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  1. My 5000gc gone.

    Refunded, please don't buy a new team until we fixed this bug.
  2. My 5000gc gone.

    What is your ingame username?

    Do you have any mods installed? If not maybe this FAQ gives a solution:
  4. Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green

    I want Rras and Roba around too but I don't understand how they suddenly got such a speed advantage. And it wasn't just a subtle change, from one to the other day there was an advantage like they installed a mod. I would be glad to have them back but I don't want them to cheat.
  5. Askin' where I got this money from, it ain't your business, nigga
    TMI Gang, we drivin' foreigns, it ain't nothin', nigga

  6. Flo Manager Application!

    Thanks for your application! Neither Cena, me or other admins are able to review your application as we are not the ones who decide which players are fit to be in this position. We have to pass your application on to @Ywa.
  7. I can not buy car.

    Buying cars has been disabled temporarily. We're having a bug with the server connection that causes players to lose gc and not getting the bought cars. It will be enabled again soon I hope.
  8. Car not bought , 550 GC gone..

    Refunded and closed.
  9. Weird, I can't find the error nor the solution yet. I tried to create a team myself and found no bugs yet. When I catch you ingame you'll be refunded.
  10. Car not bought , 550 GC gone..

    We found the error, now the solution. What is your ingame username? When I catch you ingame I'll refund you.
  11. Those boys to busy..

    All of the devs have been busy the last period, we come back to your pull request soon. We thank you for your understanding and patience.
  12. Its good i love cheese :D @BlueYoshi97


  13. yoshis "new" maps

  14. Stig ABUSES His Powers And Bans TwicH

    Twich, I've seen you avoiding afk mode myself. You do it for hours to farm gc and it's not fair to other players. The ban is right in my opinion. I appreciate you adding horns to the community, I certainly don't mind that but what I meant annoying is you responding 'DENIED' to others on both github and this forums. It's not motivating others and some players think that their appeal or addition is permanently denied because you told them so. Even though you're not the one who decides that, they may not know that. I won't ban you for adding more horns, I would just appreciate it if you'd stop responding 'denied' to others. Concerning your video to Stig is not funny either. I heard you sent it him on forums and in discord, it's just annoying. You may have a different way of being funny but we can't distinguish whether you try to provoke or try being funny.
  15. intelzzz's moderator app

    It took long but we also talked long about this app behind the scenes. In short the point is that part of the team wants you and another part doesn't yet. I think you made some good points in this app but for now I have to deny this application.