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  1. JansseJr

    BoNd's Moderator Application

    Good Luck
  2. JansseJr

    Report Founder

    name: Founder server: Mix reason: insult and provoking me
  3. JansseJr

    KoM Rules & Member recruitment

    Thank you mate!
  4. JansseJr

    KoM Rules & Member recruitment

    In-game nickname: JansseJr Age: 17 Country of origin: The Netherlands How long have you been playing on MrGreen: since late 2013 Past MIX clans (if you've ever been in one): OT, A, CnT, Fap, LoS, KUT, mA| (currently in a race clan named: MR| ( Mother Russia ) ) Tell us why do you want to join our clan: i would like to apply for KoM because i want to come back to MIX fully and this is the last achievement i want to achieve ( no Gold ( i dont always think about KoM xD ) yes i want to join it for a good reason to help u guys continue with this awesome and best clan on mix and also to try to get more tops Sincerly. JansseJr
  5. JansseJr

    MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    Server: Mix Map name: [SH]-Monster (author: pegux) Reason: Bugged you can spawn in buildings which u cant get out ( buildings / rocks )
  6. JansseJr

    Report KT^ezhel

    name: KT^ezhel server: Mix reason: spam and insult ( i warned him many many times but he still continue's )
  7. JansseJr

    Mod application

    Good luck Laca
  8. JansseJr

    GuiZada's Moderator Application

    can u not spam the Forums with useless things. Good luck. Guizada
  9. JansseJr

    Mix clan war tournament #1

    sadly i cannot compete this weekend and i cannot pay the 1k GC so sorry Yoshi but i need to let this event pass
  10. JansseJr

    Map Event!!! for Mix / Race

    Fairhurst [NTS] Marathon
  11. JansseJr

    Mix clan war tournament #1

    zoekt u nog mensen?
  12. JansseJr

    Show your desktop background!

  13. JansseJr

    Laca Admin/Mod application

  14. JansseJr

    Event!!! Sunday 1st April

  15. JansseJr

    Event!!! Sunday 1st April

    ? Yoshi