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  1. Gameserver: race / mix Age: 17 (almost 18) Country of origin: the netherlands Link to Steam Community profile *: no steam / Discord name **: JansseJr#7074 Ingame name: race / JansseJr Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be moderator: well. i think the most players know me I want to leave my past behind me. and for real now i think its my time and i want to prove that. most time i am online there is no mod / admin online and there are some rule breakers / (insults / spammers / chat flood ) ( i know /ignore but for all players its annoying ) so they need to be punished. and i want to apply for Mod. so i will spy the chat ( on server and discord if needed ) on people that make other's game less fun. ( if people need help or have questions they can always come to me ( even when i dont get accepted. i will help them ) well this is my small app. thanks for reading Sincerly, race / JansseJr
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    Mr Green 12th anniversary ideas

    #NTSonly server
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    Last word @Cena
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    Last word @Cena
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    retarded pauer

    i think SDK made Pauerf Moderator long ago.
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    Mix clan war tournament #2

    i would like to enter that.
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    Anthony~Vz's Mod Application

    Good Luck! -]alw[-Anthony
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    BoNd's Moderator Application

    Good Luck
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    Report Founder

    name: Founder server: Mix reason: insult and provoking me
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    KoM Rules & Member recruitment

    Thank you mate!