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  1. Supposing I'm the winner (good), @MADKILLER loses (bad) there is only one place left @WesEdit.
  2. The /quit command is a sufficient way to block all interactions with the server, therefore a ban isn't nescessary unless a member of staff decides otherwise.
  3. In most cases this the result of you first provoking or irritating them and you get this in return. I certainly won't defend what they did and argue it's good but I understand their reaction. For the case of ZeuS, he already was punished for this couple of times as he also blocked other people. For the case of woozzie he is not a regular blocker and it are already old videos, I will not take action based on this. The fastest method for you is to be more kind to other people and they be more kind to you.
  4. Fact is, @Gonzalezo, that a lot of players find your behaviour very irritating and I can not blame them for that. You regularly call people noob or laugh at them when they make a fail or you win and someone else does not. You insult people when you disagree over something and when they insult you back you screenshot it and threaten with a ban. You cut off people in race to make them fail and whether it is forbidden is up to the situation but fact is that players certainly don't praise you for it. When in return players block you or cut you off you immediately say you recorded it, you will put it on youtube and say that person will be banned. After all this you get really on the nerves of the players and I fully understand they are angry with you. When you report a video to me or here on the forums where someone blocked you I don't know what I should do because beforehand you can guess that probably a lot happened before that. In multiple occasions when you reported a video I asked the blocker why he did it and the answer always had something to do with you getting on their nerves. If you really want other people to stop blocking I think the fastest method is changing your behaviour. Be more kind to your fellow racers and they won't block you in return. But one thing I discovered when I became admin is that people will never stop blocking you. I figured that it would be very risky to block an admin and players would do anything to prevent it, but sadly nothing is less true. When I race I also get blocked by players and I could get angry at everyone for doing that but the simpliest thing is to wait a second, get around them, and continue to race. Consider it part of the race and deal with it.
  5. Mariana has been warned, thanks for the report.
  6. I don't think you can tell something from these screens. Mad could just be stuck as Cena said.
  7. This is not an example of sportsmanlike playing. Accidents can happen during the race, but blowing up another player on purpose is a form of blocking. Considering this is not the first time I gave SweetSandy a blocker time that's the double of what BlueYoshi gave the last time.
  8. Is that a modification to improve handling?
  9. Personally I like the bit of diversity these DM and skill maps give to the race server and if it gets too hard or there is a different reason the map managers can decide on deleting it. So I wouldn't be in favor of removing them from the race server, although I believe the map lengths could be shortened drastically as I mentioned in the other topic to prevent players from failing 10 minutes before the map ends.
  10. I don't know what the exact problem is, but I would try to choose different options at the pop-up window when starting MTA (choosing the video card, I get that because I use Nvidia Optimus). If that doesn't help try reinstalling MTA or post the error on the international mta forums ( where there are more people who might know the solution.
  11. I think a server with only the true DM mode wouldn't work. Unskilled players would just be spectating most of the map because they die early while the pro players do their thingy for another 5 minutes. It may be fun for a while but at the end I expect an inactive server with only a few pro's in it. I don't think its worth the effort of adding it to a new server (or multirooms).
  12. bier

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      Bavaria in blik :)

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  13. I understand your problem with it but I don't mind having them. Maybe we can solve part of the issue by adjusting the map time to the top 1's time + 10% or so. Especially for Destiny when everybody fails the map can take the whole of 10 (or 20) minutes. If we adjust it to the top1 time the ones who bought it have a chance of a clean run on the map (and 1 fail) and maps like DM or Destiny would only be 2 to 3 minutes.