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  1. HITMAN25

    Toxic and blocker boyka

    i said you that its not his 1st time but you replied " for me he insulted for the first time so 30 min is enough". so you should have seen my point rather than giving this irrelevant excuse. i m not saying you are not doing ur job but consider things while i report you
  2. HITMAN25

    Toxic and blocker boyka

    well i got a lot of witness who can say that boyka ruin game play and abuse others even @Mekuar gave him just 10 or may be 30 mins mute for being racist and insulting for the may 10th and 15th time
  3. Well i have been trying to avoid such toxic guy but he keeps talking shit and ruin my game play by either blocking or just chasing me up without racing . he has been muted by @Mekuar and @Civan for doing this but still no improvement has been witnessed so far. so i appeal to our respected admins to take action against such toxic guy if you want more proof lemme know thanks for your time.
  4. HITMAN25

    Admin / Graphic designer - application

    you got it my boi
  5. HITMAN25

    Mix Clan War tournament #4

    @Cena be ready to get beated by us
  6. HITMAN25

    Mix Clan War tournament #4

    *********Assist Of Skills********* Main 5 :- ‌AoS|Ass ‌AoS|Civan ‌AoS|H!TM@N ‌AoS|Saffy ‌AoS|Rnq Substitute :- ‌AoS|Forzet ‌AoS|Jamaica
  7. HITMAN25

    Mod application

    good luck Pandit
  8. HITMAN25

    Assist of Skills

  9. HITMAN25


    wt if one person buy pj and send it to all his frnd
  10. HITMAN25

    Christmas event!

    AoS|H!TM@N [RTF] Old School
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