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  1. HardVadr

    Why Want unmute now

    This time writing and begging for unmute is not enough. you need to do public apology on Voice Chat to [Admins] and the rest of the community. You choose the Date but we want hear something soon
  2. nab stop hiding and get building on MC :P

  3. HardVadr

    Kash like usual

    Your ingame name: NGR|H:rdTUUTUU The player's name who you are reporting: Kash Which server are you requesting this?: Race The reason why this player should get banned: see video and screenshot MTA_ San Andreas 2021-04-23 14-44-39 (1).mp4
  4. HardVadr

    Military Admin Application

    GL Milli!! @Dubby i dont understand why for example Besiktas 2 even got declined as RTF map? Did you even tried it once? This map is fun af. Sadly, not all understand the art behind Teslas maps. The fatality began when Nostral became obsessed with his maps and therefore Tesla maps generally gained negative attention. Injustified. Because before, i never heard any negative feedback about his maps.
  5. HardVadr

    Race & Mix Map Manager - DzinyMaster

    Dzinys for Manager Map!
  6. HardVadr

    Ghostmode in GC shop

    If you want full gm server go to FFS. Mrgreen is about contact racing!
  7. HardVadr

    Mr.Green Endurance Race

    it time! NGR|HardVadr
  8. HardVadr

    Map Event

    NGR|HardVadr Race: Special Delivery Besiktas Mix: Dead Island Flooney Tunes
  9. HardVadr


    Ras() Koolaid n' Haxourdous Ras now ()
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