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  1. Hello Aleks how is the green life?

  2. MrGreen Youtube channel

    1. DD is awesome so more DD vids 2. no! He sucks get someone better than that idiotcon mix and stream it and
  3. Mix/Race event v2

    DD daisy duke @BlueYoshi97 best DD ever!

    there is a official horn topic pls post them there thanks
  5. Admin abuse

    RIGHT I am locking it till Bier gets around to deal with it or Cena and those who are not INVOLVED DO NOT POST! @Bierbuikje @Cena
  6. Are admins allowed to mute 10 seconds?

    Most I am sure all the admins who are active have done it Maher
  7. Turkish hackers on server!!

    I am 90% sure it was down to lags but I will keep my eye on them just in case and next time try and get pics and preferably a video Locked
  8. Are admins allowed to mute 10 seconds?

    Oh no a 10 second mute it must be end of the world
  9. Hello max verstappens no.1 fan

  10. View Range Script(integrate this if possible)

    HACKS! Shall 1 tag a race player Yoshik so your secrets will be up
  11. [Upload Horns] Post Your Horns Here

    The horn topic is back open as @Cena will be doing them from now on
  12. napoleon

    I ban them for 5 days as this is not there first time doing it Locked
  13. Perk purchase has been disabled

    Hard to do but good idea I mention it to bier to see if he can do it
  14. Perk purchase has been disabled

    I agree with Flipper I am glad Kali broke it, we can replace it with a better perk in time though hopefully