother), "am" (female genitalia), "siktiğimin" (whom I fucked)]
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