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  1. FilipeAzevedo

    INSULT !?

    Ever thought, a child of 10 years being moderator I do not understand anything that this child speaks It is trister to see a child without education Sry my bad english, Good Game
  2. FilipeAzevedo

    hard panishment

    Many thanks for staying quiet, if you are in doubt, if you are in doubt, just type /ignore Ste@m, which I thank you very much
  3. FilipeAzevedo

    hard panishment

    Sorry, I only talk or defend myself with people who are worth it, you, it's nothing here, register as admin or mod, so I can give you attention. As already done, I showed my prints and the admin already did what determines the rules. And you should read the rules of the server, apparently, you do not know any. Do not waste my time on insignificant people. Thank you child, good game, do not forget, you always study
  4. FilipeAzevedo

    hard panishment

    And what do I have to do with it? if he has greater confidence than I do, I do not care. I'm not going to waste my time talking to you. I never took banishment, I never took mute, I never had problems with administrators, that's enough Child, take care of your game, you have nothing to do with it child, good game okay?
  5. FilipeAzevedo

    hard panishment

    A good member who is always being denounced? a player who has already taken a ban? So can I offend everyone and say it was a joke? Did I tease without speaking English? I do not care that they offend me, I know they are just kids, but offending all the time, it disrupts the fun of other players Sorry my bad english Does he have a better track record than me? Well, I never took BAN, never took mute, I was never quoted here in the forum. Yes he If I insulted someone, why did not they report me here on the forum? Let the scene take care of this, thanks for the tention
  6. FilipeAzevedo

    hard panishment

    a FaP Admin was on the server, and he several times, used offense against the server and admin He's always offending the players, I'm not his friend, and I'm not his mother to offend me, so no excuses. @Cena is a serious admin, and I know he will do the best for the server Sorry my bad english good game
  7. FilipeAzevedo


    Please mute this child, thank you.
  8. FilipeAzevedo


    It blocks all players on all maps...
  9. FilipeAzevedo


    @Cena It's already solved, thank you...
  10. FilipeAzevedo

    Abuser !!!

    I took mute for speaking: This Portuguese gives me cancer I wrote in portuguese and the sandy player spoke to admin a lie, I took a mute of 2 days ... I want a picture of what I said to take mute... So abusing players is ugly ... Sandy insulting in Portuguese: vai tomar no seu cu hanry
  11. FilipeAzevedo


    Someone banished me ... Was it some Admin? I wonder why I was banned ... Thank you...
  12. FilipeAzevedo


    I do not speak English Am I required to speak English? If it is, remove the server for those who speak Spanish and Portuguese... Thank you
  13. FilipeAzevedo

    Insulting again

    Why does this kid insult everyone? It may have some problem, but I'm reporting the insults, He just came back and is insulting again. Sorry my english bad. Good game Player: TURTLE
  14. FilipeAzevedo


    This boy has some disturbance in his head, he insults everyone. Player: ROCK_TURTLE
  15. FilipeAzevedo


    You should treat the father and mother in the same way But as this is a forum, I am reporting the insults Player: -]awl]- Mafiaa
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