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  1. Blocker

    Steam stop making fake post's Sandy is not doing any wrong
  2. #HadroN

    wait.. i have more
  3. France

    stop begging ur time can be extended if u dont stop
  4. BlueYoshi97 retires as Manager

    @BlueYoshi97 bedankt voor de goede tijd! ik hoop dat je soms nog eens speelt
  5. Forum logo

    yes i like the 2th the most to
  6. AssNtitties Admin Application xd

    is this now a admin appeal or a admin report? anyways good luck
  7. ~DanizZ Admin Application

    Good luck DanizZ
  8. Fighting Duel

    i asked these 2 guys to stop insulting each other and dont use caps but they ignore me so i report them
  9. JansseJr Moderator Application

    thank you r0ck
  10. And the saga continues.. Starring Cena and Stig

    rip sandy
  11. JansseJr Moderator Application

    you are old man!
  12. JansseJr Moderator Application

    #ntsonly Thank you Ass
  13. JansseJr Moderator Application

    Thank you Sandy