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  1. I'm going to tell you one more time. Your friend is provocating me. Yes, I admit I cursed. But that's what he told me before he cursed. There's what they said before. He's always trying to provoke me, and you're helping him. He sent you these screenshot If you look at the clocks. You know what I mean. Be honest.
  2. Can I show these screenshots because yes is in my favor? You have already collected other screenshots, not me. Besides, I didn't swear at anyone. I also cursed at him for doing block and kamikaze . Besides he cursed my mom in chat very heavily . i cursed him only 3 words but he cursed me six , but you always punished me. You didn't do anything to him because your friend .
  3. Mekuar and Civan, those who look at it as kings.
  4. nevernotatallI don't do it like you do. Everything is right and obvious. It's your job to cut the curses in screenshots. You should speak English, everyone should see your true face .Why did you delete your comment?
  5. Hi guys ----------------------------------- I'm going to tell now you about an intrigue. ----------------------------------- There was conversation between I and boyka. Boyka took only part of the conversation and sent it to the Mekuar and qrew muted 3 hours by Mekuar but at the beginning of that conversation , boyka incited to qrew and boyka insulted the Turks , qrew then responded after got mute by Mekuar Now I'm going to show you a few photos and tell me where justice is. I'll show you a few screenshots and you decide where justice is concerned he's making fun of us. The first proveke, there was more heavy insults there before the speech, but forgot to take a screenshots phrases make me so heavy here. This picture, just before got a mute and boyka did provoke with said stupid Turkish . then I swore. OK I swear crime but insulted my race I could not keep myself. Boyka cropped his own curses from the picture and sent my curses only , threw me 3 hours mute without question I could not even answer. Then I threw him these ss and 30 min threw the mute to BoyKa , when I asked why he did this to me he said it was your the 3rd or 4th error so I threw it so short. where as it was my first mistake. ----------------------------------- Now I would like to tell you about Venomous(Ulaş) and its collaborators Civan and Mekuar. Venomous is really irritable, harshly cursing everyone who comes in front of it. Even if you did him a favor, he never respects you. Mekuar and Civan does not punish him for being him friend, gives very little punishment "friendships completely emerge". Mekuar and Civan reward him and have fun laughing. ---------------------------------------- 1.ScreenShot Venomous blocked me many times on race and I couldn't stand what are you doing, you bitch? He told me fuck your pussy , what an idiot you are stupid , fuck your head insults like . Him crank Civan is threw a 30 mins mute to me . I swore he but he had 3 sentences insults to me . Civan cut off me again . Where is the JUSTICE ? ---------------------------------------- 2.ScreenShot He even curses Stig, Stig just the Afk, and without reason ---------------------------------------- 3.ScreenShot I asked Venomous for his phone number and told him I wanted to meet. On the side, Mekuar said to me, "You can't even talk about drinking Marihuana weed, you're talking empty." trying to provoke me. The reason Mekuar says this is to incite Venomous on me and to make me swear and mute. ---------------------------------------- 4.ScreenShot Bingo, GODNESS (Venomous) said to me, "I don't give my phone number for idiot like you?" I said, "Fuck the marijuana, be a man, so act like a man." I understood that they were trying to set me up with a caliper. Then he said, "Fuck off here , ilyas." While all of this was being spoken, Mekuar didn't break the silence, because he was his swearing friend, couldn't mute him. Justice requires it. ---------------------------------------- 5.ScreenShot He said "noob" on an ordinary shooter map after i killed him. I said. "Who are you saying?" Venomous said to me, "No one spoke to you, cunt pussy children ," and apologized to Mekuar. As you can imagine, he was supposed to throw the mute at me, but he didn't. did not threw the mute to VenomouS , because friends are there for these days. This is the first rule of justice. ---------------------------------------- 6.ScreenShot It was only an hour and I killed him again. He called me "pussy boy." Mekuar was there again, he didn't do anything again. ---------------------------------------- 7.ScreenShot Again cursing, "I fuck your mother's hairy pussy," "Go get the fuck," he said. ---------------------------------------- 8.ScreenShot He continued cursing, "Fuck off, shit." He said, "I'il play this game to fuck your mother." Mekuar was there again, ignoring him actions . ---------------------------------------- 9.ScreenShot After so much profanity, Venomous got only 3 mins mute . This is proof of how incapable the Mekuar is. ---------------------------------------- 10.ScreenShot After i got 1 day mute by Mekuar, I play the game only. Knowing that I am muted , he speaks about to me in him conversation with AKENO. "Ask your mother, your mother knows me well"The reason for saying that, I was punished 1 day for the screen shot. He was very proud. ----------------------------------- I'm going to tell you, I'm complaining that Mekuar is making a mod for the Turks. Except their own friends, Everyone tortured from 2nd grade human. 1 day to my curses, but him friend curses just got 3 mins mute . I ask you where justice is in this? ----------------------------------- I've been playing at Mrgreen for about 7 years. Who knows my acting. I made peace with everyone I had fought with old players during my adolescence, I realized my mistake and apologized to all of them, they forgave me. But unfortunately, Mekuar Civan and Venomous are younger than me, but they can make fun and swear as they want, and nobody knows about it, so they don't get punished. I call from here to Cena, please cancel Mekuar mod , he doesn't deserve this duty. Punish Venomous for heavy incitement and abuse.Punish Civan for not doing his duty I believe that in this server, there are still crumbs of justice! Justice will win! Thank you for your time and wish you a good day. -qrew ----------------------------------- Thank you so much for translations; - By.P@NZER
  6. qrew

    Mix Clan War tournament #3

    was very boring..
  7. qrew

    qrew has a bad mouth

    Önce gel tahrik et sonra sövüncede report, sizin delikanlılığınızı yiyeyim ben
  8. qrew

    GuiZada's Moderator Application

    Good Luck
  9. qrew

    Mix clan war tournament #1

    When it's all over, I want to fight with KoM. But 2v1
  10. qrew

    Mix clan war tournament #1

    I add a player? KXK| GucciGanG qReW Hemix Taner Sorry, I forgot to add. Please accept!
  11. qrew

    Help me for GC PERKS

    The engine is floating in the air, losing its balance. I don't want that. Help me, please.
  12. qrew

    Help me for GC PERKS

    ►Hi Friends. ►I don't know, has anyone noticed this before, maybe most players must have noticed. ►Bike trials ►I think this ability is very harmful, and when I wanted to erase it, I couldn't delete it. ►Please help me, how can I erase this ability?
  13. qrew

    Mix clan war tournament #1

    KXK|GucciGanG -qReW (Paid 1k gcs) -Hemix (Paid 1k gcs)
  14. qrew

    Report Ryroy

    _I have no patience anymore. He's always cursing at me. _I've warned him repeatedly, but he doesn't listen. _I have screenshots, and this person is provoke me. _Please give the necessary punishment. 1. https://hizliresim.com/G97VR7 -qrew ananla sevişeyim amın evladı. Translator: (qrew, i your mother lovemaking. your mother fuck.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2. https://hizliresim.com/gOgaoR -seni siktim yeter. Translator: (i enough fuck you.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3. https://hizliresim.com/3E50A2 -ananın amına kafa atayım orospu evladı. Translator: (qrew, son of a bitch, i your mother vagina head thrusting.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4. https://hizliresim.com/G97Vz6 RYROY SİKER ZA AĞLA KUDUR AĞLA KUDUR. Translator: (I'll fuck everybody. ZA(Laugh), Cry rage cry rage.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This person ago more insult and block. I took a screenshot, but it's gone.
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