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    sweet 1/10
  2. spam

    when Shadow, etc these mexico,columbia,peru etc countries joins main chat is spammed by their language and if anyone say 1 sentence in turkish he got mute :-)
  3. Laca Admin/Mod application

    @Criss Elena sexy
  4. Laca Admin/Mod application

    Thanks boyka,selim
  5. Laca Admin/Mod application

    thanks skyline :-)
  6. Laca Admin/Mod application

    thanks dub,rew,virus
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  8. Rate the song above you!

  9. Gameserver: Mix Age: 19 in 28th of april 1999 Country of origin: Czech republic Link to Steam Community profile *: Im not really using steam that much, but ok.. -http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/, btw i will buy more games later Discord name **: Laca#2903 Ingame name: Laca Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: There is aloooot to say but... something important is for example, i am very active in game, so i would be able to solve hoses between players or just mute spammers/insulters, etc, everybody know how to use translate google, so.. i can just easy find anything what anyone wrote in for example turkish and find out if its insult, also warning about english only in main chat, also i would use /votekick for bugged/not ready players in dd/sh and marking blockers in nts.. for sure about me something.. hm i think my english is like 9/10 also i can speak cz language and france... if there will be any newbie..that will need help for example in f3 ye, i can just again use google translate.. I got lot of expiriences about this, i was 1 of staff in 1 game already, so im 24/7 online in staff groups like skype/discord whatever you want me to use, also forums, i was working alot with forums when i was staff. thats all important you need to know i think.. Something about me: so im Martin, czech guy 19yo (almost).. I am studying Architecture in 1 of best czech schools, I live without parents with my older sister (21yo). Mrgreengreen i started play since 2014.. now i became much better, so i can say im good player.. maybe im not that pro like others but im really not bad.. i know every1 from mix, maybe someones from race. also im very kind to others, if they are to me. i am communicative and adapted.. Thanks for reading Dear Laca
  10. Akeno Admin Application

    Interesting, good luck :-)
  11. Rate the song above you!

  12. Rate the song above you!