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  1. Admin report

    It's just another day for Stig..Not the first time he refused to do his job because he said he was too lazy.
  2. Blocker

    Hey boy, Cena said mark/ban. As i saw you thank Maher saying it wasn't my fault i really fail to see your logic going for the harder punishment. Can you please explain it to me?
  3. Blocker

    So you say Steam is probably lying as usual, have no reason to believe him but yet you're willing to ban me. You must have great intuition then. I will analyze the screenshots for you. Look at the scoreboard to the right. On the first screenshot i'm 3rd, peikpeik and lostBust are behind me. As the action goes both peik and bust manage to pass me, but only Steam is left there to be 'blocked'. It was him who wouldn't let me back up as he kept on driving into my reel making the combine spin around.
  4. Blocker

    Check out the map and the stupidly placed checkpoints.. I had a CP behind me that wasn't scored and he was actually blocking my way to it.
  5. And the saga continues.. Starring Cena and Stig

    What a nice pack of mix friends have gathered to back up each other. Admins are always right. Long live old Stig! and btw. i called him autistig not autistic, stop with the propaganda mr burman
  6. And the saga continues.. Starring Cena and Stig

    Insulting stig? Because i said he should have never been an admin? Since when is expressing one's opinion an insult?
  7. Stig mutes a guy for 7 days even though he didn't spam Cena mutes me for 30 days even though i did not break any rules. I didn't insult anybody or spam in the chat. Somebody mind explaining what is going on on mix?
  8. JansseJr Moderator Application

    If Stig has kept his admin for so long and MAD just became one, I wouldn't be surprised if Napoleon got to be the manager of mix. So I don't see any reason not to promote Jans. Good luck.
  9. Song Title Game!

  10. MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    Yet another map Cena has deleted because reese told him to. Well done boi!
  11. Song Title Game!

  12. Pictures of thyself

    It's about time i showed my chicken legs.
  13. Mute

    aprena ingles ou tnc.
  14. NS|Kaioken insulting

    Bond you're hysterical you censored mother but left out the swears haha self crowned king the biggest noob in mix.. However kaioken did said horrible things so he deserves at least a 30 day mute.
  15. Rate the song above you!