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  1. was started
  2. do something dirty with @Goldberg
  3. Hello again :D

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      Looking forward to see her talking on TeamChat.

    2. Criss Elena
  4. Welcome back! 

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      Time to fap!!

    2. Criss Elena
  5. God, this is not reason to suffering. I have nothing to suffer because of a game, I just wanted to express my opinion, but I see that you say the opposite. From what I see just you comment on what i say. I understand quite well what you want to say. I understand quite well what you want to say but you're too persistent, I understand why, but still too much.
  6. Actually, it would be better for him to have mute most likely, but that's just a suggestion. Somebody should do something, because I think it's unfair, but that's it. I would like to finish it and finally have just mute, not ban, I hope to be a good decision.
  7. Do not do this. Someone or you (do not want to blame you) has deleted the status of @MegasXLR and @WesEdit said something. That's not okay for someone to delete statuses posted by someone else in the topic. Do not try to pretend you do not know something.
  8. Ok, but that does not think it's a pain. I suppose you mean that just because you hate and cursed as some players, but I do not encourage that he does well because he did not, but as he said himself, he's sorry. Well, there are rules, but I do not think he committed a crime as told and @WesEdit, but someone has deleted the status of which @WesEdit posted it, not right.
  9. However, he mentions he will not play because he does not have time, so mostly will not play, but (I'll play me if he gets unban) but that's your suggestion @Cena. I know he did some horrible things, but I hope for something better to happen. He did not specify, has nearly three months, I think since September and December had mute and ban from December until today. (I'm not sure)
  10. that pic ._. <3

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      Just heard a song of hers on youtube, wow!!!!! 

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      All for love, yea I love her too xD

    4. Criss Elena

      Criss Elena

      Damn , guys , it s not me , i just like her ^^