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  1. MaceK

    Cops and Robbers [New Mode Idea]

    Welcome 1 year later, any news? still wanna see this gamemode on server
  2. MaceK

    Cops and Robbers [New Mode Idea]

    Well,we passed 3 months and still nothing. Maybe we should do something with it
  3. MaceK

    Cops and Robbers [New Mode Idea]

    if this will not be added i think we can close this topic,sadly
  4. MaceK

    Cops and Robbers [New Mode Idea]

    Lets ask @AleksCore.I heard he makes a good scripts also you can do it without scripts like CTF. The only problem is team-killing but Team-Neo deosnt have the script on the start.They made this script a long time later.
  5. MaceK

    Cops and Robbers [New Mode Idea]

    I think creating a team godmod script isn't a big problem
  6. If you played on Team-Neo before, you should know about this mode (CnR).The rules was same like derby but in this mode were 2 teams. Team Cops - all police cars (like police ranger) Team Robbers - all civilians cars (premier,rancher etc.) There is a clip about this mode: This serwer was closed about 2-3 years ago. What do you think abou this mode? There is a any chance to get this into server? I have some maps and i can make more.
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