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  1. Sky's Administrator Application

    Oy Sky ya nab good luck we need u!
  2. Stolen Resource

    The DD been like this for years ask Ywa SDK or bier about it
  3. Hello.

    I can see your starting to mature Boyka but this is down to @Cena if Cena lets you back I hope you can be a good player for the community and don't blow the chance if Cena gives you one
  4. Laca Admin/Mod application

    good luck Laca the one who can't get a top 1 on 1 map also the steam profile link does not work @Laca
  5. Event!!! Sunday 1st April

    Well I had a look at first 15 maps its quite far down and too much hassle to change sorry but next time if you want to change maps let me know least 24hrs before minimum not on the day
  6. Event!!! Sunday 1st April

    only one map allowed and you already chosen a map
  7. Event!!! Sunday 1st April

    Map already chosen by @DubStep please choose another
  8. Event!!! Sunday 1st April

    Mix DD rise of the devil (RM)
  9. Event!!! Sunday 1st April

    what map?
  10. Event!!! Sunday 1st April

    Event on Sunday 1st April for mix and race please add your map you want for the event (please make sure you don't choose the same map as someone else) also please state which server MIX OR RACE!!!
  11. horn sounds

    I think you can get them off github dan its all open source
  12. Aleks you got any good tunes?

  13. Oy wes fap