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  1. r0cK

    Awesome map Hazy, thanks for your contribution 


    1. Cena


      You are welcome.

    2. Hazy


      Thanks! Glad to hear you liked it :)

  2. Great idea, that would also stimulate people buying their favorite maps and thus spending that greencoins more often +1
  3. r0cK

    Show your desktop background!

  4. r0cK

    Moderator application - Hemix

    Goodluck @besmele88
  5. Problem seemed to fix itself, nevermind.
  6. Dear whom this may concern, I'm having following problem while joining both race and mix server; Anyone who could help me or come with a possible fix? Kind regards, r0cK
  7. Yo, I'm back on! Glad you still here! 👍

    1. Villeneuve


      Just checked out the race server, it's constantly with ***NETWORK TROUBLE*** Can't play like this... 😭

    2. r0cK


      OMG you are back! Just like you disappeared into nothing a few years ago!

    3. r0cK


      It's been 4 years man! Gosh time flies

  8. Maher

    I get hurt everytime when i look at your profile photo :(

    1. r0cK


      Maher, whatttttttt??

    2. Maher


      I mean damn. About to be 21 this year and still didn't have a girlfriend, Perhaps it's because of my hearing machine..

      After all it's okay i have to be succeed in college and wait for it

      Lucky to see you have that girl, I saw a few posts while u was in thailand, you two are so amazing 

    3. r0cK


      That's really sweet of you. Your time will come

  9. r0cK

    DLC giveaway

    Congratulations @Dubby and @Selim
  10. r0cK

    Ownership Jan-Jun 2019

    Thanks for the update and the context around all of this, really appreciate but that will not change my point of view about the english bloke. He has always been a pain in the ass.
  11. r0cK

    Mix Clan War tournament #3

    My PIZZA was already in oven when it came to my ears there was a CW, sorry but eating food is so important you know
  12. r0cK

    Ownership Jan-Jun 2019

    I've always known that you're a big idiot. Just sad that other people never wanted to believe me in the times back. Finally they opened their eyes and they see who you really are. ByeBye F1MADKILLER
  13. Cheers @Goldberg, @NITROX and @Dubby you guys have been doing a great job the past 515 days. Keep going!
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