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  1. dont bullshit
  2. yes, i think you will have to just /ignore him, admins dont care about spamming the server independently if its insult or not. As I expected.
  3. He's not my friend, he's just someone I respect, because he does respect me. And congratulations for the spam, translating my post to Portuguese, really useful. Its as useful as your f* self
  4. The problem is not Maina, the problem is just the man who posted this. Honestly this guy is always posting shit about ppl who blocked him or insulted him. You know why, I will tell u why, he is the type of idiotic Brazilian that I hate in my country and I want dead. Likes to provoke and cause rage on players that are better than him by using annoying binds, and spamming the chat. Causing rage, ramming and blocking intentionally, 'kamikazing' on shooter, annoying other players bcs hes just unskilled and will never learn to skill it. So that he prefers to just piss off. Same happens to SweetSandy, Maina, some other players too, not me anymore bcs I always ignored him, and I actually do not play much in mix, bcs of idiots like him, who like to screw others, piss them off and then make a foolish report, as if he is the good boy of the story who is politically right. You see and I'll tell u more, Moderators should take care of spams and non-english in the Server, really its annoying. Remove special characters, like Turkish alphabet, non-English, I see too much Spanish, its fucking annoying language. Make it better, make restrictions when before you press enter to chat, like maximum repeated characters are three, ex. "aaa", "aaaa" 4 characters so cant be sent. Just take FFS gaming chat base and it will be better, things work there why cant things work here too??? lemme guess our admins and mods dont have balls to do it. Things need to change. @BlueYoshi97
  5. We are a Brotherhood, sons of a divinity plenty of Courage and Honor. Baptised in the essence of the Victorious Wind, our auras are purely made of ambitiousness. Proud and Individualism have once fallen over the Reign of our Elders and it was a whisper from our god Honoris that first led our paths: "Behold my power and conquer all the things to strengthen and arise the honorific soul of thine!" Spilling, therefore, all his legacy throughout the kingdom. Thus, was born the Order that now Humans now empirically. May the pylons be proliferated! • Behemoth (Demigod) Evolved Spirit 1 Evolved Spirit 2 Evolved Spirit 3 Evolved Spirit 4 Evolved Spirit 5 Evolved Spirit 6
  6. i play on laptop, and its not a simple laptop, its a gaming laptop, i7 octa core, gtx 960M, 8gb ram. And only place i have lag is on, and i have lots of things disabled my draw distance is low as well, even my radar, i use the old one. In rtf i hide cars and i can race finely, on race server i cant hide and fps stays 45, 55 when racing beside someone - but less than 60 - which is not good, bcs even being a decent fps, i see the lag and my performance is not that good. I also use a special cooler below it, so its not overheating, theres something in mr green that is really heavy smh.
  7. that dot means: I am admin and I've read this application. Just another job complete.
  8. @sweetsandy
  9. they made an expansion for TES online instead
  10. did I hear Skyrim
  11. fishy vagina @Criss Elena
  12. SHIIIT BRO, u dont even play anymore, come on
  13. Yea CarGame is also shit and a problem. Well time to make a removal request for CG then? lmao
  14. because It's for the best to others: no vehicles must be deleted, only combine harvester.
  15. an American orgy that @Nibje had been caught watching on computer and then