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  1. EmRA

    L4G goes competitive

    Yeah we already talked about it, not sure how I'll handle organized enemies though. Minky you know what this means, right?
  2. EmRA

    L4G goes competitive

    could scout at some point maybe
  3. EmRA

    Metro: Last Light

    I seriously doubt shes the girl from the book, their backstories are completely different. Hoping they make use of other factions as well instead of just pulling the hitler card.
  4. EmRA

    Metro: Last Light

    The game's version of the great worm cult? Jehowas witnesses? ..Maybe I should just give the book a reread, it's been a while.
  5. EmRA

    TF2: Dream Class Loadouts

    Buy whatever you feel like looks cool. Fast Learner and Track Terrorizer always looked nice to me.
  6. EmRA

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Double post bump, check this: not official or anything, just really cool.
  7. EmRA

    Forum Game: 10 Word Story

    So, I woke up from my bed and then noticed that rui hasn't yet understood that he could bump the old threads because this topic must have been here for POTATOES BOIL EM MASH EM STICK EM IN A STEW I AM THE ONE AND ONLY Lost King of middle earth? It makes no sense, but... I just totally had to start this random boring crap for funs and because i though this idea was actually great. This is Johnny, and Johnny suffers from a split personality.
  8. EmRA

    Grand Theft Auto V

    He is most likely going to buy other games to play on it as well. Besides GTAs are great games, if I'd roll in enough $$$ to afford one on my standards I'd do the same.
  9. EmRA

    Discuss Anime

    Gintama is pretty good, started watching it recently. I prefer smaller animes since those tend to have a steady plot going and dont have that many filler episodes. Afro Samurai, Samurai Champloo, Paranoia Agent.
  10. EmRA

    Rise of the Epic Scout

    Awesome. Really good use of the stock animations.
  11. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gabe_Newell Rejoice, my brothers!
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