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  1. Nick_026

    Bind button to ingame command

    So, i just found out about this yesterday. I really don't see the issue. I can agree i should be more active on the forums, that's why i decided to share this tip with the community
  2. Nick_026

    Bind button to ingame command

    If you think I share this just to be a moderator then you are mistaken my friend
  3. Nick_026

    Bind button to ingame command

    As far as I'm aware it works with all buttons. I personally use the brackets [ and ] for daylight and toggleui
  4. Hello, Do you want to bind a key on your keyboard to a certain command ingame. For example, press P to execute /daylight command? This can be done very easily: Open your console (F8) Type the following in your console: bind p daylight This can be done for all the commands ingame using the following structure: bind [button] [command] That's it!
  5. Nick_026

    Application Nick

    Gameserver: Race Age: 22 (May 1998) Country of origin: The Netherlands Link to Steam Community profile *: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Nick026/ Discord name **: Nick_026#5663 Ingame name: Nick_026 / NGR|Nick_026 Hello There, First, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nick, I am born and raised in the Netherlands. Currently I am learning Web Development in a college, I am in my 2nd year now. I have a part time job at a restaurant which I will not name. I work both in the kitchen and in the service department. As you may know I have been playing on this server for quite a while. I have been actively contributing to the community with donations. But I would like to contribute in another way. I would like to help the community by becoming a moderator. People who have issues in some way can come to me with their problems and I can help them solve it. Of course, with my best judgement if required. Now let us talk about my experience. Do I have any experience being a moderator in some way? Yes, I have. A long time ago, maybe 6 years, I have been co-owner of a Call of Duty 4 Death Run server. I was a so called ‘MasterAdmin’. I had access to everything I wanted. I could even respawn players or change maps at a few keyboard clicks. But did I abuse it? Absolutely not, it is not fair. At some point the server was quite popular and a lot of nasty people joined the server. At my best judgement I had to punish people sometimes. Simple mutes or kicks and, sadly, sometimes even bans. It was hard sometimes but I think I made the best decisions I could. In the end we ran into money-issues and thus the server is no more. It was a sad day. The server I mentioned was `Pr0’Deathrun`, I was called Pr0`Demon there. So, if you played Deathrun before you might have known me. If you do like to know more, feel free to send me a message on Discord or on the forums. I hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards, Nick
  6. Nick_026

    Summer Sale 2020

    I've been looking forward to this
  7. Nick_026

    let rammers get punished.

    I love me some ramming
  8. Nick_026

    Mix Clan War tournament #4

    As a non mix player, I'm happy to say that we won at least once #ngr
  9. Nick_026

    let rammers get punished.

    I think it really depends on the situation. Ramming out of nowhere just to be annoying should be punishable. Ramming while overtaking or accidentally in corners for example shouldn't be punishable Of course this could create a lot of cases that won't get solved because everyone thinks differently
  10. Nick_026

    Double GreenCoins

    Shame, I donated a few days ago
  11. Nick_026

    Mr. Green GreenCoins Lottery

    I donated <3
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