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  1. tyfusjap

    CTF, DL and MH

    CTF is a very fun gamemode if there's sufficient players online. As for DL and MH however, i think they're really boring, repetitive and just plain uneventful gamemodes.
  2. tyfusjap

    Leaving Mr.Green

    Still waiting for his counter arguments.
  3. tyfusjap

    Leaving Mr.Green

    Spewing none sense and calling it a day. Wow revolutionary
  4. tyfusjap

    Leaving Mr.Green

    I would have presumed this post was meant to get a response from admins, and have some productive arguments and MAYBE we would have gotten to a resolution
  5. tyfusjap

    Leaving Mr.Green

    So you're just gonna spew a bunch of shit and have no arguments to back up your claims?
  6. tyfusjap

    Leaving Mr.Green

    Such as the "Racist admins" claim? Uh, Yes? if you're gonna make all these ridiculous claims, expect people to argue, or are you just gonna chicken out?
  7. tyfusjap

    Leaving Mr.Green

    Are you just gonna ignore all the other points i made:?
  8. tyfusjap

    Leaving Mr.Green

    Atleast name those supposed admins if you're gonna make an outrageous claim like that, if you don't even provide any evidence, it sounds like you're spewing none sense. If the owner of this server feels he has been unironically disrespected, he has every right to punish him like that. I'm not saying i agree with it, but if it is true, then it's totally unacceptable from a mod. "Nobody deserves to get a perm ban" WHY NOT? if one keeps on breaking the rules. Keeps on getting banned. Then why keep him around? And remember a perm ban doesn't always mean a true perm ban, who knows m
  9. tyfusjap

    admin Berg is a lier

    yeah man i blew up your hydra just to get a reason to ban you we should extend your ban for saying that
  10. tyfusjap

    muted 14 days for CAPS ..

    If you look closely i say "y do i keep talking in caps" unlike you i regretted it LOL ok i'll lock it again
  11. tyfusjap

    When will you ban Hitman? 2.

    This morning i tried to ram hitman, on my screen i hit him but, it didn't do anything to him and i got sent to fking mars
  12. It may be the end of civilization but i don't wanna get aids
  13. tyfusjap

    Jamaica Moderator Application

    nvm i can't lock post in this section lol
  14. tyfusjap

    Pictures of thyself

    you win
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