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    We wuz africans n shiet


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  1. tyfusjap

    Map Event!!! for Mix / Race

    [NTS] SH Jap
  2. Yo goyim i've got 1000 shekels ready for you. Which i earned through increasing life saving medicine prices.

    - Schlomo Shekelstein

  3. tyfusjap

    Clan war tournament #1

    I'm in. And the active members are: Mercury, Chicken, Dub and me. Idk about R0ck if he's active or not. I even saw Interface online yesterday.
  4. tyfusjap

    Clan war tournament #1

    @Goldberg As the best clan on mix. We've got to participate or else we'll be seen as faggots like the french in WW2. Hail KoM!
  5. tyfusjap

    POLL Superjump discussion

    Delete all mege jump shooters reason: because i said so
  6. tyfusjap

    MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    [SH] Eye of the storm If you spawn on the bottom level, its impossible to go to the upper level. People on the upper level can easily camp.
  7. tyfusjap

    Which country are you from?

    This looks more like sweden nowadays
  8. tyfusjap

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    lmao maher lucky bastard
  9. my pc would explode if this is added
  10. tyfusjap

    Admin applly !!

    Wanting attention and feeling important is human nature
  11. tyfusjap

    Jap moderator application

    How old are you?
  12. tyfusjap

    Jap moderator application

    ty ty ty ty
  13. tyfusjap

    Jap moderator application

    Thanks everyone Bruh you're acting like i cannot handle any responsibility a 16 year old can easily handle a staff position. There are 13 year olds in the ghetto that are selling crack to adults for crying out loud lmao
  14. tyfusjap

    Jap moderator application

    That doesn't mean anything lol