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  1. race

    Mix/Race tournament #1

    Nice. New name
  2. race

    MTA Christmas event!

    race here. Mix: [NTS] SH. Author: Jap. Race: [RACE] Hell Chose Infinity. Author: S.T.B. have a nice day!
  3. race

    Mix/Race tournament #1

    I will come back for this event. (only event) race
  4. race

    Excessive SH buying

    Opel dont rust if u good use the car 😉
  5. race

    Excessive SH buying

    Yes on Forums, and Discord. to still keep contact with u guys
  6. race

    Excessive SH buying

    opel corsa is faster. Peace!
  7. race

    Excessive SH buying

    Keep buying SH guys 😉
  8. race

    Farewell. MRGREEN.

    You betrayed me 😔
  9. race

    Farewell. MRGREEN.

    I have no spare time
  10. race

    Farewell. MRGREEN.

    first of all. this is real. i know there are haters that think this is fake like the old ones i created. but now its serious The time has come to a end to an amazing Adventure i had here. i had ups and downs happiness and failures.but still since the time i started playing here in late 2013 i had an amazing adventure i met so much people that helped me and i like to say thanks to all of these. * i am noob in making topics like this * but yeh * Dubby, Cena, SDK, Ywa, Jap, Nibje, Bartje, Elena, R0ck, Borz there are much much more players to thank! but to much work. to type all out but these are the special ones that helped me And especialy ( Dubby and Borz, that got me back to MrGreen in 2014. ) played from late 2013 till late 2018 so 5 years. Achievements i achieved. i am in the Top 10 most banned players of this network and i am in the top 10 Most muted players of this network Top 1 on MIX * NTS, RTF, SH, DD, and on race *RACE** so i had achieved everything i wanted on i need to go look further in my life now and i will still be active in discord. to contact me JansseJr#7074 have a nice day! Sincerly JansseJr
  11. race

    Newbie here!

    Hello Napoleon.
  12. race

    Here a car for you :)


    1. AleksCore


      really good taste. Tuning 10/10

    2. Dubby





      Dubs perfect car is this *hides*