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  1. Chikennugget1

    Which country are you from?

    Jesus' reaction : :
  2. Chikennugget1

    10 years, since the good days

    I haven't seen this topic, but hell yes if the old ZS could be brought back from the dead it will surely bring loads of players. Other servers are 90% copy-pasta of noxiou's fucked up version which gets more and more clustefucked after each iteration. I gave up trying to have fun on these, nothing worths our old beloved mode ! I have to ask the permission from somebody, but I might announce something I have worked on last year but paused for an unknown amount of time due to lack of motivation and underestimated complexity. Don't expect too much though
  3. Chikennugget1

    So, um hi im back

    Bring the old ZS back, make ZS great again !
  4. Chikennugget1

    BlueYoshi97 retires as Manager

    I thought Yoshi was still admin, I'm 7 years late :<
  5. Chikennugget1


    @Moh Most old gameplay stuff was considered obsolete, or "unreleastic" (killing zombies is realistic, yup). I'm thinking of the no-collisions, or some weapons being removed for example, bjt in fact there are many small fixes that, together, impacted the gameplay a lot. But, overall, it's a matter of feelings. The game isn't played the same way as it was a few years ago, and some people disliked this. At least, it's not like noxious and its 150 clone servers with their cadefest-oriented gameplay.
  6. Chikennugget1


    So @Ywa, do you have the 2009-2010 version of ZS ? I haven't played ZS for ages, but yesterday I decided to give Noxious' version a try to see what happened over time. Back in 2009 I disliked their immature community and their mod, my feelings are the same 8 years later (just because a few people were whining about me being actually good as zombie.. blergh... And the mod is currently a huge clusterfuck, with menus everywhere and slow-ish gameplay). I really miss the good old Mr. Green, the community was really awesome, and so was the mod (talking about the 2009 to 2010/11 versions, I don't really have an opinion for the next iterations). Clavus and Ywa did a great job to build the server, and even if disliked some of the changes that were brought into the game, Mr Green ZS remained my favourite ZS server so far. The closest server that would have been cool if it wasn't dead was Killa ZS, the others were just meh copies of Nox's mod. Deluvas and Necrossin tried to improve the game, and it did gain popularity for a time, but we all know the game had to die at some point, just because Gmod itself is getting really old and because people are moving to other games. Sometimes I think about cheese making my own ZS-like game with Unity as I do know programming games, and brought that "arcade feeling" back. A bit like this : I lack time and motivation for this though... but if someone could make a game like that, hell I'd jump in ! I had some of my best gaming moments on this server, with my E.U. mates and the community overall, so thank you guys
  7. Chikennugget1

    Future of Zombie Survival

    Yo, You could make the mode a bit more arcade. I mean just make the gameplay a bit more nervous, increase the speed, remove the collisions, the "ragdoll" mode when you're falling and hitting the floor ... everything that slowdowns the gameplay. If you bring back the classes, give them weapon restrictions (berserker only uses melee weapons + pistols, medic uses shotgun for example etc). I don't remember if this has already been done though, but if not, I think it could be good. And remove the howler please, it's unplayable when you're surrounded by zombies, you're trying to escape but that b*tch keeps screaming and then you die because you couldn't get far enough.
  8. Chikennugget1

    Another day, another birthday.

    Mr Darkness says I shall be punished for this, so : Happy birthday Clavus (with my unoriginal late of 45 mins durghhh )
  9. Chikennugget1

    Game learning experience

    I've started learning game programming with Slick2D, a Java library (yeah, I'm oldschool, 2D games ). I don't really have time/motivation to work on this a lot though. I've heared about Unity 3D, it seems it's one of the best engines for 3D Games plus companies are often looking for people who knows it, I think that's the best choice.
  10. Chikennugget1

    Rise of the Epic Scout

    Cool video, the animations are really well done, and the walk cycles are way superior to my crappy ones in my videos^^
  11. Chikennugget1

    Meet the Headless Horseless Horsemann

  12. Tonight you're probably having a walk with your friends, disguised as a monster or another pumpkin thingy, looking for candy. But what if you're ringing at the wrong house, the huge one that looks abandonned and creepy ? Do you think its owner will just give you candies in a bucket, don't you think he'll want something from you too ? Your head ? Probably. Well, when you try to enter his mansion, Triple H (who's not a wrestler, muahaha) will chase you and collect your head as a beautiful trophy, oh and he'll take your candies of course. Aren't you afraid ? Yeah, you start to freeze as horror looks you right between the eyes, you're paralyzed ! To be more serious, after Saxton Hale,let me introduce you the Headless Horseless Horsemann in this SFM video I've been making for a month or so, to celebrate Halloween Screenshots : After finishing this I could notice it goes a bit fast at times, but I think it's ok. Also, you can see a few bugs with volumetric lights (when soldier meets the spy ), and at the end with Monoculus being "transparent" (meh). The posing of small items (aka cigarette) isn't perfect too. And yes, I'm still a noobie with walking animations ^^
  13. Started making Meet The Headless Horseless Horsemann with SFM.Should be done before October 31st :)

  14. Chikennugget1

    Damien is too big! (spoilers: its his birthday)

    Happy Birthday Damien !