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    Officer_Kash Moderator App

    good luck cebula chce cie jebac analnie
  2. DriveHardGetDirty

    Mix/Race Event

    Ingame nickname: Stroth Mapname: [Race] Street Outlaws - Training Circuit
  3. DriveHardGetDirty

    JansseJr Moderator Application

  4. DriveHardGetDirty

    Maher's Moderator Application

    Good luck broerski
  5. DriveHardGetDirty

    funny videos

  6. DriveHardGetDirty


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    Pictures of thyself

    chce cie jebac analnie
  8. DriveHardGetDirty

    =FoX= Red Foxes

    FoX Racing Trailer
  9. DriveHardGetDirty

    Server lagging

    Server is lagging Happens to all players Network trouble
  10. DriveHardGetDirty

    Bachkouta blocking live

    Hmm...did trump already built the wall near the mexican border?
  11. DriveHardGetDirty

    3 Golden Tips To Increase FPS

    Babushka said: "Go save your money for the winter. Coming winter will be cold and we need eurodollazyenniz to buy kartoffels und cebulka's, so we can survive my boy."
  12. DriveHardGetDirty

    3 Golden Tips To Increase FPS

    Thanks, just downloaded GTA Shrinker Win, now running MTA SA on 1920x1080 without fps problems. You guys can move the 3 golden tips in my ass to brown tips.
  13. DriveHardGetDirty

    3 Golden Tips To Increase FPS

    I'm playing on many servers and almost every server has a stable fps for my laptop. But when I join MrGreen with my laptop, the fps counter is lower than my dicksize. So I present some golden tips to increase the FPS. 1. Add an option to hide cars when ghostmode is on. 2. Update the HUD and delete unnecessary shit, other server have less shit on the display. More shit on the display means less fps. 3. Players driving close to each other, must have ghostmode off. Other players must have ghostmode on, to prevent blockers and rammers screwing up toptimes. For example: if i'm racing on the 5th position, players on position 3,4,6 and 7 must have ghostmode off for me and other players must have ghostmode on for me. PLEASE SHARE YOUR OPINION.