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  1. killzone


    Did you ever consider running that version again? I remember that was pretty popular back in the days. If you can get a copy I'd be more than happy to fix it for you.
  2. killzone


    I suppose you wouldn't happen to have this version of ZS? This was back when Clavus just released the greenshop for ZS. I loved playing that version and I pretty much left this community after Deluvas took over the development from Clavus.
  3. long time no see :P

  4. killzone

    admin application

    Wut? yesterday you said you loved me. Anyway good luck error hope you get admin
  5. killzone

    I'm leaving for 2 months.

    NOOOOO you cant leave for 2 months. Who else do i need to propkill?
  6. killzone

    RP kid

    I hate little childeren with mics so annoying
  7. killzone

    Danni runs for admin

    lolz that title "Danni runs for admin" run faster Anyway good luck Danni.I hope you get admin
  8. killzone

    E.U. and ICIP - NEW RULES !

    i agree lets never talk about this agian
  9. killzone

    E.U. and ICIP - NEW RULES !

    Did you really needed to post this on the forum?
  10. killzone

    E.U. and ICIP - NEW RULES !

    lol Rum
  11. killzone


    I dont have a mic gonna buy one soon
  12. killzone

    Introduce yourself :D

    Hi guys 1. Real name and age? Selwyn, 15 years old 2. Where do live? Belguim,Eeklo 3. Previous experince with communities and boards? I'm on facepunch 4. What do you do for a living? (eg. what's your job) I sell shit at ebay 5. Go to school? If yes, studying what? I am in secondary school 6. Describe yourself with 3 words? (looking forward to that one, lol ) nice, friendly, helpfull. 7. Anything else you wanna tell us? I LIKE COOKIES