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  1. Hello everyone! With the hard and quality work of LuCkEr, we have come to a conclusion... To hold a public 24 hour BETA test for Zombie Survival, tomorrow 18:00 GMT +2. https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Mr+Green+Zombie+Survival+BETA&iso=20200208T17&p1=16&ah=23&am=55 During this test you will have the chance to test out the good 2012 Mr.Green version of Zombie Survival. During this test I ask for everyone to acknowledge that the server is in BETA stage, so IF you see any problems or errors, then please post the new-found problem in the forums or Discord server in the #support section. Server IP: Server name: [Mr.Green] Zombie Survival public BETA
  2. Lejorah

    The future of ZS in general

    I don't believe you, that you do not even have 1 or 2 hours to waste with the old douchebags (<3) as us. But since I am now studying IT (that doesn't automatically make me a pro at coding, tbh I suck at coding, but I'd love to try and it would help my studies), I am interested to try and work around the code to make it work. Just to hear Reiska's interesting deep voice and his somewhat what in the hell mic. The light of hope still hasn't vanished in my sight. I can still see a ZS server up and running with every old long saggy sacker playing. But what is missing is a developer. The key to redeeming the server to life.
  3. Lejorah

    A small tribute to Deluvas

    Man whose name and deeds are on the Legend status. Godlike.
  4. Lejorah

    The future of ZS in general

    Would be awesome if it was up and working some time soon on Gmod, sandbox has an unknown release date. I know a dev who would love working with us, he would be a small pain to work with, but I think he could work on it, if someone as well helped. That version of zs in my opinion was one of the best, 3rd best after deluvas and necrossins
  5. Lejorah

    [ZS] Update incoming...

    Fuck me, this nostalgia hammer hit me hard... I WANT TO BELIEVE IT'S DEAD, BUT IN MY HEART IT'S NOT. GOD DAMN IT. rip to even span up necrossins version.
  6. Lejorah

    Has.. Has Nox won?..

  7. Lejorah

    Has.. Has Nox won?..

    I am sorry for misunderstanding the "war". It's just browsing through more or less 8 year old comments topics on various sites about the server, that it made me think there was a war ongoing in the first place. I've read topics about nox coming on this ZS server using some kind of crashing methods. Taking ideas from us and so on. Is there any way in hell even 0.00001% that necrossin could code it again? I understand that you, Ywa, is busy currently. It's just unfair, that Mr.Greens unique ZS died, whilst NoX, who hasn't changed much, is still living on strong. The quality of the server that you bestowed upon us was top of the line. And nobodies servers quality has come close to it(my thoughts).
  8. Lejorah

    Has.. Has Nox won?..

    Going through the archives of the birth and death of Mr.Green ZS. I saw a good bunch of good old war relics and articules. Mr.Green and Noxious were never buddies or even acquaintances. It was an ongoing war. Which Mr.Green fought on valiantly. Noxious used they're tricks to sabotage the server for they're own benifit. Ofcourse this continued over the years, until we made a simple mistake which they had realised, and used it as an fatal blow. Nox wasn't only in war with Mr.Green, It was a full on war. Every server that had they're (swep coder, butcher nox's code a little bit, and call it fully custom) licensed version had been fucked. Jetboom had killed other servers by secretly sabotaging they're code(Once you have Jetbooms ZS code, then he has total control over your server). Much of this I don't want to say, since Mr.Green were apart of my childhood. But have you really given up? Can't we call our greatest coders together or even get the server up? Has really Nox won?
  9. 10 years since the zombie survival genre started and bloomed on being one of the most successful gamemodes on Garry's Mod. Not a long while after Mr.Green was born. (Using Silentklo video, there are older videos). It has to be redeemed, it NEEDS to be redeemed. And for those, that say :''Oh nobody wants the old versions anymore'' https://gyazo.com/18810d9490125f260e41bfceb0c8854e https://gyazo.com/a35019b06eec4ffc5330bff19d51604b https://gyazo.com/bbaeb9c149f2f76ca2bb63a44de66f47 Shortly saying, BRING THIS BACK, AND MR.GREEN WILL BE BACK ON TRACK.
  10. Lejorah


    You haven't experienced REAL zombie survival. You don't share the pain most of us (veterans) feel, of what has Mr.Green ZS become of. We are not joining anymore, because it's boring for our norms. Most of what made us join the sever in the first place is gone. EDIT: Golden rule : If it ain't broken, don't fix it.
  11. Lejorah


  12. Lejorah

    It's been too long

    Hello! I have been idle and away from this forums for 2-3 years now I think. But every time I just can't make myself to leave this beautiful forums, but the only thing that made me to stay here was zombie survival. Where is it? Why is it dead and nobody trying to revive it!? Why can't the developers get together and blast out something everyone would be attracted to? I don't want to see Mr.Green Zombie Survival server to be dead, forgotten and left behind anymore (But I can't say this, since I have no idea how to code, but still..). Can't we just like, revert the server to a stage everyone loved it? Why don't you update the server when the community thinks it's time? Why can't we make this happen? I want my nostalgia back, my first ever g-mod server that I joined to be revived from the dead and reborn as a successor to the years of failure and hate. I know that I have no right to say in this, but please, bring back the server we loved (I know there is one up, but I'm sorry to say, it's not good), bring back the REAL MR.GREEN GAMING ZOMBIE SURVIVAL.
  13. Lejorah

    Darkest Days (Second revision)

    Holy fuck. This. Looks. FUCKING AWESOME.
  14. Lejorah

    Does Mr. Green need CPR?

    Ywa, make a darkrp server. Where RDM doesn't exist, and to arrest the rdmer's you use cops to arrest them. I want a fun rp server ffs.
  15. Lejorah

    Mr.Green ZS 3.0 Release

    Well the guy above rui's post clearly was ment as an insult, the ''Other than that, get good'' thingy, is an insult in some cases. So rui is just defending himself. But idgaf about this forums fights, but idk why am i posting shitzu now.
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