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  1. Laca

    Sandro - Not ready !

    Was this topic that neccesary? cant you just call admin and its done? -,-
  2. Laca

    FounDer annoys and curses everyone

    Hes not joking.... You dont need to give him ban but atleast long chat ban to let him realize he cant insult that much... True is everytime he die, hes crying that we are laggers with 90 fps and 30 ping and spamming etc.. even beggining for shs 24/7
  3. Laca

    change system

    And Sorry @Cena for wrong topic..
  4. Laca

    change system

    @GwiZadayou didnt tell me anything like that, you was ignoring, but nvm i dont care, Thank you @Shadow
  5. Laca

    change system

    Hi, ppl was saying this map *Full Of Live* super jump sh has not autorepair or its bugged, its 15sec autorepair in super jump sh, @Shadow. cant you change it on 10 sec atleast? Ty man.
  6. Laca

    GuiZada's Moderator Application

    damm, you are pming everyone in-game looks like
  7. Laca

    GuiZada's Moderator Application

    totally right fapthony
  8. Laca

    Mod application

    Ty bro
  9. Laca

    Mod application

  10. Laca

    Mod application

    dub pro TY 😘
  11. Laca

    Mod application

    Ty Maher Thanks Meku Ty race Didnt expect you Knee ❤️ ty
  12. Laca

    Which achievements are bugged?

    I got 32/32 on mix, so it should not be bugged
  13. Laca

    Mix clan war tournament #1

    Will there alao be some reward or anything for example for top5 players with most points, or anything like that?