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  1. Hahaha genius
  2. When the map is not fully loaded. 


    1. Maher


      100% true

      fix the bug pls

  3. Nice work CEO! @BelgianCat
  4. @Flipper hope to see you in the future. Had great times with you!
  5. I was thinking about NTS too, but I'm not sure if that's possible as in NTS you always have a different speed whilst driving through the map depending on what cars you get
  6. Yes! Finally the topic is here. Great work Moh. Hope to see more convoy's in the future.
  7. haha no, we made it 2 years ago. No idea where the map file is.
  8. We made a great map together which can be played in race! Richman Roundabout
  9. You are right, that's something Chimp explained me, but as you look through the end of the video you can see some innocent players getting blocked by this incident. That's why I told chimp to report him to the admins or moderators and not take things in own hands. And 1 hour is not much tho.
  10. Marked once again as blocker, for 1 hour. He explained me the situation and I warned him not to do it again. Report again and I'll think about another punishment in the future.
  11. @Santiii733 every day a new free game on steam? I mean why is Payday 2 free
  12. Lol Maher, rlly ^^
  13. Goodluck Maher, I kinda forgot about your hearing and I shocked reading about that again. Happy to make you feel nice when singing for you Goodluck with your moderator application Maher. Maybe it can help you in a special way to control your fap addiction idk. Greetings