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  1. Daedric_Prince_of_Madness

    Pictures of thyself

    @RealJesus mate, i have to inform you that.. I AM THE HOTTEST GIRL.
  2. why the fuck you`ve hidden that

    1. Cena


      I didn't, another admin did. To answer you, yes you did annoy me earlier that day so I was on.

    2. Daedric_Prince_of_Madness


      WHY did I annoy my man?

  3. Daedric_Prince_of_Madness

    Adressing the ABUSE in Mr.Green

    LOLWAT? WHERES HIS REASON? he as an admin should put the reason, if he put no reason, he got NO REASON TO MUTE. I dont have to post the whole historic here, the screenshot is there. If Stig thinks the "whole historic" should be put, he could go and do it to prove im wrong and he is right.
  4. Daedric_Prince_of_Madness

    Adressing the ABUSE in Mr.Green

    So, I just asked him why he wasnt in KoM and he muted me. Hes angry all the time and solves to abuse and mute. He rages cuz we play SH and he cant stand chances, nor win a single race. Not a good admin, that's for sure.
  5. Daedric_Prince_of_Madness

    Rate the song above you!

  6. omg those boobies. Not yours of course.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. AleksCore


      I'd smash

    3. BoyKa


      still perverts nabs :D:))

    4. AleksCore


      @BoyKa grow up lol

  7. Daedric_Prince_of_Madness

    Rate the song above you!

  8. Daedric_Prince_of_Madness

    Mr. Green Merchandise

    that one? im interested
  9. Ohhh u the girl I’m looking for ;-; so precious 

  10. Daedric_Prince_of_Madness

    cheated tops

    LOL cmon ban RAS! he does cheat and its not the first time someone complains about it.. I mean just ban him bcs he does cheat, and stop banning people for foolish reasons https://mrgreengaming.com/forums/topic/19968-nowunbanmeeemo§hit/ i also have seen him speed hacking once i even votekick him from the server if i was an admin i would ban him rn. but its up to the classy admins to do so.
  11. Daedric_Prince_of_Madness

    Sky's Administrator Application

    Hm.. Ambitious boi
  12. Daedric_Prince_of_Madness

    Hi I’m fucking high

    I’m here to protest against the xenophobic attitude from part of @Goldberg. he doesn’t like noobs in his clan I feel offended, but really, ppoor gwiazda he’s tryIng To join KoM since 2016, 2 years passed and he still applies to be a KoM member goldberg your such a fascist! But I love u mate xoxo love u forever, wanna be my wife)? :****
  13. Daedric_Prince_of_Madness

    KoM Rules & Member recruitment

    lol give this guy a room in KoM, he will never give up, trust me @Goldberg
  14. Daedric_Prince_of_Madness

    POLL Superjump discussion

    nah. good PING AND FPS and u will need just 15 per cent of luck from the rest. There are luck NTS's, but there are 75 per cent skill 25 per cent luck ones. And blaming luck is an unskilled player's shit..