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    2. BoyKa


      goldfrog defending his sandy kurwa - fingers for fingers 

    3. BoyKa




    4. BoyKa

    1. BoyKa


      sandy have his slut ! 

  3. Holy shit, my old polish kurwa is still here ! After so many years of hacking and cheating they still haven't banned u huh? 😚

    1. Knul


      his new account is @oneofmany

  4. sweetsandy

    Mekuar's Admin Application

    Someone: Hey Tony, what's your favourite colour? Tony: I study and work at the same time.
  5. Tłumacz się teraz, konfidencie denty.

    @Mateoryt @suckarr


    1. Gonzalezo


      co to za przecpany przylizany frajerzyna z zezem

    2. jack123


      grandi zrob wideo jak on

    3. sweetsandy


      to twój ponury żniwiarz..jak w końcu po ciebie przyjdzie to konfiturę bedziesz przez słomke jadł 😆

  6. sweetsandy

    Map [SH] ground area

    It wouldnt be a bad idea provided the missile loads way slower than in shooter mode. Anything is better than DL :-)
  7. sweetsandy


    gromghost777 [NTS]Smegma
  8. sweetsandy

    Mix/Race map event #3

    gromghost777 Race- City coaster
  9. wooziee not loving this at all
  10. As somebody who's been dealing with his backwardness for years I think my opinion can be helpful to some people so I'll be quick. Anybody who thinks NoKash is not that bad is not really aware of how irritating he is especially to polish players. The reason he doesn't get punished is because he's totally irrelevant and nobody cares about a loser like him. I mean 10k hours and not a single top time? That's an embarrassment and punishment at the same time..best advice is to ignore him and as long as you have just basic racing skills he will be no problem to you
  11. sweetsandy

    Mix/Race tournament #1

    All 3 are really good so nobody should complain about them
  12. sweetsandy

    Mix/Race tournament #1

    I would suggest adding Big Fucking Madness since it's a SH most players like and one with super jump And one jededo map is totally enough.. I would add some more challenging nts
  13. sweetsandy

    high jump issue

    Yes it used to be the same for everyone, now some people jump higher than the others.. Imo it would be fair if either the highest jump was removed at all or it came back to how it was
  14. sweetsandy

    MTA Christmas event!

    Race- Rip#2 Mix- NTS- Where's my pizza
  15. sweetsandy

    Mix/Race tournament #1

    That's awsome, would be cool to make one on race someday too SilentBeast777
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