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  1. tyfusjap

    ClanWar 2 Scoreboard

    I think that's not really fair. IMO you should measure by amount of wins For example: Laca has more wins than me, so he should get placed above me.
  2. tyfusjap

    ClanWar 2 Scoreboard

    @KneeLzy 1 question: What if some players have the same points? Me, Laca and Mateus all have 18 points. But i'm above both of them (23rd), Laca (24th), Mateus (25th) Why is that? what makes you decide who gets placed above?
  3. tyfusjap

    ClanWar 2 Scoreboard

    Happy on nitrous oxide
  4. tyfusjap


    I am yet to understand how some people can get so angry over people on the internet. 1970: We'll have flying cars in 2018! 2018:
  5. tyfusjap

    Mix clan war tournament #2

    I won't participate cause of technical difficulties. Or in other words my pc is an absolute dumpster fire.
  6. tyfusjap

    What girl do you fancy?

  7. tyfusjap

    nice block

  8. tyfusjap

    FPS Limit Race Server

    Think that's impressive? i've got 600+ nts wins with 40 fps and stuttering 😂😂
  9. tyfusjap

    Mr. Green Merchandise

    What we really need are mr.green G-strings
  10. tyfusjap

    Clan war suggestions

    Suggestion: don't allow KoM to join
  11. tyfusjap

    Mod application

    I don't think you'll stand a chance if you keep fighting with Guizada all the time...
  12. tyfusjap

    GuiZada's Moderator Application

    Good luck
  13. tyfusjap

    Mix clan war tournament #1

    Next time add CTF. CTF in cw would be awesome, because this is the only gamemode that truly requires teamwork. Some will attack, some will defend. This would require strategy, perfect for cw.