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  1. r0cK

    Skyline-Moderator Application

    Good luck

  3. r0cK

    Mr. Green Merchandise

    This might all be a great idea but this subject has not been worked out enough. Think about the taxes people will pay on top of the product price, shipping costs around the world, who's going to make time to ship all these items, MrGreengaming is a small community there's so little people who will buy stuff. PLUS if I want some MrGreen merch I can simply make it myself in my own country and get it for much cheaper. This is just not going to work out.
  4. Let's praise all the npc's who give their lives every single day for us the 'players' to have a great time. 


  5. r0cK

    Mr. Green Merchandise

    It's a great idea but plss @DubStep that KoM merch looks terrible
  6. Truth


    1. Maher


      Old but gold

    2. WesEdit


      So GTA V is actually in France? well... probably the reason I'm playing it now :P

    3. r0cK


      @WesEdit actually not, the location is wrong, but it's the last one that matters haha ^^

  7. r0cK

    Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green

    I'm 22 and I like milk too :'(
  8. r0cK

    Financial Report: November 2017

    Make MRGREEN great again
  9. r0cK

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    How the actual F? XD
  10. r0cK

    Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green

    I mentioned this months and months ago, seems like nobody took action against it. Like I said before, we the players have nothing to say here. Atleast @Cena unlocked the topic and is willing to listen to us all.
  11. r0cK

    Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green

    It's a known fact that the community has one or more admins who are not fit for the job, they have been reported many times and behave like children most of the time. Yet they continue on a daily base without any measures taken against them. It's sad how the top administrator team has to deal with their shit every day. I would like to propose to review the entire administrator team and remove those who are not fit for the job and accept only those who are mature enough to handle the admin panel. Greetings x
  12. r0cK

    Sky's Administrator Application

    I like you mentioned the thing above as it's damn true GL
  13. r0cK

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    Seems like @DubStep likes to lol through discord
  14. r0cK

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    The power of @Stig
  15. r0cK

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    I'm sorry @Goldberg