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  1. cby

    let rammers get punished.

    Do you like being rammed too?
  2. cby

    let rammers get punished.

    I can see why mix players don't like this idea, but race is different. Ramming shouldn't be the tool to gain position. I know it's not real, but in real life you would endanger the life of not only the one who you are ramming but also others who follow, so you would be certainly punished for that.
  3. cby

    Kash block attempt

    I just don't understand why ramming is allowed. I think there are more "levels" of it. When you nudge someone a bit so you can gain a position seems to be ok (I don't like that either, but I can accept), but deliberately pushing someone into the water with maximal force (like the attempt in the video) shouldn't be tolerated. (at least in race, mix is different 'cause there are game modes in which this is the point) "It's ram not block" - he always defends himself, which cleary shows that his goal was to incapacitate his opponent. How is it less of a "crime" than blocking?
  4. cby

    Mr.Green Gaming İnstagram Page

    What is Instagram? ..and discord? ah, I'm too old for this sh*t ps.: I know what those are, I just dont use them
  5. They should close with the same button that opened them.
  6. Hey, I wanted to donate, but I can't login to the main site. I'm logged in in the forums. Clicking on "continue as cby" on the oauth authorization page redirects back to the main site, but I'm still not logged in. I tried a few times.
  7. cby

    #1 Race Tournament

    Well it was a bit chaotic. More people joined than supposed to be, and there were some issues. I thought there was a script handling the queue of maps, but insted they were set manually and sometimes they accidentally set a mix map, and some maps showed only black screen after starting so they had to be skipped. There were 2 guys who were very suspicious, they finished #1-2 almost every time, before our veteran top players. And most importantly I realized how bad I am at this game
  8. cby

    #1 Race Tournament

    CBY BTW: How does this work? Is this on race server or a different one? I've never played tournaments before.
  9. cby

    Koolaid Admin Application

    good luck!
  10. cby


    Good luck
  11. cby

    Should all Circuit maps be Ghost Mode

    I'm a noob, I hit things, somethimes other racers, and I don't like it. I also don't like when slower players are in the way. But I think ghostmode is like playing alone. Especially now that you can hide others while in ghostmode. Where's the race in that?
  12. cby

    Mr Green GTA V Racing Server

    I started playing GTA Online recently and there are a lot of different race "jobs". Many of them remind me of MTA so I'm sure they've taken some ideas from it. There are some "mix" modes also, like for example CTF. I still like MTA:SA but I'm looking forward to a Mr. Green FiveM server, because the visuals are so much better, and I like the slipstream feature too, which makes it more exciting in my opinion.
  13. The only thing I don't understand is that Kash is the one always saying that "ram is allowed" and now he reports someone ramming him? Strange
  14. cby

    haxardous and random blocker

    Well, people are different. I don't think that if being nice doesn't work, retaliation or being rude will. It will have the opposite effect. But I agree that deliberate blockers are an issue. And you brought Cena into this for no reason. How do you know he didn't contact the people in question to talk it through before reacting? (Thats what I would do) You shoot first, ask later. Just remember, its a free service, the people who run it put their money and time into it to make you entertained. They have the right to act as they please.
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