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  1. tyfusjap

    SH tournament #1

    I will, 90% Interest though.
  2. tyfusjap

    Satanist's Mod Application

    lol i thought you were @Daedric_Prince_of_Madness gl
  3. tyfusjap

    Dron54 provoking

    It doesn't matter if Zullolo insulted him first or not. Dron is clearly insulting him. So i'll mute him for a couple of hours. And cause Discord was down at that time there's no way to proof Zullo insulted him first.
  4. tyfusjap

    Dron54 provoking

    Can't look back on Discord cause mix channel was down on that time & date lol
  5. tyfusjap


    This picture doesn't really proof anything to be honest. Next time make a video if you can since its more obvious.
  6. tyfusjap

    6 months ban for nothing

    I decided to ban you because i realised what an immense ban/mute/blocker record you got I take back what i said about you never being banned, so far i've counted 4 Times you've been banned.
  7. tyfusjap

    6 months ban for nothing

    Apparently you've never been banned before, which i think is a disgrace btw Lionheart actually took some time and created an entire forum post just dedicated to you. And it got good support aswell.. Are you saying all of these people are over reacting crybabies? i don't think so.. I've seen you with my own eyes being a dickhole to e v e r y b o d y Yet another mute wont do you any good whatsoever, you'll just keep on being a lunatic again.. and.. again and... once more. I'll leave this post unlocked if some other admins/players have something to imply.
  8. tyfusjap


    Does this really need an explanation... But anyway, You know very well that you're always out on the server being an ass, racist and a overall retard, a quick look in the discord log speaks for itself. Your ban history is atrocious, and your mutes probably worse not to mention the dozens of blocker reports against you. The reputation of you from other players speaks for itself. In conclusion, see ya in October!
  9. How can you possibly defend this guy.. lmao
  10. mute both boom! problem solved
  11. tyfusjap

    Mix/Race map event #3

    name: Jap Map: [nts] Smegma
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