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  1. Help me out

    just turn off everything in /settings xd
  2. MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    -Race -Hells Angels -rainy shit bike map
  3. Help me out

    Go in F1-Settings-UI Settings and disable all custom things. You'll gain like 20-25 more FPS if you play on vanilla MTA
  4. Guess who's back

    Here we go again, let's see how many hours you'll last this time ...
  5. -]alw[- Any last words?

    Lasto :c
  6. 3 Golden Tips To Increase FPS

    #1 is needed for sure. As for #2 you can just turn off the things that eat up your fps in /settings. #3 is a no, ghostmode off as it is now is the heart of Mr.Green.
  7. Show your car

    Mom and dad have the same fuckin' car xd just from December 2005 and no tint on windows
  8. MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    Only fix is delete.
  9. ••• Show your mobile device •••

    Why else do you think I'm still on 4.4.2
  10. MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    -Race -Sultan Samurai -stupid bullshit, bad map, just useless
  11. Unban: BoyKa

  12. Unban: BoyKa

    @Criss Elena try using VPNGate program to change your IP and try join then. If you're only IP banned then you can play that way, just don't login to your GC account and use a random name.
  13. Unban: BoyKa

    He can avoid a mute if he's banned as well as if he's not xD Let Elena play, not fair.
  14. Unban: BoyKa

    That's what I mean, it shouldn't be tolerated ofcourse, so mute is enough. If he can't insult anyone what's the problem if he's still playing? (in this case, his sister, who has absolutely no fault in the matter, yet is treated like a criminal in jail lol)