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  1. r0cK


    Damn this dude is really good in this ❤️❤️❤️
  2. r0cK

    ac4 blow

    What is this about @rebaygsda. I don't understand what your problem is. Could go go more in depth and explain where you need help with. Kind regards
  3. r0cK

    About Anthony~Vz

    '' you know i only say one or two insults per month '' Try to make it 0 @AnthonyVazquez because as a moderator/admin it's not really a good sight to insult.
  4. r0cK


    Hi there Good job to the developers and all staff working on this game mode, it turned out to be pretty fun. The only thing I worry about is the small maps. I think in the future only the real big maps should be accepted because when we will have a lot of players it will be a huge mess. Ps. I hope the shrinking game zone will be added in the future ^^
  5. r0cK

    Cops and Robbers [New Mode Idea]

    @Mihoje @KaliBwoy @Noam
  6. r0cK


    I would definitely would like to try this game mode with more players to give my opinion about it. It looks great and I've never seen something like this on MTA. The only concern I have in mind is about runners. I hope there is a way to avoid it. For example; - Adding rockets in the last 5 minutes or something (downside it will look more like SH then) - A shrinking play zone just like PUBG (this will also help with runners or hiders) For me personally this would be much better than CTF. For my final opinion about this I would like to test it first.
  7. r0cK

    Leaving Mr. Green

    Thanks for bringing us MrGreengaming as it is today. I'm sure @Cena will do his best to keep this comminity running together with all other managers/admins/moderators Goodluck in your future life.
  8. r0cK

    Skyline-Moderator Application

    Good luck

  10. r0cK

    Mr. Green Merchandise

    This might all be a great idea but this subject has not been worked out enough. Think about the taxes people will pay on top of the product price, shipping costs around the world, who's going to make time to ship all these items, MrGreengaming is a small community there's so little people who will buy stuff. PLUS if I want some MrGreen merch I can simply make it myself in my own country and get it for much cheaper. This is just not going to work out.
  11. Let's praise all the npc's who give their lives every single day for us the 'players' to have a great time. 


  12. r0cK

    Mr. Green Merchandise

    It's a great idea but plss @DubStep that KoM merch looks terrible
  13. Truth


    1. Maher


      Old but gold

    2. WesEdit


      So GTA V is actually in France? well... probably the reason I'm playing it now :P

    3. r0cK


      @WesEdit actually not, the location is wrong, but it's the last one that matters haha ^^

  14. r0cK

    Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green

    I'm 22 and I like milk too :'(
  15. r0cK

    Financial Report: November 2017

    Make MRGREEN great again