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  1. @AleksCore this secret is not a secret anymore Rip
  2. Played this map before, but never happened to me, Weird?
  3. Agree thats the only solution as i see.
  4. Well, You do not see me ingame, i saw you playing in mta 1.5 hours ago, you forgot? :)) I do know who is playing or not, Via discord and i see everything, don't hide my man Also about the lag, I didnt talk about it as long i didnt care for it or ask/talk about it
  5. The truth i'm not defending him. I'm talking how much you are spam per day, I dont remember how much i got u in the morning spamming (in my time not yours) I already unignored you as i said because you was spamming way too much My PC needs a fix, somehow its not working.
  6. Agree, He always spams, i had this with steam (in the morning) and he went spamming all around as i remember, I don't like this for spamming that much so i ignored him then next 3 or 4 days still the same story, still spamming!
  7. Best solution, As i did ignore to Steam long time ago. I couldn't handle his spams, But how i see his an annoying person whose in-love using many binds.
  8. 100% Agree. This guy (Steam) just making people rage and this happens by making a shit topics, Steam.. My man, i know you are annoying but you have to STOP Just think again man, please.
  9. ALL I WANT ITS NEW FACE or onion 

    1. Maher



      ANYTHING ELSE =  :protest:NO :protest:

    2. Gonzalezo


      haha si mi amor malparido maherito onion 

    3. Maher
  10. Wish you all the best luck my mate
  11. All you need a shit pc/laptop

    1. DubStep
    2. Maher


      I have too, but who doesn't

  12. 5. Fap No need, At least you all know i fap instead. FUCK THE FPS!