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  1. FerMas

    Moderator Application

    iyi şanslar kral çocuk :)
  2. FerMas

    spoiled child founder

  3. FerMas

    spoiled child founder

    Prohibit more than 1 year Founder prohibitive
  4. FerMas

    Skyline-Moderator Application

    Thank you YOSHİ
  5. FerMas

    Skyline-Moderator Application

    thanks my friend
  6. FerMas

    Skyline-Moderator Application

    ty slow
  7. FerMas

    Skyline-Moderator Application

    ty wonas
  8. FerMas

    Skyline-Moderator Application

    thanks friends
  9. FerMas

    Admin Application

    goog luck ulaş
  10. FerMas

    Skyline-Moderator Application

    thanks my friends
  11. FerMas

    Skyline-Moderator Application

    Game Server=Mix Country=Turkey Age=26 Game Name=Skyline Discord Name=Skyline Hi all My name is Burhan. I have played this server for six years. I am from Turkey and I live in İstanbul. I am Machine Operator. I always online in this server. Especially in the evenings. All know some guys just insulting in the game and I see this problem. If I will be mod I will stop them. Because they miss people enjoyment and in the evening usually admins be offline. So I want to be mod for this. Regards. Skyline
  12. FerMas

    Civan- Moderator Application

    iyi şanslar
  13. FerMas

    GuiZada's Moderator Application

    good luck bro
  14. FerMas

    Laca Admin/Mod application

    hope will happen
  15. FerMas

    qReW Moderator Application

    good luck qrew iyi şanslar qrew
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