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  1. shoebox

    Official Suggestion/Changes Topic

    Yep, forgot to specify that everything was race server related. 2abc) The only purpose is to have more races to choose from. With the thousands of maps we have, I simply find it too confining to limit the choice to 1 (vs restart). Buyable restart was somehow thought to compensate the negative gc flow due to point 1), but I've nothing against keeping the restart option. Why not widening the choice to Restart + 2 maps? Also, I'd put the restart option in a random position cause sometimes I feel like people just press 1 without caring :> 3)Exactly 4)That's awesome Cheers!
  2. shoebox

    Official Suggestion/Changes Topic

    Hey there! Just a couple suggestions I had in mind: WIN STREAK BONUS: Players get some bonus gc when collecting straight wins. This shall not apply when only few players are racing. NEXT RACE VOTING SYSTEM - I'll just make a list of ideas putting them in a logical order: -having more than two options to choose from (like 4-6). -removing RESTART option. -RESTART option only buyable for a standard amount of n greencoins. -winner's vote counts as double. -only those who finish can vote; not sure about this one, with more than 2 options to choose from I'd let everybody vote, with the current voting system I probably wouldn't. LIKE/DISLIKE It would be nice to know how we've rated the races we see in voting list, as a follow-up to the like/dislike fuction itself and to know if we like what we're voting. This could be done in many ways, like putting a (L)/(D) nearby or making them of different colours, green/red e.g. LEADERBOARDS: Can't help but wonder how this could be implemented: imagine a page on this site that collects all of the highscores and race info, linked to the server and automatically updated. Cheers!
  3. shoebox

    Merry Christmas!

    happy easter
  4. shoebox

    nick stolen

    Thanks a lot guys!! :>
  5. shoebox

    nick stolen

    Hey there! As the title suggests, someone joined using my nick and locked it to his account. My bad. Being new to this server and MTA in general, I'm learning only now about this -name locking- feature(I thought it was somehow linked to my forum account). I hope something can be done about this, won't happen again. "palmtree" is the name I was using. Thanks!
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