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  1. Day by day.. things get busy.. 

    One word: Future

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Maher


      Its all OK guys, Just wanted to share ^_^

    3. AleksCore


      One word: you have a cancer ♋ 

    4. Maher


      Hmmm, That's intresting. 

      Cancer, Yep i may get it in the future because my hearing machines effects me too much which its full of electricity, multiple shocks, etc :)

      Who knows it may happen

  2. Maher's Admin Application

    Edited somthing a bit important for this topic
  3. Screenshot + Video Thread

    Mega jump bike > Press P (Admin Panel) > Put Coach/Bus > Congratlutions you stucked yourself here (When i saw the photo, i was like fuck her right in the pussy )
  4. New horn suggestion thread

    Sure will watch this video when i have time soon
  5. Maher's Admin Application

    Thanks! gib money pls
  6. Race mix = race SH?

    I have a idea When a player buys a map You have to wait (all players) 30 mins to buy a map that you wish to be played The cost stays the same as normal waste 1000 gc and 350 for winner Its like a limit of buying maps, and reducing the sh maps bought, but whatever it can help so What do you think?
  7. Race mix = race SH?

    Much better! Thats what i wanted What about other maps? Is it the same
  8. Very Important Topic

    rip my eyes while reading
  9. Race mix = race SH?

    Honestly, I agree with that as a Mix player, But Race server is just all about racing, While mix you got RTF, NTS, CTF, SH and DD. All of them require luck and skills, As i see, SH and DD are the most two modes that require skills, Shooting in air, How to get someone from running in DD, trying to figure out how to beat it, See? It's simple. So Let's talk about NTS. It's right all about luck but, Some maps need skills in cornering, Just try to play all those modes once and say your opinion later
  10. Very Important Topic

    Onion salads allowed?
  11. Race mix = race SH?

  12. Official Suggestion/Changes Topic

    Not really all maps, But for High jump map shall be reduced so
  13. My wedding

    poor cousin