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  1. New DLC

    Yes but it looks awesome and I need to save money
  2. New DLC

    You trying to bankrupt me Cena I am down to my last £20 already ):
  3. Screenshot + Video Thread

    @besweeet spelling correction needed
  4. Screenshot + Video Thread

    *hides from the scary manager*
  5. Race mix = race SH?

    DD is skill needed rest some skill and luck
  6. Abuser !!!

    Don't lie and insulting with cancer is a no no, your lucky it is 48hrs and learn from this Locked!
  7. Hemix Why Banned ??

    You have to wait for @Cena to reply to his as he banned them
  8. [NKC]XedenfoR blocker

    Race as it came up with Mix map stared DD cross 27 @MoshPit
  9. New DLC

    There is going to be a new Italy DLC just thought i'd post it @Cena you be wanting to buy it now
  10. Greencoins System Down

    Thank you for reporting this I pass it onto Cena bier and Ywa
  11. Why wooziee is crying? @wooozie @BlueYoshi97

    łuzi 1.jpg

    Łuzi 2.jpg



      No Idea I don;t deal with Race

  12. :hooker:<--- @Cena Right Stig?

  13. Screenshot + Video Thread

    forgot to blur certian things and how did you get your panel looking like that?
  14. Mr. Green GreenCoins Lottery

    I donated yesterday 1 less beer now ):