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  1. Laca

    Perk idea: JUMP

    But thats the point of that, others doesnt even have reroll perk, this will be the same like reroll perk but little bit upgraded
  2. Laca

    Farewell. MRGREEN.

  3. Laca

    Perk idea: JUMP

    Jump in nts? Cool, new tops1 are incoming, it will 100% give you some sc on any map
  4. Laca

    Witcher Moderator Application

    Civan became mod, now everyone will try to apply for mod lol... Anyway, good luck
  5. Laca

    help meee

    Filip has same problem
  6. Laca


    There was bug yesterday, online players changed randomly account with other players that were (away) so they were kicked and Filip was 1 of them, then he joined in game and his account have been reseted.
  7. Laca

    Application for admins/moderators

    not enaught informations
  8. Laca

    race moderator application

    xdd no way
  9. Laca

    blocker_future moderator

    you dont even write XXDDD
  10. Laca

    blocker_future moderator

    I think enaught is that hes blocking (even ramming) without racing But do what you want.. im just showing you, how retarded this turkish guy is TY
  11. Laca

    blocker_future moderator

    please do me a favor and give him blocker tag.. i was about to make top1-3 and he went from cp 20 to me on 60 and blocked me.. TY
  12. Laca

    Mr Green 12th anniversary ideas

    Indians keeps together