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  1. Laca

    Skyline-Moderator Application

    Turkish kids keeps together, i understand it
  2. Laca

    Civan- Moderator Application

    Another turkish guy... please dont even try, fort you need to join CnT. But even with that you have no chance, you are too noob sorry. #CnT @Cena is best
  3. Laca

    Skyline-Moderator Application

    No way you are 26 LMAO rage player, but you are in CnT, means you are accepted.... but when you said if you will see anyone insult you will stop them xdd, you should mute yourself then. Cy@ #CnT
  4. Laca

    Stern's Moderator Application

    Dont worry, you got this if you are in CnT #CnT
  5. Laca

    nice block

    Ofc because i crashed already but he was at spawn took all of these things and put them at finish line, so i couldnt finish but idc already..
  6. Laca

    nice block

    unofrtunetly i didnt take pic of his talking after
  7. Laca

    nice block

  8. Laca

    MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    I dont think he asked for deleting the map, but delete tops from old version
  9. Laca

    MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    You deleted whole map?
  10. Laca

    MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    How you deleted it when i should be t1 here and im still not, you deleted mine from yesterday or didnt yet...
  11. Laca

    Rate the song above you!

  12. Laca

    Anthony~Vz's Mod Application

    Good luck buddy😎😎
  13. Laca

    Mr. Green Merchandise

    That last mobile cover looks cool
  14. Laca

    Clan war suggestions

    Dafuq is this logic
  15. Laca

    My paintjobs for free

    MAD = big lover