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  1. Admin report

    Hello This evening I would like to report an admin named Stig. Stig was active on the server so I reported a player towards him directly through Steam and he denied to help me. zzSHANKSzz: تروحي معايا ماينا نيكك zzSHANKSzz: لول zzSHANKSzz: بنروح شي محل قريب CK|Ste@m: ( ͠; ͟ʖ ͡;) LoS|Maina: so u think im girl ? zzSHANKSzz: no ithink ur gay zzSHANKSzz: ∗maina∗ zzSHANKSzz: gay name LoS|Maina: i can make troubles for u little new player zzSHANKSzz: mk it Map '[DD] Daisy Duke' started KoM|Chickenbutt has joined Cynax: ∗shanks∗ gay name zzSHANKSzz: and smd plz LoS|Maina: why womens cant drive in SA ? LoS|Maina: just want to know ? Dobosz: guys be family frriendly zzSHANKSzz: so she cant get rapped like u Guest1502997483 has left [Quit] LoS|Maina: yaw nehekmek ya tahan LoS|Maina: keyboard warrior KoM|Stig has left [Timed out] LoS|Maina: i feel sry for u zzSHANKSzz: ∗keyboard warrior∗ zzSHANKSzz: gay bitch zzSHANKSzz: lol TwiXe has left [Quit] Dobosz: guys stop LoS|Maina: i think guys like this one who make terrotists exist zzSHANKSzz: Dobsoz u can ride my dick to Dobosz: your agrue is ussles Script78rus: duel? LoS|Maina: he insult u and he dont even knew who u are Dobosz: looooooool zzSHANKSzz: ∗terrotists∗ Dobosz: ok i can where and when? Cynax has left [Quit] zzSHANKSzz: learn how to speak english zzSHANKSzz: then talk Map '[DD] Daisy Duke' started Dobosz: lal LoS|Maina: rock do somthing plz , KoM|r0cK: Maina I am removed from the admin team CnT|:BYEBYE has left [Quit] zzSHANKSzz: bcz ur gay rock KoM|r0cK: ok KoM|r0cK: brb KoM|r0cK: going to try smth zzSHANKSzz: u like to do somthing good for girls to get noticed CK|Ste@m: ( ͠; ͟ʖ ͡;) zzSHANKSzz: bcz ur shit in real life KoM|r0cK has left [Quit] LoS|Maina: he just joined few days ago and start insulting everyone for no reason zzSHANKSzz: hts why u removed NG|Slanik has joined KoM|r0cK has joined CnT|:BYEBYE has joined Map '[RTF]Antidepressant' started LoS|Maina: i will make fat report for him , and i hope mad deal with it CK|Ste@m: ( ͠; ͟ʖ ͡;) CuddlyOtter47 has left [Quit] zzSHANKSzz: rock sounds mad ∗GBN∗virus.exe has joined KoM|neo has joined Dobosz has left [Quit] AjarCloudburst25 has left [Quit] Mr. GreenBOT-vandaag om 21:00 zzSHANKSzz: goo steam ∗GBN∗Piedade: ( ͠; ͟ʖ ͡; ) CK|Ste@m finished as 1st CK|Ste@m: ( ͠; ͟ʖ ͡;) CnT|<M-JerrY>: 2 Map '[NTS] LoWis v4' started CK|Ste@m: ( ͠; ͟ʖ ͡;) DisgustingDog74 has left [Quit] CK|Ste@m: ( ͠; ͟ʖ ͡;) KoM|r0cK: stig is coming KoM|r0cK: ask him ok NIEUWE BERICHTEN Mr. GreenBOT-vandaag om 21:02 FaP|AssNtitties has joined KoM|Stig has joined FaP|AssNtitties: i need to join fap KoM|Stig: back KoM|Stig: hey r0cky
  2. #HadroN

    30 days mute even more suitable in my opinion
  3. Huge LIKE for this, I like all of them!
  4. Ban

    I do agree with that tho
  5. Ban

    I just mean, you were warned by Yoshi two months ago and you already got banned again.
  6. Ban

    Honestly I think he's going to behave. 3 days ban for spam is way enough.. But Clec, as Yoshi posted before you had a final warning on 3th of June here > https://mrgreengaming.com/forums/topic/19673-another-ban/ so how do admins have to believe if you will behave.
  7. BlueYoshi97 retires as Manager

    Dear Yoshi It's sad to read your leaving the position as a manager. I hope in the near future your eventually willing to return to manage mrgreen with another manager at your side to loosen the pressure a bit. One to focus on race and one to focus on mix.
  8. Hi there Maina, I like all your maps but is it possible to re-work all your shooter maps with super jump. These maps take for ages because of the high jump. Can you remove them or put a limit on it? Greetingssssss

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. r0cK


      Thankyou sooooo much! :P

    3. Maher



      Gl maina.

    4. Maina


      ty maher


  9. Mod abuser

  10. OOPS

    @Ywa I am not able to mention people.
  11. ~DanizZ Admin Application

    I only know you for a few months but I think your a nice guy! Goodluck with the app.
  12. MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    Goldberg was online yesterday.
  13. France

    I agree with Madkiller, Yoshi is a nice dutch guy. I'm sure he will unban you within ''one week'' maybe? @BlueYoshi97
  14. should i?

    @Noam should I
  15. Pictures of thyself

    Now show us your girlfriend ^^