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  1. Chikennugget1

    Introducing Zombie Survival : Redeemed Edition

    I haven't had time to work on ZS recently, the dev is a bit slowed down because of my job but I'm working on the daily missions at the moment, and I'll plug the Mr Green API after that.
  2. Chikennugget1

    ZS : Redeemed Edition Public Demo [14/05/2021 - 19/05/2021]

    ZS demo 2.wmv https://streamable.com/ajyc0u Made a clip of some games from the demo
  3. Chikennugget1

    ZS RE May 2021 Demo Feedback

    Some weapons can you heal you when you Lvl up them to lvl 5 : USP-45 and UMP for example. Also, there are upgrades in the shop that give regeneration (quick cure / horse health).
  4. Chikennugget1

    ZS RE May 2021 Demo Feedback

    If they are struggling to kill them that's a nice thing imo It means headcrabs are decent. I don't want to let the humans win too easily
  5. Chikennugget1

    ZS RE May 2021 Demo Feedback

    I won't change fasties damage, they only do 2. For headcrabs, their base damage is 6-8 dmg. They're really weak though, so I don't think it would be a good idea to lower their damage. Fast headcrab does a little bit less dmg and is even more weakier.
  6. Chikennugget1

    ZS RE May 2021 Demo Feedback

    I'll investigate this, didn't notice this since my PC is good but it may be because of the outline effects. I will check that. I'll check this too.
  7. Chikennugget1

    ZS RE May 2021 Demo Feedback

    Hi, This thread is for collecting feedback about this month's public ZS demo. Feel free to post any suggestion, report bugs or glitches that you have encountered in-game. Regarding suggestions, elaborate them a bit if possible ! Thanks !!
  8. Hi greenies ! A new public demo for Zombie Survival : Redeemed Edition is scheduled for the following dates : Friday, May 14th at 19:00:00 GMT time to Wednesday, May 19th 23:59:59 GMT (Yes it's a little bit longer than the previous one ). Server IP will be : You can type connect into your Gmod console if you can't see the server in the list. We're currently running a private demo for testing purposes, and there may be a few minor bugs remaining after that one, but I will create another thread in which you can post feedback and bug reports in case you encounter some of them. What won't be part of the demo / isn't available yet : - In the F1 menu : side buttons (only the Armory, Greenshop and Stats menu can be used for now). - VIP Shop / VIP status - Bug report tool. - Mr Green Gaming account linking Progress / rewards : - You will get your greencoins from the last demo if you were present, as well as the Prime Undead title which is given to everyone who played during the first demo as well as this one (we will give the title in batches, so it may not appear the first time you join, feel free to PM / ask on Discord or here if you don't have it). - Your achievements / titles / icons / greencoins will be saved after the demo and will be restored for the final release, though this may not be the case for the player stats which are prone to be reset. Hope to see you there !
  9. Chikennugget1

    Introducing Zombie Survival : Redeemed Edition

    Noes :< Else you can say adios to zs_lifescience :< I haven't posted but the last TODOs are somewhat done, minus the headcrab fix for which I have trouble seeing what's really wrong with its hitbox :< I'll make a new topic for the public demo soon
  10. Chikennugget1

    Introducing Zombie Survival : Redeemed Edition

    Another quick update as of today 15/04/2021 DONE - Masteries system (what once was called "challenges"), see below. - Icon designs (well, I've got some of them in the game, Mansen is doing the others) - Added the "sometimes I dream about cheese" and other voices for human players - Added a few zombie skins and a few new guns TODO - Polish the masteries and make sure they all work (we will need a demo for this, I'm afraid ) + do a menu for displaying information about them - Admin menu + fix the chat commands - Headcrab fixes - Minor fixes / changes So, what are masteries ? It's basically a weapon / zombie class levelling system. See, humans have to kill to get new guns, that's a vertical levelling. More kills = better guns. With masteries it's an horizontal levelling. You can now improve every weapon to increase some of their stats (damage, firing rate, amount of ammo regen and such) and unlock a "unique" bonus, depending on the weapon (well, some weapons currently share similar bonuses, but this could be changed later). The same goes for the zombies. Each class can be improved to increase some stats (health, speed, damage etc) and they get a specific perk at the end. The stats aren't changed that much, we're talking about small numbers. It's not supposed to be gamebreaking, but it will help players that have difficults getting new weapons or that would like to stick with specific ones. Also, the stats increase and perks are weapon-dependent. You need to equip the weapon to have the stats and perks active. Weapons and classes have a maximum of 5 levels. When getting a weapon or picking a zombie class for the first time, you start at level 1. Levels aren't permanent, starting a new game/map will reset everything to zero. It's like a MOBA where you have to level up your character. Earning XP is usually done by killing players, but for the sake of accessibility, it can also be earned through damaging others : damaging a player gives you a small amount of XP. Killing a player gives you a fixed amount of XP + the XP earned from damaging them. Zombies can also earn XP by damaging/breaking func_breakable props (breakable walls, planks), and they get a few XP whenever a human dies. It's still work in progress so this may change a bit, but you see the point. Just a few examples of masteries, to give you an idea : Usp45 : Lvl2 = precision increase, lvl3 = damage increase. lvl4 = more ammo from ammo regen, lvl 5 = heals you 5 HP when you kill a zombie Mp5 : Lvl2 = Precision increase, lvl3 = firing rate increase, lvl4 = damage increase, lvl5 = You have a 15% damage resistance when infliction is over 75% Zombie : Lvl2 = health increase, lvl3 = speed increase, lvl4 = propkill force increased, lvl5 = 30% chances to respawn on your death spot, maximum twice (this was in the original ZS but for some reason it got removed, so I brought it back here ) Fast Headcrab : lvl 2 & 3 = health increase, lvl4 = speed increase, lvl5 = perma regeneration (2HP / second) When is the next demo ? Hopefully soon I wanted to do this at the end of the month but this is going to be tight, I'll post about it whenever the game will be ready for a demo.
  11. Chikennugget1

    What's the best zombie survival game?

    This one : It's not out yet but it will be awesome Else, it's been a good decade since I had fun on a good zombie game, but Left 4 Dead / L4D2 and Killing Floor 2 are the closest thing to ZS I can think of. For a pandemic simulation game... Plague Inc maybe ?
  12. Chikennugget1

    Introducing Zombie Survival : Redeemed Edition

    I'm working on the "challenge" system at the moment. I'll unveil the details later although I've posted about it on discord But anyway, if everything goes as fast as I would like, we'll probably have a new demo by the end of April. It may be sooner, or later.
  13. Chikennugget1

    Introducing Zombie Survival : Redeemed Edition

    No problem with showcasing gameplay during the demos or when the game is released. More visibility is a good thing Also the videos on the other thread are actual videos from the demos, so yeah the gameplay is and will remain fast-paced and such
  14. Chikennugget1

    Introducing Zombie Survival : Redeemed Edition

    Time for a quick update, today 09-03-2021 : DONE : - Achievements / achievement system : all the original ones are there + added a shitton of new ones that are earned in different ways (killing, finishing maps, doing specific actions etc). There are around 200 achievements now, and maybe a bunch of new ones could be added later - Reward unlocking system : getting an achievement can unlock a title and/or player icon - Titles implementation - Player icons (in progress, I've got the help of Mansen for the design part) - Added a few other skins / toys in the shop Next TODOs : - Add the icon designs - Polish the existing upgrades / add a few new upgrades - Work on a challenge system (to be defined yet)
  15. Chikennugget1

    Introducing Zombie Survival : Redeemed Edition

    Be patient
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