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  1. Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green

    So you can't take serious someone with a few months exp but you hail and praise someone who's been here for a month? Why can't you just admit it's all personal for you instead of showing your hypocrisy over and over?
  2. jakim ty jestes glupkiem.. hejtujesz mnie i jedoczesnie wspierasz mnie w temacie.. jako naczelny inwalida  umysłowy spisałeś się świetnie

    1. sweetsandy
    2. aLeKS_007


      Haters gonna hejtowac

    3. aLeKS_007


      Sorry shitposting

  3. Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green

    Looks like he forgot to mention aboout complains on himself.. well.. if people sat quiet in the eighties we'd still have communism in Poland..we can't lose hope
  4. Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green

    What i got from Skynet's logic is: "Hi fucking faggots" entrance > silent afterwards = OK, but silent entrance > loud afterwards = BAN. For instance, a new player's first day on mrgreen; sees Skynet get online with his regular entrance. So what is he thinking? Hell yea i can say whatever i want fuck around with other players, so much fun! Next thing he sees he gets muted by Stig for saying fucking noob in the chat. Since demotion is not an option my honest and unbiased opinion is Cena should warn Skynet to never say things like that again.
  5. Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green

    Thanks for making me giggle.
  6. Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green

    I seriously don't get how you're the one talking about morals and stuff while every time you get online you greet people with 'hi faggots' and the most frequent phrase coming from you is 'fuck off'. Can you take a stance to that? You're joking, of course. That's your double standard bullshit.
  7. Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green

    I just got tipped off about this topic and i wanna sincerely thank you Harcore for standing up for me but honestly i had that all coming. I stepped in mix world from race where admins were always laid back not giving two fvcks about insults. If there was a bigger fight on the chat they would step in and tell them to shut the fvck up and the situation was solved. Mix is a complete different world where admins desperately try to keep it clean as if it wasn't a 18+ game. I didn't adjust. Even though my insults were limited to 'asshole' or 'monkey' that still was enough to gain the most toxic player title. Like i said before, i wasn't smart enough to avoid it. As much as i expected a biased post from Cena coming from a personal haterd towards me i didn't think Gametaff was so buttuhrt and angry with me. Me and him played in the same server for many years and not once had we exchenged words or even said hi to each other. Until shortly before my ban when we had a little altercation in the chat about some non-important discussion. Gametaff, you started that and you were the first to come up with country 'insults' like 'typical polish' stuff. I never insulted south americans. What's more, when someone complained about their ping affecting the fun of racing i kept saying it's bearable and not that big a deal. You're the next person to have personal issues with me. I don't know if you dislike me because i never acknowleged you or because i always beat you in racing. But coming out on the forum whining what a bad sport i am while you were the arrogant one? That's just low, mate. Once again i wanna thank and make a shout out to my race fellows especially Fak who said i'm missed in race. I didn't expect that such an unlikable cunt like myself may gain some fondness and i also miss having fun with you guys. But i'm not planning to want to return any time soon. As for ras thing i can't really relate to it since the case got big when i was already gone. Damn that's a bigger wall of text than i expected. Click.
  8. I co tam pokrakro? Twój czas się skończył na MTA hahahahaha. Powodzenia w dalszej karierze życiowej, udawany "trenerze fitness" hahhaha :eatpaper:

  9. Banned

    1. Your ingame name: SandySweet 2. Date of your ban : 26:12:2017 3. What game/server are you banned from: mrgreen race and mix 4. Who banned you (only if you know who) No idea, probably Skynet 5. Reason why you got banned (only if you know why) No idea 6. Reason why we should unban you: I haven't done or said anything against the rules
  10. MTA Christmas event!

    Map for day 1 [NTS] The fire of hell Map for day 2 [NTS] Rap God Map for day 3 [SH] Battle of soldiers
  11. no jak tam kurwo 

  12. Admin abuse

    Oh, i was using the other button. Thanks
  13. Admin abuse

    yeah somehow it takes a print of my desktop even if i'm ingame..
  14. Admin abuse

    Stig doesn't stop abusing his powers, first banning Zeus for nothing then banning me for nothing as well.