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  1. HardVadr

    Map Event

    NGR|HardVadr Race: Special Delivery Besiktas Mix: Dead Island Flooney Tunes
  2. HardVadr


    Ras() Koolaid n' Haxourdous Ras now ()
  3. HardVadr

    Map Event

    Nick: NGR|HardVader Map Name Race: I wanna find my Destiny 1 Map name Mix: Looney Tunes
  4. Adios Muchacho! 🤠🤠

  5. All hail Löwe von Hamburg. :wave:

  6. HardVadr

    How is everybody doing?

    Hi Knul, you should know me from old times?
  7. HardVadr

    let rammers get punished.

    There is only one guy who needs to get punished for ramming and that's Kash
  8. Ax i need the maps for today

  9. HardVadr

    let rammers get punished.

  10. HardVadr

    Kash block attempt

    I only uploaded that video as a reaction of his crying and victim playing and acting he is a angel and all others are evil. I am not a fan of evidences making players fear of bans. You can delete this topic.
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