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  1. Bierbuikje

    Ownership Jan 2019 - Jun 2020

    Just a thinking about teams in Mix. Maybe upon loading a DD or SH map temporarily stop the classic teams system while that map is playing and rearrange the teams based on a max 5 player limit. For example when a DD/SH map starts all 15 team members of Mother Russia get randomly assigned to 3 teams of Mother Russia 1, Mother Russia 2 and Mother Russia 3. To encourage killing your former team members maybe give a 25gc bonus if your team survives as last surviving team (evenly divided over the still alive members). In addition the appearance of the opponents cars could be changed. For e
  2. Bierbuikje

    Leaving Mr. Green

    Thanks for running a great server all these years Ywa, and thank you for all the opportunities given. I learned a lot here that helped me with other things I encountered along my way.
  3. Bierbuikje

    Stolen Resource

    No problem and thanks for addressing this! In the end the server is mostly dependent on original maps by the community and those are all heavily guarded.
  4. Bierbuikje

    Stolen Resource

    The idea of the resource may indeed be taken from MrGreen but it is hard to prevent this from happening and even more because MrGreen is open source. I wouldn't be too concerned because scripts like this are not hard to replicate.
  5. Bierbuikje

    Blocker Kaki

    Can't argue with that proof. He will be marked and thanks for the report.
  6. Bierbuikje


    The Renaldas - Ikis block was an accident. The Laca - Renaldas block was a ram, I don't know what you moved from your race line there. The Painkiller - Laca block was a lag incident. No one is being banned for this. A blocker mode maybe if you ram everyone always and on purpose (mix admins decide) and a warning for Renaldas for acting as admin.
  7. yo Onionbuikje :ywa:

  8. Bierbuikje

    My 5000gc gone.

    Refunded, please don't buy a new team until we fixed this bug.
  9. Bierbuikje

    My 5000gc gone.

    What is your ingame username?
  10. Bierbuikje


    Do you have any mods installed? If not maybe this FAQ gives a solution: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Known_Issues_-_FAQ#Crash_after_connecting_to_any_server
  11. Bierbuikje

    Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green

    I want Rras and Roba around too but I don't understand how they suddenly got such a speed advantage. And it wasn't just a subtle change, from one to the other day there was an advantage like they installed a mod. I would be glad to have them back but I don't want them to cheat.
  12. Askin' where I got this money from, it ain't your business, nigga
    TMI Gang, we drivin' foreigns, it ain't nothin', nigga

  13. Bierbuikje

    Flo Manager Application!

    Thanks for your application! Neither Cena, me or other admins are able to review your application as we are not the ones who decide which players are fit to be in this position. We have to pass your application on to @Ywa.
  14. Bierbuikje

    I can not buy car.

    Buying cars has been disabled temporarily. We're having a bug with the server connection that causes players to lose gc and not getting the bought cars. It will be enabled again soon I hope.
  15. Bierbuikje

    Car not bought , 550 GC gone..

    Refunded and closed.
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