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    Daedric_Prince_of_Madness got a reaction from sweetsandy in Adressing the ABUSE in Mr.Green   
    So, I just asked him why he wasnt in KoM and he muted me. Hes angry all the time and solves to abuse and mute. He rages cuz we play SH and he cant stand chances, nor win a single race. Not a good admin, that's for sure.

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    Daedric_Prince_of_Madness got a reaction from Maher in H҉A҉X   
    Some people say we "Hax"
    h҉h҉hhh҉h҉hh҉hh҉҉hhh҉hh҉hhh҉hh҉hhh҉h                   :-)  
    • Ghest (Brazil) 
    • SandySweet (Poland)
    • Sky (Lithuania)
    • Skilzz (France)
    • BlanK (Morocco)
    • =FoX=rovan. (Poland)
    • ReVenGe (United Kingdom)
    • n4m7 (United Kingdom)
    • Lasse (Denmark)
    • SK.Magik(Poland)
    • Brolius (Poland)
    • [SiK]Megas (Bulgaria)
    • [SiK]BerzerK (Croatia)
    • Modestep (Peru)
    • Casta (Poland)
    • Mateoryt (Poland)
    • HaRCoR7(Israel)
    • qRew (Turkey)
    • Akeno (Turkey)
    • DaBaS (Greece)
    • Maher (Israel)

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    Daedric_Prince_of_Madness reacted to NITROX in Rate the song above you!   
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    Daedric_Prince_of_Madness reacted to Cena in Mr. Green Merchandise   
    So as the title says. We are willing to start selling Mr. Green Merchandise. Which will be shirts, hats, mugs, phone case, key chain....etc BUT we are not sure if you guys want that, so we wanted to ask you guys first. Are you interested into these kind of stuff? If yes then let us know below. If no, then say it as well We have made few "samples" of what we would be selling. It will be edited more in the future for sure, but we didn't want to put so much work on it in case no one is interested into these stuff. Take a look and let us know please. Thanks.


    By @DubStep

    By @Hazy

    By @P0l4n3C

    I would personally ask @HaRCoR7 to make some of his own. As he did all the pics which are currently used in MrGreen YouTube channel. Anyone else interested into making a design for Mr. Green Merchandise? Just send me a PM or post below. Thanks one more time. 
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    Daedric_Prince_of_Madness reacted to wooozie in Mr. Green Merchandise   
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    Daedric_Prince_of_Madness reacted to r0cK in Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green   
    I mentioned this months and months ago, seems like nobody took action against it. Like I said before, we the players have nothing to say here. Atleast @Cena unlocked the topic and is willing to listen to us all.
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    Daedric_Prince_of_Madness reacted to sweetsandy in Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green   
    What i got from Skynet's logic is: "Hi fucking faggots" entrance > silent afterwards = OK, but silent entrance > loud afterwards = BAN.
    For instance, a new player's first day on mrgreen; sees Skynet get online with his regular entrance. So what is he thinking? Hell yea i can say whatever i want fuck around with other players, so much fun! Next thing he sees he gets muted by Stig for saying fucking noob in the chat.
    Since demotion is not an option my honest and unbiased opinion is Cena should warn Skynet to never say things like that again.
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    Daedric_Prince_of_Madness reacted to inteLzzz in Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green   
    Fuck off, I have been also playing since 2012. If i don't play on mix like your kiddie friends doesn't mean i'm not here. why is mix the main server anyways, Race has more players online 90%+ of the time with less AFKers.
    nice, so now you do not want free speech here also, if you get triggered by peoples opinions you should get help my dude. the screen perfectly describes the absolute state of the servers
    listening to the community since 2009
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    Daedric_Prince_of_Madness reacted to HaRCoR7 in Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green   
    So after seeing what is going on in the community for a while, I have something to say, mainly about bans and poor admin behavior.
    I post this to protest for Ras, SandySweet, and anyone ever banned from Mr. Green.
    Why are you guys doing this?! This makes me really sad seeing the most old, entertaining and cool community members being banned after playing and being loyal to greens for years!!! for the worst idiotic reasons ever!! Come on, you are killing the community with this shit! SandySweet, a loyal and a very old community member that played on Mr. Green for more than 7 years was banned just because some dumb brainless admins are triggered by "noob" and "stupid" and ban for provoking, are you really that dumb? provoking?! And all other bans for people just for talking shit in chat, how can you be serious towards people who talk shit in a completely non-serious game? Why can't you just ignore and move the fuck on? The situation is out of control? A temporarily mute will solve your problem, even if for the third time! You don't ban players, especially community players that have been around since day one, just to satisfy your ego! An admin doesn't like a player? Better not ban him you dick, either ignore him or TEMPORARILY mute him if you're too sensitive, and he might hurt your feelings over an online-game's chat. This is a game for gods sake, it's meant to be fun, and you'll meet all kinds of people; funny and sarcastic, loud and bad mouthers, talkative and silent people. All of them is what makes this community so great and extremely fun! Ban players only if they do real legit damage to the community and it's servers, whether it's hacking any property of Mr. Green, or using ACTUAL hacks and cheats for advantages in gameplay! Are you so bothered that Ras is 1% faster than you on a straight GOING-DOWN map? How dumb could one get? Not like he's emptied room for you guys to set toptimes on the server, that would be real advantage if it is CONFIRMED that he uses some kind of hacks! But you tell me, 5 maps 2 toptimes is worth banning a player that's been around for years? And is active more than any of you? Also gives the server laughs and chills with his extremely sarcastic and fun way of talking that he does? I find this person genius and funny, and I admit I tend to play more on greens when he's around! Plus, he might be innocent of all this, I mean who would risk fucking up his PC for speed advantage in a MTA:SA map? This is a bug in MTA that's been around for years, ever since I started playing back in 2007, shit happens sometimes and a player can go 0.87% faster than you on a 3km long drag race, such a big deal! He has one or two toptimes that you think are not fair? Delete them, not the player! Trust me I played with them for tens of hours, and their primary intention is not shooting all of your toptimes down, not even on straight going down maps, no! They just like to have fun like we do.. Now, you, the admin that is doing all of this, do you have any idea what are you doing? You're killing the entire community one by one, just to show-off your amazing superpower capability of banning other players and ruining all the fun! I think people like those admins should be perma-revoked until he behaves accordingly. Being an admin doesn't mean you can do anything, there should be strict rules and limits, you should never ban anyone just for feeding up your scummy ego. Also, think about it, it's not the toptimes that make greens great and alive, it's the players, the community, people who have been around for years now, and if this is how green stays, the end will be very soon, unless something is done about it. I'm pointing at the top staff, because the people they chose to take care of the server, are doing the exact opposite.

    You want my opinion? Let there be new rules, new systems, and take protests and ban appeals more seriously.
    If you want this community to live on, lift all of the bans, make it a fresh start, treat players accordingly, bad behavior? Temp mute! Player insults player? OR you have a laugh at it and move on, or you /IGNORE him because that's what this command is made for! Player talks shit to admin? No, you don't ban him, you do the same because you're no different you fuck, either ignore or laugh. (gets too serious? temp mute!). Let's have a fresh start for the sake of this community, I'm really worried because I love being around greens, and I want to help make it greater, not the opposite. It's time for you to step in, sleeping top-staff.
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    Daedric_Prince_of_Madness got a reaction from gwiazda123 in KoM Rules & Member recruitment   
    lol give this guy a room in KoM, he will never give up, trust me @Goldberg
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    Daedric_Prince_of_Madness got a reaction from gwiazda123 in KoM Rules & Member recruitment   
    lol give this guy a room in KoM, he will never give up, trust me @Goldberg
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    Daedric_Prince_of_Madness reacted to DubStep in DubStep's Moderator Application   
    ahaha thanks Behe
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    Daedric_Prince_of_Madness reacted to Sky in DubStep's Moderator Application   
    I had no chance according to you and boyka aswell xD
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    Daedric_Prince_of_Madness got a reaction from AsSnTittieS in DubStep's Moderator Application   
    Hahah good look ty kurwo
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    Daedric_Prince_of_Madness got a reaction from AsSnTittieS in DubStep's Moderator Application   
    Hahah good look ty kurwo
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    Daedric_Prince_of_Madness reacted to DubStep in DubStep's Moderator Application   
    Gameserver: Mix
    Age: 18
    Country of origin: Poland
    Link to Steam Community profile *: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198122645270/
    Discord name **: ★Michaelo★#3194
    Ingame name: KoM|DubStep
    Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be moderator:
    Hey, my name is Michał. I'm 18 years old and I live in Poland. Currently on a 2nd year of a Technical school (IT Profile). I'm interested in cars, games and technology (mostly computer and mobile related stuff). In my free time I'm mostly listening to music, playing some games, chatting or helping my parents
    I started playing on Mrgreen Race in December 2013, then switched to a mix bit later. My current account was made in 2014 after server crash (I lost my first acc). I met many many nice people there which made me stay there for so long. 
    I think i would fit as an moderator because it's always good to someone who would help server to be better. I see a lot of badly behaving players (insulting, spamming, camping, blocking), while no admin/mod is online. Right now I can only warn them on a chat, but they won't understand that anyway. I think I would be pretty helpful, also in those situations when admins are "blind" on some behaviour even when they have been told to do something.  I'm also always trying to be pretty active and to not be AFK for the whole playtime
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    Daedric_Prince_of_Madness got a reaction from Florin in Those boys to busy..   

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    Daedric_Prince_of_Madness got a reaction from Florin in Those boys to busy..   

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    Daedric_Prince_of_Madness reacted to Cena in Those boys to busy..   
    Admins don't have access to FULL forums topic. For this topic it is only managers/Topcrew can lock it. Clearly you don't know much. I don't wanna lock it yet as well. I just don't feel like taking orders from you  You are being super annoying + It is fun to see ppl posting here  
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    Daedric_Prince_of_Madness reacted to Maher in Those boys to busy..   
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    Daedric_Prince_of_Madness reacted to Sky in Screenshot + Video Thread   
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) New vid after 2 years ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Send nudes for part 2 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
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    Daedric_Prince_of_Madness got a reaction from tyfusjap in Race mix = race SH?   
    Nts needs luck, but also wisdom to control the cars u randomly get and knowledge, to know how the handling is for each vehicle, RTF is race. Map knowledge is key. SH is skills, but also requires a good internet, and ping helps a lot. DD u need lil bit of skills, vehicle knowledge, and some luck I’d say. 
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    Daedric_Prince_of_Madness reacted to r0cK in f'ed up with paintjobs   
    Everything being requested here on the forums to improve Mr Green were never implemented. Seems like the players here doesn't mean anything and have nothing to say. Even your little smiley on the end of your reply pisses me off. You could atleast make a proposal to the scripters or even YWA as that's your job as a "Manager" but nope.. all you do is playing a big boss in this community, laughing in people their faces. #HappyNewYear
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    Daedric_Prince_of_Madness got a reaction from Noam in Admin abuse   
    Since when someone is not able to /lol at somebody? and that is definitely not a reason for 7 days of ban. Not even a mute.
    Just because you are administrator that doesn't make you with more rights than other players. You just think you are a dictator.
    And banning Zeus as well? You ain't the owner of this server to ban whoever and whenever you want just because someone is laughing. How cool would that be, you don't like that someone who is laughing and you ban him. And don't come to tell me he is provoking because laughing is not a reason to do so.
    I'm sick of your administration, you are always lazy, thinking that only because you are online you are doing your job. Behaving like you are unique and no one can touch you, also flaming other staff, like Maher and me and even saying we are just "mod" which makes that you think that you are better than us. BUT YOU ARE WRONG. And when you do something IS ONLY TO DEFEND YOURSELF, such a thing that just could have come up from a Dictator. 
    You have been warned before, and that thing that just happened there was abusive.
    Better @Cena get you demoted, otherwise I'll go for @Ywa
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    Daedric_Prince_of_Madness reacted to MoshPit in Banned   
    I think ban is a bit harsh for just saying 'Noob". Mute seem like more of an appropriate punishment.