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  1. HardVadr

    Map Event

    Nick: NGR|HardVader Map Name Race: I wanna find my Destiny 1 Map name Mix: Looney Tunes
  2. Adios Muchacho! 🤠🤠

  3. All hail Löwe von Hamburg. :wave:

    1. HardVadr


      HH ist die Stadt! ⚓

  4. HardVadr

    How is everybody doing?

    Hi Knul, you should know me from old times?
  5. HardVadr

    let rammers get punished.

    There is only one guy who needs to get punished for ramming and that's Kash
  6. Ax i need the maps for today

  7. HardVadr

    let rammers get punished.

  8. HardVadr

    Kash block attempt

    I only uploaded that video as a reaction of his crying and victim playing and acting he is a angel and all others are evil. I am not a fan of evidences making players fear of bans. You can delete this topic.
  9. HardVadr

    Kash block attempt

    But he extra slowed down and you can see this quick lane change? It was to make the packer making a total stop. He also likes to do it in checkpoints when a flying vehicle comes next or boats so you get stuck. Normally I wouldn't upload a video trying to show someone misbehaving, but Kash is very two faced.
  10. HardVadr

    Kash block attempt

    Kash block (1).mp4 Showing his real face, didn't worked this time!
  11. HardVadr

    Next Polish Paradise Blocker | mtk

    You only record the reactions but never your actions which you did before. This is one of the worst characteristics a human can have, do you know that?
  12. HardVadr

    Next Polish Paradise Blocker | mtk

    Why you can't just GTFO Kash? You are the greatest blocker yourself and it would be clever to find out why all are hating you? It would be beneficial for the future.
  13. HardVadr

    Mix Clan War tournament #4

    NGR: Teammates: Hardgay HardIveko HardForEwan HardPuffy Nick_026 Hardchurris Oupla Ax Alcoholic ElKesero BlueSubaru Nostral
  14. HardVadr

    Polish Paradise team Blockers

    It's a real tragedy what I just saw in your video. This should have consequences. I demand permanent ban and deleting all toptimes as punishment. Transferring all points to me to make me 1th on the leaderboard
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