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  1. What on earth is stopping them to delete ctf? People who want ctf to stay are having a fucking laugh lol
  2. i haven't played for weeks but still delete ctf
  3. I changed ''Asian Bitch'' to ''JapBitch that was my first nick after that i called myself Jap although im off indonesian origin
  4. Good enough for me i'm a simple man
  5. And cargame for fucks sake
  6. Lol 300 euro motherboard
  7. You insulted the Cena nation
  8. DD Usually gets the full 3 rounds though
  9. [NTS] Turismo shitty luck map
  10. Well considering it almost never gets played i assume people don't like it
  11. nobody likes it i seriously can't name 1 person shooter rarely gets voted to get played again anymore, i remember back in the days shooter was the most popular gamemode why was it even made? shooter was great as it was originally why don't other gamemodes have something like this? its only a big waste of a good round of shooter even myself have started voting 1 because cg is so dull
  12. Insert other media mega jump instructions unclear, got head stuck under the bridge
  13. Also repaired for me