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    Test, just a test

    According to one of my first accounts in Mta history im pretty old too( sadly i cant watch register date on that server only punishment history).even before mta i played sa-mp for some time. i dont know why mrgreen was going around me that time maybe the server wasnt so popular then.But im glad i found it. Damn time flies by so fast .
  2. Thanks for help @minowux . I think im pretty much finished with the map, but i dont know what name should i give it i dont have any idea lol..
  3. Basically, Since i had some free time, Im working on my first ever map in Mta. I chose shooter cuz it's my favourite gamemode, and maybe it's easier to make at some point.Since I'm not a good designer and can't add good decorations and diversity to the map (like @-Shadow-, @Dubby and other good creators) I wanted to atleast add some fun to the map, so I've decided to add 3 abilities. The idea came from the server I used to like and play when it was alive,(who used to play twisted gamers will know), It had abilities too.Soo..I've wasted hundreds of chrome tabs to understand how these freakin scripts work, since the only experience i have in programming is learning C in the university this year, and I'm still working on it, still thinking to add some sort of "Gui" which will show the remaining uses of the abilites (and maybe the recharge time),so I still need to understand how DxDraw functions works. I don't know how i will make that and im not sure if the map will make it into the server, but atleast I practice in programming cause I feel some sort of euphoria when I see that this shitty script I wrote finally works somehow xd. Soo, I need some advices and/or suggestions (my english sucks and i dont know if those words have the same meaning or not) like: -Should i make it so you have 3(or other) total uses of each ability, or make it so you have 5(or other) total unique uses (so you can use either 1st ability 5 times or use it 4 times and use another ability a single time) -What timer for the abillity recharge should i put -Any advices and tips(useful lua functions maybe) on how should you make the "gui"(although im not sure if its called gui or some sort of information table lol), Im thinking to add it either in the center on the bottom of the screen or on bottom right corner. Or any other advice you can give (those 2 above are the main ones, cuz i need to know how to do it).For now, i made it so you have 3 uses of each abillity with a recharge time of 10 seconds( you cannot use another ability after you used the first one, you still need to wait 10 seconds to use another one). The hardest one is the third one wich i found out needs to be a server-sided script, wich is like 2 times harder, but somehow i managed to make it work, but i stil need to finish the scripts so they work perfectly(although im not sure if i will be able to make it as im not a pro in p rogramming) As for now this i a little teaser(pre-pre-alpha lol), to reach to this point i wasted like 5 days or so. The chatbox text if for testing purposes. For those who thinks map is too flat (flat is justice), on shooter you need wider areas especially if there are like 20 people or 30 playing( thats my opinion), also i dont like tight areas. This was my first ever post on forums sorry if there's too much text, and thank you if you read it till the end. (Also how the heck can a music file size be 97 Mb lol i won't even be able to put it since the maximum is 5 Mb for a map here)
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