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  1. Mr. Green GreenCoins Lottery

    It's a good idea but giving away too much free GC's will result in less people donating which is needed to keep the server running. I feel this lottery is a call for donations. I hope YWA will get enough donations to keep the server running for a couple more months. PS. Maybe it's a good idea for @Ywa to start working on the same concept of MrGreen in GTAV but therefore scripters, developers will be needed as I think the future lays in GTAV online at one day. PPS. Multi Theft Auto ftw as long it lives ofc
  2. Mr. Green GreenCoins Lottery

    He meant discriminating for those who don't have the ability to donate money to the server. No need to make such drama about it. And in his case I understand the frustration right now, but I'm sure YWA and Cena will work something out for those who don't have the possibility to donate money.
  3. Admin

    Toi toi toi
  4. Topic to solve chat problems

    no caps pls
  5. Mix/Race event v2

    I both like them but only can vote 1 map
  6. Mix/Race event v2

    Ingame nick: KoM|r0cK Map Name: [NTS]Bailando ___ Oh yes finaly I can be here again at the event, no work for me that weekend ^^
  7. Free! Civilization 3 complete for limited time. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/sid-meiers-civilization-iii-complete?linkID=&mcID=102:59e8eaec0fab4eb06219e3e3:ot:56e75061733462ca898d169c:1&utm_source=Humble+Bundle+Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2017_10_19_WitcherSale_store&utm_content=Banner
  8. Join the fapping cave

  9. some dude was block me

    Holy fuck this music is awesome, going to shazam this right away. Going to mark as a blocker for 6 hours. EDIT: As I marked the player whilst he is offline I'm going to change the 6 hours to 24 hours as the blocker is counting down even if the person is offline. Tested this out with @Cena
  10. Gamers and real life be like


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Gonzalezo


      Onions maherito and r0ckito :awesome:  :tung:

    3. Grizzly


      I even failed the 18 years tutorial

    4. Maher


      Well same i dont get any shit

  11. Insulting again

    I muted him last week for 6 days then he was changing his names with rock_unmute please. I would agree with 21 days mute. But if he changes names again I will agree with a 7 day ban on top of the mute.
  12. A noob training at sf by night

    No problem at all, I had to work all day long. Thanks, what program do I use again to edit these files?
  13. A noob training at sf by night

    Your nos flames coming out of the vehicle.
  14. A noob training at sf by night

    Do you mind sharing me your NITRO mod? I like the flame style