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  1. Admin abuse

    See this? You still thinking you are best. And I'm Moderator, I can put things into discussions yes.
  2. Admin abuse

    Since when someone is not able to /lol at somebody? and that is definitely not a reason for 7 days of ban. Not even a mute. Just because you are administrator that doesn't make you with more rights than other players. You just think you are a dictator. And banning Zeus as well? You ain't the owner of this server to ban whoever and whenever you want just because someone is laughing. How cool would that be, you don't like that someone who is laughing and you ban him. And don't come to tell me he is provoking because laughing is not a reason to do so. I'm sick of your administration, you are always lazy, thinking that only because you are online you are doing your job. Behaving like you are unique and no one can touch you, also flaming other staff, like Maher and me and even saying we are just "mod" which makes that you think that you are better than us. BUT YOU ARE WRONG. And when you do something IS ONLY TO DEFEND YOURSELF, such a thing that just could have come up from a Dictator. You have been warned before, and that thing that just happened there was abusive. Better @Cena get you demoted, otherwise I'll go for @Ywa Regards.
  3. Admin abuse


    oudri kanda larrai! Now the potion costs 4k dolaz bhai, Credit or Debit?
  5. Drivers Guys~#

  6. Are admins allowed to mute 10 seconds?

  7. True. Barrels and lampposts, it all comes suddenly if I’m in high speed, making it hard to avoid. (Idk if it happens to everyone but on my laptop it’s like that.)
  8. application for moderator by mAs4TeR/P0l

    This is someone's application. No protests will be here, please.
  9. Jap moderator application

    Still he has more brain cells than you
  10. Perk purchase has been disabled

    Ye I believe it is hard yes. But I have seen this in gta sa modifications.
  11. So, um hi im back

  12. MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    [RACE] Never The Same Invisible wall bug. IMG_2040.MOV
  13. Perk purchase has been disabled

    What about an ABS perk? It should work like when you press S (brake key) + space (handbrake) so S + spacebar = Anti lock braking system
  14. Buurman and ChimpieChamp always blocking and ramming

    Marking them for 1 or 2 weeks might suit. I've seen them blocking and ramming on purpose other times too. Not up to me though.
  15. MrGreen 11 years anniversary MTA party

    Grizzly! CTF - Sedans CTF - So far yet so close