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  1. Definitely I can't believe in those things I seen. I, in my first week as moderator trying to take the things seriously, actually do that job correctly and fairly, made me think being rigid and serious is not the right way to be a staff in Mr.Green. I now see what administrating/moderating this server is, no cares, no worries otherwise the hatred will fall over your face even though you are just trying to put some order. So, Repeating many letters for me is considered spam, (spam = unwanted/unnecessary message) Anyway he kept repeating himself which wasn't his first time, with that laugh which can actually be represented by "kkkk" in portuguese not all those "k" that he has done. The other guy was muted by non-english, but why? Because I have told him to stop that, he was provoking the other player in portuguese which is my language and I can understand and spamming the chat since that was portuguese and not english, and of course, the man who posted that didn't show the other side of the coin, the whole historic, because he is there to screw me up since he hates me because I'm white. (in fact, I am not racist, once I had a friend who is black in real life. I just hate people who don't want to build up some knowledge). So if that is not spam then someone has to teach me what spam really means. Also, the /rules say in the 2nd phrase that the main language is English, if the chat gets spamic by non-English mods/admins have the right to tell to use f3  instead, which I've done before muting the other guy and he kept using portuguese and annoying with that spam. So I decided to mute, and of course the poster didnt show the whole historic, since he was willing to screw me up. I'm really sad about this server, I'm trying hard and what do I get? stinky crap on my back. Anyway yoshi told me to be myself when I asked "Should i be like the other admins? don't care about the chat health as much?" and said sorry for the inconvenience. 

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      Thanks for the support guys

      i couldn't give like on ur comments @Maher and @r0cK, a bug somehow, but keep in mind that I'm grateful

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