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  1. As @Moh said, but the most important thing you should have a good internet to download them fastly
  2. We saw someone coming in and that was
  3. Well the only solution is to Restart the whole game xd
  4. my steam account for who wants to add me *I cant add people back
  5. 4 days left or 5 days left! @Moh @r0cK
  6. and tuco never got back again...
  7. Well yeah, can't even see them in my PC or Laptop, but as neox said:
  8. Caught this guy blocking the way before the finish, please do something about it and sometimes he/she uses bad words if i beat him up
  9. Few more proofs.. as i said when i reached 3 hours of playing (in one go), this happened when the map changed
  10. @BlueYoshi97 fapfapfap
  11. Seriously? Then alrighty r0cky, ill make an account and pm you ^^ Thanks man!