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  1. MTA Christmas event!

    Map for day 1: [SH] Stay Right There Map for day 2: [NTS] Unstoppable Map for day 3: [SH] LifeWaste
  2. MrGreen Youtube channel

    Do you want ready video? edited and everything more? @Cena
  3. I agree with the @MoshPit, don't think necessary an server for tests of maps, is much better to test in the own mix so that the people can gives their opinions.
  4. Admin

  5. I am with laziness of creating maps :D

    1. Maher


      I guess you became lazy just like Cena xD


    2. ukaranedusze


      I am very lazy, still more with those annoying things xD

  6. Rate the song above you!

  7. Doubt

    Maybe because it's rule, is so hard to follow these rules? You have a team, and your entire team is brazilian, because you don't talk in the main chat, of your team? It would be a lot easier and avoid problems (: ''Sorry if i said something wrong or that offended!''
  8. Martini's Moderator Application

    Thank you, ass!
  9. Martini's Moderator Application

    Thank you, mahar
  10. Gameserver: MrGreenGaming, Mix (A bit of race server) Age: 17 Country of origin: Brazil Link to Steam Community profile: *** Discord name **: Martini#1165 First off I am really thankful if you opened this app and gonna spend some of your glorious time to read this. I gotta make as brief as you can understand it well. If you are interested in knowing something about myself , you can check the contest bellow: Well my real name is Gabriel, I was born in a city called Ipatinga, MG - Brazil . Since then I’ve been living in this city and I have nothing against the dwelling here, I'm in second year of high school! I am very communicative person, who likes to share and gain ideas about something, especially games itself. Love to hear songs in my spare time, mainly when I’m sad with something. Most of the times I am listening to hardstyle songs. My hobbies are play games, go out with my friends and play football I started playing this game in 2013 when some of my classmates told me that there was a game similar to SAMP but much better in several aspects, so I decided to download it, as I remember I used to play in DayZ and Roleplay servers, I played it for about five months, after that I got bored and was looking for something new, and then in early of 2016 i met Mr.Green and since then I've been playing here. Basically I play here everyday and I've always been an active player, within the game as in the forum. I would say that I play approximately 9-10 hours per day. One of the reasons I mentioned above is that I am extremely active on this server, I do not play any other game besides MTA and this allows me to focus only on Mr.Green. Also, in my opinion we should have at least one brazilian mod, except @NITROX, why? simple, in the night period there is no admin or mods online to give us support and take care, so me are free to do whatever they want. My goals are and support my friends, @Santiii733 and @NITROX at night, and punish those who disobey the rules of the server in order to bring a better game for our of Mr.Green. Thank you!
  11. Server Lagging/Multiple Network Trouble

    rly happened :\
  12. Server Lagging/Multiple Network Trouble

    i didn't have any ''network trouble'' but the server is rly lagged!
  13. Rate the song above you!