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  1. Maina

    Mix clan war tournament #2

    good game gz
  2. Maina

    Hello Again

    good luck boyka !!!
  3. Maina

    race's moderator application

    Good Luck race, and to the retards up, stop saying that if you're not involved....
  4. Maina

    MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    well cena deleted my map before for the same reason ...
  5. maina noob u own me 2.5k gc :S

  6. Maina

    Mix clan war tournament #2

    Clan name: Assist of skills. Members: Maina Assntitties RNQ yeBuddy Dron/Avenger Backups: [EFO]Ray 330i
  7. Maina

    Mix clan war tournament #2

    i hope you put bar, so we can see the points and winning team
  8. Maina

    Admin Application

    i want ulas to be admin.
  9. Maina

    Clan war suggestions

    to keep things fair, both clans need to choose the maps they want to play, 1map for each mode for the 2clans, otherwise kom will keep winning every clan war in the future.
  10. Maina

    GuiZada's Moderator Application

    Good luck Gwizada, good active player you deserve it !
  11. Maina

    Mix clan war tournament #1

    oh well i didn't know that, sry
  12. Maina

    Mix clan war tournament #1

    but how Flo turned to be Cnt, thats unacceptable in the middle of clanwar, Flo already have his chance but he failed...
  13. Maina


    good luck noris
  14. Maina

    MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    SERVER : Mix MAP : [RTF] Stereo Mexico REASON : no creadit for the real auther, stolen map by nitro. Prove :