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  1. besweeet

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    How do you know who's right?
  2. besweeet

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    Increase the bitrate.
  3. besweeet

    Top/least favourite race mappers [BETA]

    At least we agree that Pachanga maps are the worst. I'm glad my coaster maps didn't make the list.
  4. besweeet

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    Look it up...
  5. besweeet

    Screenshot + Video Thread

  6. besweeet

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    #ThrowbackThursday - Posted this in October of 2012.
  7. besweeet

    Official Suggestion/Changes Topic

    A feature I've been hoping to see for years has finally arrived.
  8. besweeet

    Farewell. MRGREEN.

    Makes sense. Hopefully you come back every so often.
  9. besweeet

    Farewell. MRGREEN.

    Out of curiosity, what about this "time" made you want to leave? I've never understood how "the time has come" can be used to justify anything.
  10. besweeet

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    Must be a long and boring NTS.
  11. besweeet

    GreenCoins lottery #3

    [ignore this]
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