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  1. New horn suggestion thread

    Soon i gotta find some perfect horns for this and make the horns more awesome than ever Those horns u have mentioned sound cool af XD
  2. finally blue woohooo

    1. Maher



      Also congratlutions!



      Ye blue is good hopefully you be 1 of us soon in future  Maher and ty

    3. Maher


      Haha in the future i will be, Anytime!

  3. Congratlutions Cena!! 

    Finally seeing you as Manager:thumbup:

    Soonly you'll be Best manager ever.

    1. Cena



  4. Admin report

    Stig to be honest if i was a admin instead of u , I would mute him and do everything only if i had proofs, but meh stig..
  5. Cena starts as MTA Manager

    Congratlutions @Cena!!!! Wish you all the best And Goodluck to you @Ywa Searching for a new manager
  6. Admin report

    At least leave sandy alone for a while and do the job, cmon it does take less than 30sec so its not total of laziness
  7. Toxic behavior zzSHANKSzz

    If you decided about it Cena,Lock it please.
  8. Admin report

    I got disappointed of Stig's admin work, Why could you say that you are lazy to mute zzSHANKSzz? While everything is not going well and the EX admin reports something to you which it means you should solve it, Not to act that "nahhhh im too lazy for this i aint doin some shit, ask other admins" I got shocked when stig said that his lazy for this But to be honest, Stig you are not a admin to me cause i really see (those days) that you are not doing the admin work correctly.
  9. Admin report

    So i see that player is too toxic, I warned him days ago to be kind with everyone and he promised me to be.
  10. Dear Admins

    What about the Moderators and Managers? (I'm a Moderator btw haha)
  11. Rate the song above you!

    7/10 ^That's my favorite song when i was young xD
  12. Blocker

    Lock it cena, Mark him for at least above 3h+.
  13. Blocker

    Well, Ban wont solve this, Which i mean banning for blocking is not nice after all, And that's not fair Why ban for blocking If he blocks more than then do it so Just mark him for 4-5 hours or less and we're good.
  14. Blocker

    He should stop to let you pass, I know Combine is really annoying but doesnt seem a block for me because its already shows that Sandy wants to move out of his place.
  15. Forum logo

    Good luck