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  1. cby


    Good luck
  2. cby

    Should all Circuit maps be Ghost Mode

    I'm a noob, I hit things, somethimes other racers, and I don't like it. I also don't like when slower players are in the way. But I think ghostmode is like playing alone. Especially now that you can hide others while in ghostmode. Where's the race in that?
  3. cby

    Mr Green GTA V Racing Server

    I started playing GTA Online recently and there are a lot of different race "jobs". Many of them remind me of MTA so I'm sure they've taken some ideas from it. There are some "mix" modes also, like for example CTF. I still like MTA:SA but I'm looking forward to a Mr. Green FiveM server, because the visuals are so much better, and I like the slipstream feature too, which makes it more exciting in my opinion.
  4. The only thing I don't understand is that Kash is the one always saying that "ram is allowed" and now he reports someone ramming him? Strange
  5. cby

    haxardous and random blocker

    Well, people are different. I don't think that if being nice doesn't work, retaliation or being rude will. It will have the opposite effect. But I agree that deliberate blockers are an issue. And you brought Cena into this for no reason. How do you know he didn't contact the people in question to talk it through before reacting? (Thats what I would do) You shoot first, ask later. Just remember, its a free service, the people who run it put their money and time into it to make you entertained. They have the right to act as they please.
  6. cby

    haxardous and random blocker

    I think they not doing their work properly doesn't excuse your continuous insulting and swearing. This toxic behavior makes me feel worse on the server than blockers. Learn to express your feelings in a more polite way please... If you can't take the stress do everyone a favor and don't play. This game supposed to be a fun way of relaxation (at least for me), but people like you makes it hard to have fun and relax. And by the way, not everyone is a blocker who you can't overtake. This is my opinion on this subject.
  7. Good point, but I always feel that the team should somehow benefit from it's members winning. Like the constructors championship in f1.
  8. I think it would be cool that by wining a race (or top 5) one would also win some gcs to the clan account. This way it could be cheaper or even free to extend, depending on the clans performance.
  9. cby

    Team renew problem

    Thank you for your help.
  10. cby

    Team renew problem

    Hi! Our team has expired so we renewed it. Zole pushed the renew button twice for 5000 GC but it only got renewed for 20 days. I pushed it too (-2500 GC) but its still 20/60, so I guess there is a bug here. The button is still active.
  11. Thank you, everything is fine, I also changed my password just to be safe. Note: I was able to log in after he left, and everything was normal. I just wanted to let you know what happened. If this is a bug and not a temporarily glitch, it can happen to someone else in the future.
  12. Yes, but he didn't do it on purpose and it happened while I was online and logged in. I got logged out, he got in. Unfortunately I don't know the exact circumstances whether it happend when he joined or later. He was surprised he has 38k gc and a paintjob, and when I looked at it I realized its mine, and that I'm not logged in anymore. [2018-08-16 20:43:46] [Output] : ✶ Joined: Miku (Russia) joined the server ... [2018-08-16 21:01:12] [Output] : Miku: wtf [2018-08-16 21:01:16] [Output] : Miku: 38k gc [2018-08-16 21:01:21] [Output] : Miku: paintjob ... [2018-08-16 21:02:27] [Output] : You need to login Green-Coins account in order to do toptimes! Well, it was badly phrased, it wasn't really transfered Edit: There were other glitches. Kokovai said he lost his gc and team, and someone got into a team he wasn't in.
  13. Hey! Earlier today all of the sudden I got logged out in race while playing (or afk, don't know exactly) and all my stuff (gc, pj, profile pic) got transfered to a player named Miku. I couldn't login anymore. He restarted, but still got my account. After he left I could login again, but I'm afraid he will log into my account when he comes back. Our team (owned by Kokovai) is also lost.
  14. It stopped working for me. MTA updated recently maybe that's the cause.
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