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  1. Rate the song above you!

  2. Photoshop

    Never heard of that, i may try it
  3. Rate the song above you!

  4. Photoshop

    I guess @ArtistA or @HaRCoR7 are good in photoshopping
  5. KoM Rules & Member recruitment

    Traitor for what? I just left KoM in my own, it's not a problem either, but to be honest I'll still show loyalty to KoM even if i was out of clan and still have enjoyed all the moments that i been to it.
  6. KoM Rules & Member recruitment

    Let people go with thier own way, Its a game bro
  7. My 5000gc gone.

    Happened to @Sky. Also, Talk with @Bierbuikje about it so we can refund you
  8. Mr. Green Merchandise

    Probably i'm going a S7 phone case which looks the coolest with a KoM tag on it! (@Goldberg what do you think?)
  9. Mr. Green Merchandise

    everything sux
  10. Suggestions for Mr.Green community

    Add more achievements for mix!
  11. Sorry maher pls unban sorry bro sorry sorry please unban serial C2A7153F8CC65EEB31CBF62DAEF86292 ip

    pls bro sorry <3 pls bro sorry :(

    1. Maher


      I will unban you today, when i get some time i will do 

    2. Maher


      Unbanned, next time do a unban requests :) be clean

  12. Pictures of thyself

    Busy = the higher amount of laziness will come
  13. Pictures of thyself

    Let your both laziness begone
  14. Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green

    Nothing in the world that NEVER get corrupted. That's reality