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  1. Lassemand12345

    Napoleon blocking

    If anything i will record him in the future... Thanks for the heads up and i understand that the screens are bad.. They obviously need to be better, next time i will record him so thats it.
  2. Lassemand12345

    Napoleon blocking

    Sure whatever.... Atleast people can see what kind of a player you are now :).
  3. Lassemand12345

    Napoleon blocking

    Before this he was driving the opposite way on a circuit track to block me, but i had no time to snap a picture. As you can see in the pictures he stopped right infront of me to block. https://i.imgur.com/KbOgRMJ.png
  4. Lassemand12345

    -]alw[-Outland Admin Application

    That GIF just made my entire year .......... On a serious note though why do you want to be admin ?...... As far as i know theres already 2 ALW admins so it would be overkill imo.
  5. Lassemand12345

    Guess the movie!

  6. Lassemand12345

    Guess the movie!

  7. Lassemand12345

    My Nick is stolen/locked

    Thanks man! All fine and dandy
  8. Lassemand12345

    My Nick is stolen/locked

    Hello i am Lasse and i play on the Racing server... I would like "Lasse" to be unlocked again because there is no way that another "Lasse" decided to join and lock that name instantly... If you could make that happen it would be amazing ;). Good weekend! I will lock it as soon as it is available again.