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  1. r0cK

    DLC giveaway

    Congratulations @Dubby and @Selim
  2. r0cK

    Thanks to everyone!

    Thanks for the update and the context around all of this, really appreciate but that will not change my point of view about the english bloke. He has always been a pain in the ass.
  3. r0cK

    Mix Clan War tournament #3

    My PIZZA was already in oven when it came to my ears there was a CW, sorry but eating food is so important you know
  4. r0cK

    Thanks to everyone!

    I've always known that you're a big idiot. Just sad that other people never wanted to believe me in the times back. Finally they opened their eyes and they see who you really are. ByeBye F1MADKILLER
  5. Cheers @Goldberg, @NITROX and @Dubby you guys have been doing a great job the past 515 days. Keep going!
  6. [VIP] gradient/rainbow color nickname ••• As you all know the VIP is now released thanks to the developers and owner mentioned below (vip is still in early developing so many changes and updates to come in the near future) @KaliBwoy @Mihoje @Cena • One of the great features added for VIP's is longer nicknames (# color codes do not count) you can have a name up to 22 characters, and add as many colors as you'd like. This opens up the great possibility to make your name shine bright like a diamond and stand out to the others. • For those who are interested you can use this website to create your own unique nickname: http://www.perbang.dk/rgbgradient/ I'm curious to see your creations in the comments below! Happy gaming Have a name up to 22 characters, and add as many colors as you'd like.
  7. r0cK

    VIP system!

    Hmmmm interesting, I feel like I might open a GC to Euro exchange shop for all people who can't pay with PayPal but only Greencoins ^^
  8. r0cK


    Damn this dude is really good in this
  9. r0cK

    ac4 blow

    What is this about @rebaygsda. I don't understand what your problem is. Could go go more in depth and explain where you need help with. Kind regards
  10. r0cK

    About Anthony~Vz

    '' you know i only say one or two insults per month '' Try to make it 0 @AnthonyVazquez because as a moderator/admin it's not really a good sight to insult.
  11. r0cK


    Hi there Good job to the developers and all staff working on this game mode, it turned out to be pretty fun. The only thing I worry about is the small maps. I think in the future only the real big maps should be accepted because when we will have a lot of players it will be a huge mess. Ps. I hope the shrinking game zone will be added in the future ^^
  12. r0cK

    Cops and Robbers [New Mode Idea]

    @Mihoje @KaliBwoy @Noam
  13. r0cK


    I would definitely would like to try this game mode with more players to give my opinion about it. It looks great and I've never seen something like this on MTA. The only concern I have in mind is about runners. I hope there is a way to avoid it. For example; - Adding rockets in the last 5 minutes or something (downside it will look more like SH then) - A shrinking play zone just like PUBG (this will also help with runners or hiders) For me personally this would be much better than CTF. For my final opinion about this I would like to test it first.
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