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  1. Haxardous

    My maps part 1

  2. Haxardous

    Map Event

    Nick: Haxardous [RACE]: Pirates of Andreas [MIX]: any% shooter map
  3. Haxardous

    V4POR Unban Request

    unbanned, please respect the players and use the forum to report players, as it won't be tolerated next time.
  4. Haxardous

    MoshPit Demote Request

    MoshPit has been a Map Manager who has contributed to filtering & managing in-game maps, moderating and improving overall gameplay's quality for years, knowing that Mr. Green Gaming's team are not getting paid for their contributions, they do have lives to deal with instead of playing an online game and being available for chat/in-game moderation as these can be reported by the players within the reports forum to be dealt with by the team. Staff will deal with anyone who goes against the server terms & policy, as this includes those who are frequently spreading negative feeling
  5. Haxardous

    AV.MoXddeR cursing for no reason

    will be muted for a 3 days.
  6. Haxardous

    Player blocking and ramming on race

    will be banned for a 7 days.
  7. Haxardous


    will be banned for a 14 days.
  8. Haxardous

    Chimpie - Blocker

    will be marked as blocker.
  9. Haxardous

    suckar blocking players

    (if not, we'll lock & close this post after 24-48 hours)
  10. Haxardous

    Ban Haraz - Lagger

    (if not, we'll lock & close this post after 24-48 hours)
  11. Haxardous

    Haxardous and his selfishness

    I don't even need to reply lmao
  12. Haxardous

    Application Nick

    good luck
  13. Haxardous

    metehanpasa insult

    will be muted.
  14. Haxardous

    Possible RACE event: SUGGESTIONS

  15. Haxardous

    /day command

  16. Haxardous

    A new MMORPG

    shitty game not worth your time...
  17. Haxardous

    Which country are you from?

    Milky way, Planet Earth, Middle east, Persian Gulf (Arab Gulf), Bahrain
  18. Haxardous

    CTF, DL and MH

    I enjoyed DL
  19. I don't think it'll take too long, join the Discord server and stay tuned
  20. Haxardous

    Mateoryt Admin application

    good luck & you got my voice
  21. Haxardous

    Insults/ provokes

    the reported player will be muted for 0.0008333333 centuries from all MrGreenGaming platforms, if he tried to avoid the mute by any way within any MrGreenGaming platform he will be banned for the rest of the penalty, if he continued provoking after his punishment he will be banned for 3 to 6 months or permanently. one month, solved.
  22. Haxardous

    Insults/ provokes

    If this report didn't used the format in I'll lock it in 24hrs, so beware.
  23. Haxardous

    Panzer Insult + Avoiding Mute + Nick with Insult

    Please reply with the translation or this report will be closed and ignored. @nevernotatall
  24. Haxardous


    we're trying hard to prevent these situations.. we might show off some solutions soon.
  25. Haxardous

    Panzer Insult + Avoiding Mute + Nick with Insult

    Please translate the whole conversation.
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