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  1. Maina

    Post your funny pics

    bob matter. joke..
  2. Maina

    Perk idea: JUMP

    nts is fine as it is, adding this will make nts as joke mode, its fine for dd but nts its shit idea... my opinion anyway
  3. Maina

    Perk idea: JUMP

    this can help avoid slow motion parts, it will ruin most of the maps, it will ruin tops that survived for years like (journey anderias maps) please dont add this ....
  4. Maina

    Perk idea: JUMP

    with this perk in NTS you can avoid carchange icons like dozers and other slow vehicles and that make perks users gain adventage against others(its like pay to make tops)...
  5. i needed to share this masterpiece with you guys ❤️

    1. -Shadow-


      Very nice.

  6. Maina

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    old pics
  7. Maina

    team renew bug

    ik but it should be 41.16day left because we both did renew ....
  8. Maina

    team renew bug

    hi, me and assntitties did renew the team at the same time, but only 20days added and this means one of use lost his green coins (2500), i hope you fix it ...
  9. Maina

    Mix clan war tournament #2

    good game gz
  10. Maina

    Hello Again

    good luck boyka !!!
  11. Maina

    race moderator application

    Good Luck race, and to the retards up, stop saying that if you're not involved....