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  1. ElTigere

    So, um hi im back

    so ... I played last night and there were quite alot of people on so i dont think that ZS is completely dead but the coding makes it kind of unplayable, the HUD is fine but just add some things from the good 'ol times and some1 who is willing to redeem this gamemode. And if that is fixed we can get the community back. If there is one God Emperor who can bring this server back i am sure as hell that i am gonna crowbar some fools again
  2. ElTigere


    DO IT! I miss ZS :,(
  3. ElTigere

    Hey guys !

    I need zs in my life, since the server was dead i only lost money with CS:GO gambling :/ Iam €3000'poorer now *ties a noose* Bring it back plese
  4. ElTigere

    Maps for ZS 3.0

    Bring back : zs_seclusion zs_siege_v6 zs_raunchyhouse_opt_v2 All the subversive maps zs_plaza_opt zs_nowhere zs_darkvilla zs_darkvilla_v2 zs_ambush_v2 zs_ambush_v4 zs_natalyas__cottage_r zs_barren zs_clav_wall zs_arena_fridgeofdoom_v1 zs_dockhouse
  5. ElTigere

    OmeGabor's admin application on ZS:Onslaught

    Best of luck M8 yayayayyayayayaya
  6. ElTigere

    The return of the SkillShop

    yh but 1 missclick and you lose half of your hp ...
  7. ElTigere

    The return of the SkillShop

    yep totally agree we need time to buy from the crate , its so hard if you need to buy something when there are 10 zombies chasing you ...
  8. ElTigere

    The return of the SkillShop

    Hmmm you can add an option at f4 to select your favorite weapon, fav meleeand fav tool ? So you can single click buy em too ?
  9. ElTigere

    The return of the SkillShop

    The skillshop is good for cading maps because you got some time to browse in the shop but its gonna be an issue on the running maps i died 2 times yesterday because i was in the shop browsing and got killled/stucked in the boss
  10. ElTigere

    A New Dawn Of Green 2.0

    First Things First : FIX GETTING STUCK IN BOSSES FFS !!!!!!!! (sry caps xD)
  11. ElTigere

    Zombie survival map managing

    zs_deadhouse good ol running map
  12. ElTigere

    A New Dawn Of Green 2.0

    -Minor change Gravedigger buff? (melee is useless) -ill suck a dick xD plz
  13. ElTigere

    A New Dawn Of Green 2.0

    Anyone knows when the update is coming ?
  14. ElTigere

    A New Dawn Of Green 2.0

    @Lejorah make a damn admin application then ...
  15. ElTigere

    A New Dawn Of Green 2.0

    Aleks come back plz y u do this to me i need you
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