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  1. filip53


    I understand but its not fair on others that they get killed for no reason
  2. filip53


    The point is they dont lag as much as you do Maru and they dont go through me in NTS and you do
  3. filip53


    The player named Mr. Norton is a really really huge lagger. It is impossible to play when he is there. When he shoots a rocket in Shooter and it doesnt even touch and has to fly pass me he still kills me . In NTS he went through me even tho I am not a lagger and I fell into the water. Please no offense but with this kind of lag he is Hitman #2. Just please do something about already. It annoys everyone -.-.....
  4. filip53


    You were talking in Lithuanian first of all. There was no1 else except me that is Lithuanian and its not the first time you said that kind of bullshit to me
  5. filip53


    Now he changed his nick to Filipascocksuckerbitch.....
  6. filip53


    This player started to insult me for no reason whatsover. i just played shooter and he started to insult me in Lithuania. His nick on game is Cyka|X and i think his original nick is Iksiukas. Here are the ss in chat how he insulted and i never even say anything to him. He got muted so many times and he still doing it. He insulted Sandro before so I dont know. He got banned not that long ago aswell for insulting. So please do something about it.
  7. filip53

    Lets see who are the real racist

    Dubby the point is when we insults people thats good for him but when someone says something about him, thats it he cries and reports it. Its not fair for other players. He is being an asshole for everyone and he is the one that should be muted for a week at least.
  8. filip53

    Lets see who are the real racist

    :DDDDDDDDDDDD im actually dying here of laughter :DDDDDDDDd
  9. filip53

    Admin Appication

    Game server: Race and Mix. Age: 20 Country of Origin: Lithuania Discord name: Filipy#6160 Ingame name: Filipy Little something about yourself and why you think you are fit to be admin: I am playing this game for about 4-5 years now. In my past history I wasn't that good but now my behaviour is good. Now as I lost my job, I am more online every day. I want to become a mod because I want to have more experience, help other admin members if they are not online, I would always keep an eye on everyone and treat everyone fairly and it doesn't matter if that player is my f
  10. filip53

    Mekuar's Admin Application

    All I can say that that Mekuar is actually a really good person and he knows what he is doing. I fully support him and he would be a great Admin. He has my full respect, my full support and Mekuar good luck and hope you get the Admin.
  11. filip53


    I tried to log out, reconnect and log in again and still its the same
  12. filip53


    Hello, I am here once again with the same problem. This time Kalibwoy changed something for everyone about auto login or im not too sure. But i anyways i logged in and all my cars that i bought were gone, my pj is gone and before all that i was in 8| clan but now im not. This is the second time my account is bugged. Please help me here
  13. filip53


    Filipy No map
  14. filip53


    And thats the thing that i dont have that password for that account cause i never used it
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