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  1. Mix/Race event v2

    I both like them but only can vote 1 map
  2. Mix/Race event v2

    Ingame nick: KoM|r0cK Map Name: [NTS]Bailando ___ Oh yes finaly I can be here again at the event, no work for me that weekend ^^
  3. Free! Civilization 3 complete for limited time. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/sid-meiers-civilization-iii-complete?linkID=&mcID=102:59e8eaec0fab4eb06219e3e3:ot:56e75061733462ca898d169c:1&utm_source=Humble+Bundle+Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2017_10_19_WitcherSale_store&utm_content=Banner
  4. some dude was block me

    Holy fuck this music is awesome, going to shazam this right away. Going to mark as a blocker for 6 hours. EDIT: As I marked the player whilst he is offline I'm going to change the 6 hours to 24 hours as the blocker is counting down even if the person is offline. Tested this out with @Cena
  5. Gamers and real life be like


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Gonzalezo


      Onions maherito and r0ckito :awesome:  :tung:

    3. Grizzly


      I even failed the 18 years tutorial

    4. Maher


      Well same i dont get any shit

  6. Insulting again

    I muted him last week for 6 days then he was changing his names with rock_unmute please. I would agree with 21 days mute. But if he changes names again I will agree with a 7 day ban on top of the mute.
  7. A noob training at sf by night

    No problem at all, I had to work all day long. Thanks, what program do I use again to edit these files?
  8. A noob training at sf by night

    Your nos flames coming out of the vehicle.
  9. A noob training at sf by night

    Do you mind sharing me your NITRO mod? I like the flame style
  10. those guys blocke me

    Marked /\ss/\|titties as a blocker for 12 hours Marked Capo as a blocker for 1 day as he seems to be doing it more than once and also threatens with " You will never finish a map again "
  11. those guys blocke me

    Onion why do you still block in 2017. Blocking is so 2015.
  12. Pictures of thyself

    Why the fuck do you include me in this ? lol
  13. Ka4a.ru blocker

    Thanks for your report, marked as a blocker for 2hrs in consultation with the race admins.
  14. Insultos

    Muted for 144 hours.