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  1. MegasXLR

    Leaving Mr. Green

    Saw this topic by accident and glad I did so on time. From 2014 until 2017 I had a lot of fun in MrGreen. Great three years for sure with lots of nice memories. You made me love MTA and that's a big reason about my decision to start studying Informatics in university. Thanks to you programming got my interest and I'm very grateful for everything that I learned from Lua scripts while helping you fix small bugs some time ago. It made life easier first year with C++ as I knew the basics of programming Take care and good luck with your life. Also congratulations to my pal @Cena, you really deserve it And welcome back to the guy who helped me during my first steps in MTA scripting - @KaliBwoy!
  2. I ❤️ Avril Lavigne :)

  3. MegasXLR

    FPS Limit Race Server

    50 FPS is the norm for any racing MTA server. You won't fix the maps but you could make the gameplay more fair by removing the user FPS limit and forcing it to 50 as it should be. It's no secret that boats get bugged above 50 FPS. Not to mention that players who have set their game to 100 FPS have a huge head start versus players on the normal 50 (most actually can't get higher than 50, even though they may want to so it's simply not fair as @Gonzalezo mentioned). Also on a straight road the 100 FPS guy always becomes first. It's just seen how the 50 FPS player lags a lot compared to the 100 one. Not to mention that the vehicles' handlings become practically complete different than what every single player is used to from other servers. The Elegy and SuperGT do not drift at all compared to how they are on 50 FPS. Another thing to consider is adding this script in the server: http://www.mediafire.com/file/k20cr9ux2skp8r4/removerandomobjects.zip It removes all randomly spawned little trees and rocks that every time spawn in a different location in the forests or near the roads and ruin a player's run no matter how good they may know the map itself. These are just solutions to two of the three problems MrGreen has - the third being the map quality (which will never be fixed so whatever). I'm just saying how 90% of MTA race players like to play. Not trying to bash the server for how bad it is as if these things are done it'll get a bit better, no doubt. The toptimes update was great some years ago, the best toptimes system to date on any server. The available scripts are perfect and useful as well. @Ywa you said it yourself - the game was not designed to handle even 40 FPS, let alone 100 (there's a reason that the map editor's default FPS limit is always set to 36 after we freshly install MTA). But it's been proven over the years that the sweet spot is 50 FPS. The game feels much smoother than on 35, but also feels the same in terms of vehicle handling and overall gameplay. As always this is said about the Race server, not Mix. If Mix wants it, sure, if not, don't comment as it's not about you. MrGreen can be a great server if you only start looking a bit at other racing servers for a moment. There's nothing wrong to be the same as them if it means being better than you currently are. Obviously certain admins will reply instantly saying that what I wrote is not true but then again they don't get out of MrGreen to see that some stuff are better elsewhere. I'm simply suggesting for the better stuff to make their way to here as well just like I suggested your toptimes system to be incorporated into FFS.
  4. MegasXLR

    New reaction types

    You can add all of the reactions seen on the MTA forums.
  5. MegasXLR

    some racing videos by [SGA]morpp

    You can add all of the videos to a playlist, make the latest ones appear first and post just the playlist once As in here: https://mrgreengaming.com/forums/topic/18468-megass-mta-videos-skills-fun/ Less spam this way.
  6. MegasXLR


    If you want to make a paintjob you can do it via PowerPoint and Paint too. I've seen a lot of nice PJs made in those programs.
  7. MegasXLR

    Help me out

    just turn off everything in /settings xd
  8. MegasXLR

    MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    -Race -Hells Angels -rainy shit bike map
  9. MegasXLR

    Help me out

    Go in F1-Settings-UI Settings and disable all custom things. You'll gain like 20-25 more FPS if you play on vanilla MTA
  10. MegasXLR

    Guess who's back

    Here we go again, let's see how many hours you'll last this time ...
  11. MegasXLR

    -]alw[- Any last words?

    Lasto :c
  12. MegasXLR

    3 Golden Tips To Increase FPS

    #1 is needed for sure. As for #2 you can just turn off the things that eat up your fps in /settings. #3 is a no, ghostmode off as it is now is the heart of Mr.Green.
  13. MegasXLR

    Show your car

    Mom and dad have the same fuckin' car xd just from December 2005 and no tint on windows
  14. MegasXLR

    MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    Only fix is delete.
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