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  1. finally blue woohooo

    1. Maher



      Also congratlutions!



      Ye blue is good hopefully you be 1 of us soon in future  Maher and ty

    3. Maher


      Haha in the future i will be, Anytime!

  2. Cena starts as MTA Manager

    Congrats Cena do us all proud and make and keep Mr Green Fun!
  3. Blocker

    Steam next time do a video and marked for 72hrs when I get online later @Cenalock it pls cena
  4. Blocker

    Well what cena said made it sound different I think as cena said a ban will do if I see him on later 7 day ban unless some other admin bans him first
  5. #HadroN

    I ban if they not learnt from past mutes but I will see how bad the next insult is and decide on action from there
  6. #HadroN

    Next time he insults I will ban him for a week then hopefully they will learn from that
  7. i cant buy gc

    Contact PayPal then
  8. France

    She been banned many times for it and will probably get a ban again very soon I am sure
  9. France

    @Santiii733 mind hiding this topic if you can?
  10. Ban

    He is no longer a manager @Stig mind locking it pls till i get perms to do it @Maher will agree to this I am sure and yes he should of not said it but you could of just talked to Ywa about it and you wouldn;t of had a ban
  11. Ban

    Ye I would be no use getting annoyed with haters
  12. Ban

    We understand where your coming from but you had a final warning not long ago wait a little while then try again
  13. Ban

    I can unban you but prove to me you changed take a few weeks away then we consider it unless any other admin wants to add there input
  14. Ban

    I feel to soon to let you back maybe in September time if you show us your behaviour is good and other admins agree and the new manager aswell
  15. BlueYoshi97 retires as Manager

    Yoshi see you in-game mate and hope to have you back as a admin or manager and work alongside you again in near future