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  1. Are admins allowed to mute 10 seconds?

  2. True. Barrels and lampposts, it all comes suddenly if I’m in high speed, making it hard to avoid. (Idk if it happens to everyone but on my laptop it’s like that.)
  3. application for moderator by mAs4TeR/P0l

    This is someone's application. No protests will be here, please.
  4. Jap moderator application

    Still he has more brain cells than you
  5. Perk purchase has been disabled

    Ye I believe it is hard yes. But I have seen this in gta sa modifications.
  6. So, um hi im back

  7. MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    [RACE] Never The Same Invisible wall bug. IMG_2040.MOV
  8. Perk purchase has been disabled

    What about an ABS perk? It should work like when you press S (brake key) + space (handbrake) so S + spacebar = Anti lock braking system
  9. Buurman and ChimpieChamp always blocking and ramming

    Marking them for 1 or 2 weeks might suit. I've seen them blocking and ramming on purpose other times too. Not up to me though.
  10. MrGreen 11 years anniversary MTA party

    Grizzly! CTF - Sedans CTF - So far yet so close
  11. Admin applicatio, best admin u could had

    hypocrisy or just fooling? Good luck.
  12. sfadfadaffasd

    Ohh. Selam though
  13. Selam

    Selam mannn
  14. selamun aleyküm

  15. SELAM

  16. Screenshot + Video Thread

    FaP| Fools and Peckerheads, right? yes
  17. Mix/Race Event

    working out to beat anorexia I'll have [CTF] Sedans InGame nick: Satyricon
  18. Hoofdvan is an intentional rammer [video proof]

    Hoofdan wasnt ramming to protect his position too, he rammed only to screw up, he even went out of the road for that as u can see on the vid.
  19. Infernus handle

    I dont think so, its problem is in the core of the server, probably the server should be totally remade for a total smooth control with the cars.. Or only if SDK can do it, I'd be really proud of him if he could solve it, since it's real tough job, but i dont think its impossible
  20. Injustos

    may @Gametaff 's will be realized.
  21. Infernus handle

    yea thats what i told, is heavy-scripted, low fps will screw up ur movements too, but it isnt ur case so. There are lots of features and stuff that makes it heavy.. one example is the shooter mode, it's heavier than normal ones, like if u have bad connection you delay your actions, like press lmb to shoot, if u lag it just shoots 1 sec later, (that happens to bad wifi connections high ping and - without cable.) On other servers, shooter mode doesnt lag your car, if you have a bad connection you just seem to lag for other players, idk if u can get what i mean but thats it.
  22. Infernus handle

    I think I know what DanizZ means. You notice that change because other servers are more light-scripted than this one, also the problem is FPS. If you reach 99 - 100 FPS you'll see it's easier to control, therefore you see your Infernus turning with more agility, steer down, up, spacebar spins.. I see there are a few things in Mr.Green that makes it a heavy server.
  23. Words to learn

    The point is that insults generate more insults, and that was my way to try to amenize the problem. Plus I do agree that Mariana insults a lot, and she gets punished, as well as I also see people insulting her back. The best way to solve that, next time is muting Mariana and the others who are provoking and/or making fun over her, even more because that's non-English. well.