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  1. no one knows what it means but it's provocative. :eatpaper:

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      wowowo nice musicality! 

      this reminds me of Eternal Tears of Sorrow, you know? its like melodic death metal. its fucking nice.

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      listen to this, you'll like it

    4. ukaranedusze
  2. Race mix = race SH?

    Nts needs luck, but also wisdom to control the cars u randomly get and knowledge, to know how the handling is for each vehicle, RTF is race. Map knowledge is key. SH is skills, but also requires a good internet, and ping helps a lot. DD u need lil bit of skills, vehicle knowledge, and some luck I’d say.
  3. Race mix = race SH?

    Of course not, if you don't enjoy the map, simply get away from the keyboard. /afk. Eat something, pee, jack off, close your eyes and count til 800, meditate, smoke a joint, dance, go to the supermarket, buy some doughnuts, go outside, hunt unicorns, go down to your garage, feel the engine of your car, listen to the engine, engage first gear, accelerate it, crash into the wall... get fractured bones, blood at your head, call the ambulance, go to the hospital. GET WELL. Just don't post a thing you are sure it won't happen, because SH is the most adorable gamemode.
  4. [NKC]XedenfoR blocker

    ofc it is race my man, two manana side by side. It couldn't be nts definitely
  5. Rate the song above you!

  6. Insults from Zeus

    You are always starting a fight, saying that people hate france, and that if someone says something about France they are racists and so on. Politics/ethnicity is not to be discussed and it’s not appropriated. You were banned for a week this time. You were unbanned from a permanent ban already, and still you act the same. Mind It’s your last of the last chance, if ever you act again like that, you are going to be permanently banned, IP ban from the server and forums. I have talked to @MADKILLER and malleably, we decided to give you one last chance.
  7. PeGuX moderator RaceMix

    Informing the most relevant thingy. Btw if u guys are interested, my name color is #000000 Good luck
  8. H҉A҉X

  9. H҉A҉X

    Some people say we "Hax" h҉h҉hhh҉h҉hh҉hh҉҉hhh҉hh҉hhh҉hh҉hhh҉h :-) Haxers: • Satyricon (Brazil) • SandySweet (Poland) • ZeuS (Tunisia) • Sky (Denmark) • Skilzz (France) • BlanK (Morocco) • =FoX=rovan. (Poland) • ReVenGe (United Kingdom) • n4m7 (United Kingdom) • Lasse (Denmark) • SK.Magik(Poland) • Brolius (Poland) • [SiK]Megas (Bulgaria) • [SiK]BerzerK (Croatia) • Modestep (Peru) • Casta (Poland) • |X5|ArtistA (Italy) • Mateoryt (Poland) • HaRCoR7(Israel)
  10. MTA Christmas event!

    Map for day 1: CTF Sedans Map for day 2: CTF Bridge Map for day 3: DD Car attack random markers xd (。◕‿◕。)
  11. Maximum PING (MIX)

    It's not just a matter of bad internet, but location. People from Australia, NZ, the foot of America.. Some Asian parts.. Antarctic.. how will penguins play?
  12. hi :)

    hi (:
  13. smash or pass?

  14. Rhino is fun man It is a matter of luck, whether you survive with it and kill people, or you bug and get ejected to heaven
  15. no, dumper could have passed that gap there. And you can actually drive a dumper on DD edges. Combine you cant. Combine on DD means be stopped, or fall down.
  16. Nah he's wrong, no need to delete ultra marathon nor dozer, or any other vehicle. Combine harvester, blocks a lot, and some spaces it doesnt even pass.
  17. yea none of those maps need a delete. The only thing really that needs a delete is combine harvester. Vehicle with which, you can't pass through some points.
  18. nice profile pic :ywa

  19. When things are not good we protest. But when things are good we have to share satisfaction.

    I'd like to congratulate @Cena for that non-English mute.

    It can be a small thing, but grander, it is a progress.  :thanks:

  20. Server Lagging/Multiple Network Trouble

    It’s just the server script, it works with your internet, I mean, to shoot and jump, and cars-switch on nts, the server interacts with your internet, so it’s not only OTHER PLAYERS seeing the lag but YOU AS WELL. Explaining, on ffs shooter for example, doesn’t matter if you are having 1200 ping during the match, if you press lmb your car will shoot at the very moment. In mr green script if u have 1200 ping your car won’t shoot at that moment, it will take a few seconds, got it? It’s just the script
  21. Martini's Moderator Application

  22. Maher's Admin Application

    I am not random, I am technically your 'colleague'.
  23. Maher's Admin Application

    ok ok, lemme understand total inactive admin in server saying 'no' to an application that comes from a moderator that has already contributed more than you in years of admin badge? You can't even be funny with ur monosyllabic shit no more. #stigskynetfordepression #sincerecongratulationstor0ck
  24. Post your connection speed

    This is the legit how-could-you-even-upload-this-post-on-this-shit internet.
  25. Rate the song above you!