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  1. no jak tam kurwo 

  2. Admin abuse

    Oh, i was using the other button. Thanks
  3. Admin abuse

    yeah somehow it takes a print of my desktop even if i'm ingame..
  4. Admin abuse

    Stig doesn't stop abusing his powers, first banning Zeus for nothing then banning me for nothing as well.
  5. Znowu Ci mordę zatkali haha :awesome:

  6. Insulting for countries.

    And who are you to judge other people? if you're so righteous then why are you breaking the rules posting in here?
  7. Insulting for countries.

    Says the person who each time that enters the server says 'hi faggots'. The guy kmz'd me 3 times in a row so i lost my temper, guilty as charge.
  8. MrGreen 11 years anniversary MTA party

    race- desert drift mix- fucky power 2
  9. Insult

    Bom repot, Yassine precisa mutated. Mas pq dois topicos?
  10. qrew insults

    Are you sure you don't care about me? Because it seems like you've been asking everybody on the server whether they like me or not, lol. Was awkward when you accidentally asked me Anyway, i'll leave you two lovebirds to sort this thing out. Good luck.
  11. qrew insults

    Qrew's behaviour that'd been caused by Bond's provocation. So funny, he just called me 'cancer' and then in the post below you're saying he's always respectful. Self-destruction at its finest
  12. qrew insults

    All I see is 2 players provoking each other.. Bond is always first to provoke and then he runs to the forum crying he got insulted. IMO completely useless topic.
  13. Mix/Race Event

    SandySweet Mix: SH- Big Fucking Madness

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    2. sweetsandy


      Just another day in Poland

    3. r0cK


      Crazy polski's

    4. DubStep
  15. report admin.

    So basiacally..you're saying you're the smartest in the world?