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  1. FilipeAzevedo


    It blocks all players on all maps...
  2. FilipeAzevedo


    @Cena It's already solved, thank you...
  3. FilipeAzevedo

    Abuser !!!

    I took mute for speaking: This Portuguese gives me cancer I wrote in portuguese and the sandy player spoke to admin a lie, I took a mute of 2 days ... I want a picture of what I said to take mute... So abusing players is ugly ... Sandy insulting in Portuguese: vai tomar no seu cu hanry
  4. FilipeAzevedo


    Someone banished me ... Was it some Admin? I wonder why I was banned ... Thank you...
  5. FilipeAzevedo


    I do not speak English Am I required to speak English? If it is, remove the server for those who speak Spanish and Portuguese... Thank you
  6. FilipeAzevedo

    Insulting again

    Why does this kid insult everyone? It may have some problem, but I'm reporting the insults, He just came back and is insulting again. Sorry my english bad. Good game Player: TURTLE
  7. FilipeAzevedo


    This boy has some disturbance in his head, he insults everyone. Player: ROCK_TURTLE
  8. FilipeAzevedo


    You should treat the father and mother in the same way But as this is a forum, I am reporting the insults Player: -]awl]- Mafiaa
  9. FilipeAzevedo

    insult again

    Again, insulting players... I do not know, but he must go through some disturbance in life, for insulting everyone like that... Player: -]alw]- Yassine Thanks and good game...
  10. FilipeAzevedo

    (Report) Mta mix server blocker

  11. FilipeAzevedo


    Always insulting Player: -]alw(-Yassine Thanks and Good Game
  12. FilipeAzevedo


    Always insulting Player: -]alw(-Yassine Thanks and Good Game
  13. FilipeAzevedo


    10 seconds blocking, going back and forth, blocking the way, just so I do not pass, this is blocker, this is ugly, here this blocker photo... Always making an excuse for what you do wrong... You do it with several players, there's a 50 post from you, about blocker But lets the admin solve this...
  14. FilipeAzevedo


    Blocker... It should already have about 50 posts of this (I do not know what it is) giving blocker... Sorry my English... Player: SandySweet
  15. FilipeAzevedo

    Mod abuser

    Should you speak without knowing the language? If so, all will be mutated