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  1. MTA Christmas event!

    Name: -]alw[-be4THx8!!! Map for day 1: [Race] Marathon [Race] Fun Jump Map for day 2: [Race] Marathon [DD] Car Attack (Random Markers) Map for day 3: [Race] Marathon [Race] Underground Coaster
  2. Admin

    He didn't follow the application template, so my vote is no.
  3. I think this would be nice to have. It makes sense to test it in a dedicated environment instead of using public players are beta testers. Make a map editor that doubles as a test server. You can rely on written feedback or likes / dislikes from admins / mods who test the maps.
  4. Goodbye MTA..

    One never leaves MTA.
  5. Screenshot + Video Thread

    4:25 was hilarious.
  6. Mix/Race event v2

    Based on the maps provided, how long do you think the event will last? I'll be gone all day today :/.
  7. Screenshot + Video Thread

    Even over six years ago (when that post was made)?
  8. Mix/Race event v2

    I do play! Or at least I keep wanting to... Then I open Rocket Rage League or Overwatch instead :(.
  9. Mix/Race event v2

    Requests from people who aren't planning on being there should be ignored. Yes, I'm only saying that because of Marathon .
  10. Mix/Race event v2

    [DD] Car Attack (Random Markers)
  11. MrGreen 11 years anniversary MTA party

    Is it a 24-hour event or is it over already?
  12. MrGreen 11 years anniversary MTA party

    Doesn't sound like it. To confirm, there will be two separate servers instead of mix+race in one? Meh. I haven't played in so long that I can't think of other maps right now :(. NTS: Coaster Edition is the name of my race map.
  13. MrGreen 11 years anniversary MTA party

    Ultra-trolls. Ban. BAN!